Why Is My Portable Electric Fan Heater Blows Cold Air?

It’s rather common for heaters to break down. However, the failure of heaters and the blowing of chilly air on a bitterly cold day are two distinct events. Things get serious when it comes to electric heaters that blow chilly air. It’s as if the heater just had one task and failed miserably. Anyway, Why Is My Portable Electric Fan Heater Blows Cold Air?

Allow time for the heater to warm up before troubleshooting the thermostat. Any issues? Then search for unclean filters to clean out and leaky ducts to repair. Is the frigid air still blowing? Try replacing them if something went wrong with your heat sensors or contractor coils. This was only an overview; if you want to fix the problem, read our article because we detail the options.

Room heaters are incredibly important gadgets during the winter since they keep us warm and cozy. These appliances should run smoothly throughout the cold season and should not cause any issues if properly maintained. However, now and then, you may notice some issues: the heater not blowing hot air.

Portable Electric Fan Heater Blows Cold Air

Why Is My Portable Electric Fan Heater Blows Cold Air? Reasons

Dirty Filters

The majority of people do not consider cleaning their heaters. Electric heaters frequently blow chilly air when their filters are blocked, so it’s the first thing you should examine. To begin, switch off your heater and inspect the filters. If your heater’s filters are caked with dust, this is most likely the cause of the problem.

Clogged vents reduce ventilation and cause coils to freeze, obstructing airflow even further. As a result, the air coming out of your electric heater is frigid. Change your filters first, and if that doesn’t work, try one of the other options listed below.

Thermostat Settings

Most electric heaters have two settings, so check your thermostat if your heater blows cold and warm air at various times. Naturally, all heaters utilize a fan to circulate air, but if your fan is set to ‘on’ all day, it explains why your heater appears to be broken. For the fan to emit warm air, the furnace inside the apparatus must be heated. The air being pushed outside cannot be heated if the furnace is cold.

Set your blower to ‘auto’ to ensure that your fan only operates when the furnace is hot. Of course, reading the instruction manual is the simplest way to solve this problem. The handbook will explain adjusting the fan speed without impacting the other settings. Wait a few minutes after turning on the heater to see if it’s still blowing chilly air, as electric furnaces take time to warm up.

Furnace Problems

Electric heaters operate on the same principles as any other machine. An overheated furnace can create comparable outcomes to your smartphone’s battery heating up and causing phone troubles. It’s good to check if your heater is working properly and if it stops blowing after a short time or starts releasing cold air.

Engineers embedded automatic limit switches that turn the heat-generating furnace off to prevent the heater from malfunctioning completely. If your heater isn’t producing any heat, it’s advisable to have it serviced by professionals, particularly if replacing the filters isn’t working.


This issue does not necessitate dismantling your heater or its electric panel. If your home’s ducts are leaking, your indoor space’s heating may be impaired. Even if the heater is switched on, the cold air inside the vents will automatically make the room colder. The only method to address this is to ensure that all of your vents are completely closed.


If your heater is causing you to shiver on cold winter evenings, you should inspect it for the issues listed above in Why Is My Portable Electric Fan Heater Blows Cold Air? In most cases, heaters that generate chilly air do not require expensive repairs.

Hiring a professional can be costly, so many people save it till last. However, if you have exhausted all of your options, you should seek expert help. Working with electrical equipment can be hazardous, especially regarding hardware concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my heater seem to be spewing chilly air?

A problem with the flame detector, gas pipeline, air filter, pilot light, or condensate lines can cause your furnace to spew chilly air in your home. Many of these problems can be readily resolved by cleaning or replacing components in the gas furnace on your own.

Why is it that electric heat feels so cold?

Given that the appropriate thermostat setting is 68°F, blown air at 90°F is warmer than required for heating. It is, however, colder than the usual body temperature of 98.6 degrees, making it seem cool and easily mistaken for cold air.

Why isn’t my space heater blowing hot air anymore?

A blown circuit or resistor is the most typical cause of a heater not blowing hot air. SOLUTION: To do so, you may need to open the casing and test the circuit using a voltage regulator. Examine the electrical path for any possible fractures.

What is the location of the reset button on my heater?

To reset the furnace, look for the reset button on the furnace and press it. It’s commonly found on the side of the blower motor within the blower compartment. Be cautious because the housing could be hot. Press the button if it has popped up.

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