Will A King Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

If you’re wondering Will A King Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress? There are a few things to consider before purchasing one.

To begin, determine the measurements of your pillowtop bed and make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that certain brands deviate from the normal queen size, and pillowtop heights vary.

Why is it necessary to use the correct sheet size? You must use a sheet to protect your top pillow mattress from regular wear and keep it clean.

The correct size will provide this safely, so you can ensure that your pillow top will not become damaged or dirty right away.

King Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress

Will A King Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

A queen pillow top mattress is less significant than a regular king-size mattress. As a result, a sheet from the former will suffice for a queen pillowtop bed.

The size, however, is overly large, and you must tuck and fold the excess fabric to keep it from sliding when you lie down.

What Sheet Size Do I Need For A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

If you recently purchased a queen pillow top mattress, you can purchase a 60 by 80 inches.

These are the normal dimensions of a queen-size mattress, and with a pillow top type bed, you can modify the additional height.

It could be anywhere from 15 to 22 inches long, depending on your product.

What Size Sheets Should You Acquire For Your Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

Finding the right size sheets might be difficult because a pillowtop bed is more cushioned than a standard mattress.

The extra depth of this bed will be overlooked if you use a normal queen sheet on your queen pillow top mattress.

The best way to choose the right sheet is to measure the measurements of your bed and get a deep pocket sheet.

The design of this sheet will accommodate the extra depth of a queen pillow top bed while providing a fitted look.

Depending on the queen pillow top mattress you have, you may require a conventional 15-inch deep pocket sheet or something with a height of 17 to 22 inches.

Then, whether it’s polyester, cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, or even flannel, pick the right material for your needs.

How To Select The Size Of Your Pillow Top Mattress?

The time you’ll spend measuring your queen pillow top mattress will be well worth it if the sheet you end up with is both pleasant and protective.

To begin, remove all of your bed accessories and measure the height of your mattress from the foundation to the top.

Then measure the length of your bed from head to foot and the width from one side to the other.

Use the measurements you received while shopping for sheets and other items to avoid fitting issues.

Don’t let the fact that it may seem like a lot of work deter you; measuring the mattress is simple.

Deep-pocket sheets are also available in regular sizes, including queen pillow top mattress sizes.

Is It Possible To Use A Fitted Sheet Over A Mattress Topper?

You may be worried about why you ought to be mindful of the factors we covered when purchasing a queen pillow top mattress sheet.

Because of the extra top layer on a top pillow mattress, it is vital to measure your bed.

But what about mattresses with a topper; Will this combo work with a fitted sheet? Yes, but you’ll need a deep-pocket sheet, similar to the one required for a pillow-top mattress.

Compared to your ordinary fitted sheet which can only handle a height of 11 inches this sheet’s depth will provide the proper fit.

Remember that adding a mattress topper raises the height of the mattress, so you’ll need a sheet to fit the new proportions.

A typically fitted sheet will not reach the bottom of your mattress securely otherwise. You run the danger of it falling off overnight, which is inconvenient.

My Queen Sheets Won’t Fit My Queen Bed

If you recently purchased a queen bed sheet that does not fit your queen-size bed, the latter could be blamed.

Keep in mind that some mattress companies have measurement variances, so your queen mattress may not fit the typical queen specifications of 60 by 80 inches.

More fitted sheets adhere to conventional measurements, so if your sheet doesn’t match the corners, your bed may be different.

The manufacturer may identify it as a queen. However, there are size discrepancies.

It’s usually a good idea to double-check anything you’re buying rather than relying on the size tag.

Is a mattress with a cushion top useful for back pain?

Choosing the right mattress can play a pivotal role in alleviating back pain.

According to authoritative sources like SleepFoundation.org and MayoClinic.org, a mattress with a cushion top can offer enhanced comfort and support, especially for those suffering from chronic back pain.

Key Points:

  • Material & Support: Cushion top mattresses often combine memory foam or gel-infused foam with innerspring or hybrid designs. This combination provides both comfort and support, ensuring proper spinal alignment.
  • Pressure Relief: The cushioning layer helps in distributing body weight evenly, relieving pressure points which can be a cause of back pain.
  • Firmness Level: It’s essential to choose a mattress with the right firmness level. A medium-firm mattress is often recommended for optimal lumbar support.
  • Sleep Position: Your sleeping posture also impacts back health. A cushion top mattress can cater to various sleep positions, offering the necessary support and comfort.

While a cushion top mattress can be beneficial for many, it’s crucial to consider individual needs and preferences.

Consulting with a healthcare professional and trying out mattresses before purchasing can ensure you make an informed decision.


Here we conclude all about Will A King Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress? There is a concern for the sheet that you must use to utilize a queen-size bed with a pillow top. What size sheets are appropriate for a queen pillow top mattress?

Because some products deviate from the usual queen sizing, the answer depends on your product’s precise dimensions. Get a deep pocket sheet and measure the extra depth needed for your pillow top mattress. This ensures a tight fit and eliminates the chance of the sheet falling off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fitted king sheet be used on a queen mattress?

According to Online Furniture Depot, a king mattress spans 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, while a queen mattress measures 60 inches broad by 80 inches long. It’s easy to reduce the width measurement to accommodate the queen mattress with the larger fitted sheet.

A queen pillowtop mattress is how deep?

Pillowtop mattresses have more depth than ordinary mattresses due to the padding. The padding height varies, but most pillowtop mattresses are available in depths ranging from 7 to 22 inches.

Should the fitted sheet fit the mattress?

To allow for a decent tuck-in and avoid the usual problem of your sheets coming off at night, buy your fitted sheet or bed protector at least 2 – 3 inches (8cm) deeper than your mattress.

What is the distinction between king and queen sheets?

King-sized beds are typically 76 inches broad by around 80 inches long, 16 inches wider, but not longer than a Queen-sized bed. The measurements of a California King bed are 72 inches broad by 84 inches long.

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