Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart’s? All You Need To Know

Best Buy, the second-largest electronics shop in the US, is a force to be reckoned with in the market for electronic products. What occurs, though, if you find a gadget or electronic product for less money somewhere else, say Walmart, but you’re committed to Best Buy? Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart’s?

If Best Buy doesn’t match Walmart’s pricing, you might purchase the item from Best Buy instead. Use price match guarantee policies to your advantage to keep hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually.

In some cases, you may even be able to beat the first quotation you received. This article will review the specifics of Best Buy’s price-matching policy about Walmart. Learn more by continuing to read…

Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart’s?

They said: We’ll match the product costs of key online and local contenders for immediately available new products (excludes refurbished, clearance, and open-box items).

Best Buy Price Match Walmart

How Much Does Best Buy Pay In Florida?

Lead Front End Developers at Best Buy typically make $7.25 an hour, while Retail Supervisors make an average of $21.40. The typical compensation at Best Buy ranges from about $17,117 for an Asset Protection Associate to $100,811 for a General Manager.

How Much Does Best Buy Pay In Florida

Will Best Buy Take Old TVs?

Headphones, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, wall mounts, remote controls, and projectors. Tablets, computers, webcams, hard drives, ink/toner cartridges, laptops, monitors, mice, and keyboards.

Will Best Buy Mount My TV?

If you own a TV, they will set it up for you, regardless of where you purchased it. Schedule your installation after adding the TV Setup & Mounting it to your basket.

How Long Does Best Buy Price Match After Purchase?

You can ask for a price match online, in-store, or over the phone at Best Buy if, within the returns and exchanges period, the price of a qualified product decreases after you make your purchase. The store usually provides a 15-day return period.

How Long Does Best Buy Price Match After Purchase

Will Best Buy Match Walmart’s Price? The Quick Response

If Walmart carries the item you’re interested in in-store, and there is a Walmart within 25 miles of your Best Buy (and there typically will be), you should be able to achieve a price match. Best Buy will match prices with competitors within a 25-mile radius of their shop.

The details of the policy will be covered below.

As we previously stated, you should be able to get a price match if there is a Walmart within 25 miles of your neighborhood Best Buy. There are, however, a few outliers, such as:

  • Discounted items
  • Open things
  • Reconditioned goods
  • Any product solely accessible to specific groups, such as members

Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other special sales…

Freebies, credit cards, offers pricing errors, gift offers, subscription services, and any item sold as part of a bundle deal. The specific wording of Best Buy’s policy states that they only price match the following businesses outside the 25-mile rule, so if there isn’t a Walmart nearby (which is doubtful), they won’t price match.

  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • Crutchfield
  • HP
  • Tiger Direct

The simplest method is to visit a Best Buy location where a Walmart is 25 miles away.

Yet, based on our research, there is room for interpretation. One former employee of Best Buy said that the company’s price match policy is more lenient than the one described above and that whenever he requested to price match while he was employed there, a manager would always accept it.

Will Best Buy Match The Price On Walmart’s Online Store?

As long as Walmart is located within a 25-mile radius of the Best Buy store, Best Buy will continue to price match anything you’ve seen on Walmart’s online shop, Walmart.com.

What If I’ve Already Bought The Item? Will Best Buy Still Match Walmart’s Price?

By the conditions above, Best Buy will still match prices on items you’ve already purchased from them if you find them at Walmart later.

According to Best Buy’s policy, you must return the item to them within their return period (15 days for expected returns and 60 days for Totaltech members), explain that the price has decreased somewhere else (in this case, Walmart), and ask them to pay you the difference.

How Can I Get Best To Buy To Match My Price?

You can accomplish this in-person or online:

  • Approach the front desk or checkout in-store. Provide evidence of Walmart’s pricing, such as a screenshot from Walmart.com or a picture of the Walmart location, or request that Best Buy personnel check Walmart directly to bring up their pricing;
  • Use the online chat feature of Best Buy to alert Best Buy about the lower pricing at Walmart;
  • Contact Best Buy at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) to discuss Walmart’s lower prices.

What Is Best Buy’s Price Matching Policy?

What does Best Buy’s price-matching policy imply, then? According to the company’s official website, Best Buy will match the pricing of its top rivals, including Crutchfield.com, Amazon.com, Dell.com, and HP.com.

Also, Best Buy will match local merchants’ pricing across their physical shops and websites. But which neighborhood stores qualify? Does Best Buy match every neighborhood shop’s price? Only merchants who approve of selling brand-new, factory-sealed goods are considered qualified retailers.

Once the goods are sold, the store must also provide a warranty. What does “local” mean, though? According to the company’s website, a local store is located within a 25-mile radius of any physical and-mortar Best Buy store. But what if the neighborhood shop is also an internet retailer?

If so, the business must satisfy all the requirements listed above and, about the retailer’s shipping or billing address, be located within a 25-mile radius of your neighborhood Best Buy shop. So which goods at Best Buy are subject to a price match? The following requirements must be met for an item to qualify for a price match at Best Buy.

The product must be a replica of the one sold by Best Buy. The items being compared should be from the same manufacturer, have the same brand name and number, and be the same color.

Item must be brand-new. Best Buy won’t match Second-hand, open-box, and refurbished item prices.

A licensed vendor must offer the product. Best Buy won’t match the price of independent vendors operating on an online marketplace. Please be aware that Amazon Marketplace is included in this. Hence, be sure to purchase the item directly from Amazon and not from the Amazon Marketplace if you want to match Amazon prices.

Although Best Buy will match the pricing of items that fit the requirements above, there are a few exceptions for which Best Buy will not do so. The following are exempt from Best Buy’s price-matching policy.

  • The prices of items independent sellers offer on different marketplaces will differ from Best Buy.
  • Moreover, Best Buy will not match prices for goods offered through specific rival programs. They include special deals for repeat customers, membership, and loyalty discounts.
  • Best Buy won’t comply with offers to match prices. They consist of service prices, pre-order deals, trade-in offers, and liquidation offers (such as installation and transportation costs)

I’m done now! We advise visiting Best Buy’s website and perusing the complete list of excluded products. Let’s imagine you’ve recently discovered an eligible store offering products at a lower price; how would you ask Best Buy to match that price? Let’s investigate.

How To Request A Price Match At Best Buy?

With Best Buy, requesting a price match is a simple procedure. You must speak with customer service if you purchase from Best Buy’s online store. You may easily accomplish this by using the chat feature on their official store; alternatively, you can call their customer service line.

When you contact customer service, inform them about the cheaper pricing the qualifying competing store offers. Please do so if you have documentation of the reduced price. The low price will need to be confirmed in advance if anything.

The price match request will be approved after the prices have been verified, and you can purchase the item for a cheaper cost. Please know you need help to start and finish the price-matching request via email. Contact customer service using the ways mentioned above if you wish to price match an item you purchase online.

However, what should you do if you purchase offline, not online? In this scenario, you will still need to contact the store’s customer service. After you contact customer service, let them know about the competitive store’s reduced prices.

If you can provide evidence of the low prices, do so; if not, the request will only be approved once the prices are confirmed. After confirming all the details, Best Buy will try to match your price.

On Bestbuy.Com, Is Price Matching Possible?

According to Best Buy, customers can price match on BestBuy.com when making a purchase or during the return period. You can seek a price match by calling the customer care line at 1-888-237-8289 or using the website’s online chat tool.

Requests for price matching for items purchased through BestBuy.com cannot be made in-store or by email. Additionally, Best Buy has a legal right to restrict the number of things each client may purchase via price matching.

Prices on BestBuy.com won’t be matched if there are shipping or delivery fees. This means that even if Best Buy’s delivery rates are higher than those of an alternative online shop like Amazon, you can still spend more overall for the item than elsewhere.


Let’s conclude, Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart’s? If you’ve spotted the item you want cheaper at Walmart, you should be able to get a price match at Best Buy, provided you do not fall inside the exceptions above.

With the extensive distribution of Walmart shops nationwide and the likelihood that one is within 25 miles of your neighborhood Best Buy, you can typically get the price match you want even if the lower price you found was on Walmart.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Best Buy to change prices?

The Best Buy website states, “We will match our lower price upon request if we decrease our price during the refund and exchange period (15 days).” Save your receipt and return it to the shop for the discounted price. Call them at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) to request a price adjustment for online purchases.

How closely does Best Buy match prices?

What kind of local retailer competes with another? A local retail rival for in-store purchases is a store within 25 miles of your neighborhood Best Buy or Pacific Sales. A manufacturer has permitted it to sell new, factory-sealed products with a warranty.

During Black Friday, does Best Buy price match?

Does Best Buy honor Black Friday discounts? No. Unfortunately, Best Buy’s Black Friday price guarantee only applies to purchases made at the store that are subsequently reduced in price.

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