Who Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries? Information

AutoZone, an auto parts retailer that sells various automotive parts from numerous brands, is the manufacturer of Duralast batteries. In actuality, Johnson Controls International Plc appears to be the “manufacturer” of these Duralast batteries. Read on for additional details on Who Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries? The different varieties of Duralast batteries that these producers produce and how much they run at AutoZone.

Who Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries?

Johnson Controls will begin producing the bulk of AutoZone Duralast batteries in 2022. However, East Penn and Exide are responsible for producing a sizable amount of batteries. Then, AutoZone receives these batteries from selling to the end user. Duralast batteries come in various grades, each with a different pricing range.

Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries

Some automobile owners may find it difficult to get the right battery since they want strong, long-lasting options. However, Duralast batteries are a fantastic choice in the market with many great features. Most people are interested in who manufactures Duralast batteries for this reason alone.

The car’s electrical system is powered by vehicle batteries, which are crucial parts. Additionally, the batteries enable the car’s smooth operation by assisting with engine combustion. As a result, a faulty or dead battery may be to blame if your automobile won’t start.

However, you would need an appropriate replacement, and Duralast is suggested. Getting the greatest batteries that would last a long time would be really helpful, whether for your automobile or company truck, and Duralast batteries are excellent.

If you’ve previously used this battery, you can tell it fulfills its function for a considerable time. I want to convey to you some essential facts about the producers of this brand as well as some advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Duralast batteries.

Duralast Batteries

Many car owners require a dependable battery since they desire a product that will perform well in adverse circumstances. Duralast batteries are among the best you can discover among the range of choices on the market.

People who use batteries from this product line have provided good and significant feedback. Thus it is well known that Duralast batteries operate exceptionally well. They, therefore, seem to be a good alternative to the damaged battery in your car.

The reservation capacities of Duralast batteries are adequate, and you may find that most of these batteries have high Cold Cranking amperages. Therefore, searching for a suitable Duralast battery for your automobile would be wise if you plan to drive throughout the winter.

You can locate a suitable product from this battery brand that would seem acceptable and accomplish the aim for buses, SUVs, or vehicles. With all of these great characteristics, it is clear that Duralast batteries are well worth the price; utilizing them will assure a longer lifespan and higher performance.

Where Are Duralast Batteries Made?

AutoZone purchases duralast batteries from three suppliers. Let’s take a deep look at each of them:

Johnson Controls

Irish-American battery maker Johnson Controls is situated there. With more than 2,000 facilities spanning six continents, it is the largest automotive battery provider and recycling. For AutoZone, this business is in charge of the bulk of the production of Duralast batteries, particularly the premium line.

East Penn

The largest single-site lead-acid battery producer in the world, East Penn makes Duralast batteries for AutoZone.

East Penn, a privately held company with a reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting batteries, is not a subsidiary of Johnson Controls. As a result, if you want Duralast batteries that last a long time, you should choose the high-quality ones made by East Penn. Additionally, this business also makes battery chargers.

Types Of Duralast Batteries

The top-rated Duralast batteries are listed below. Two of the most popular batteries are Duralast Gold and Platinum batteries. They offer batteries for many different uses, including in the automotive industry. Look at their characteristics and how they differ from one another:


These are the entry-level models with a short warranty term. Long battery life, vibration tolerance, CCA, and quick start option all provide good value for the money.

Gold Duralast

The battery is made to provide you with a better capacity than your original battery, despite its limitations as an alkaline lead-acid battery. A car will function more safely in cold weather if its CCA is higher. It is a trustworthy and long-lasting product because of its sturdy structure.

Duralast Platinum

The most recent model in the line, the platinum, has an AGM battery. It has a long service life because it is a deep-cycle battery.

This kind of car is perfect for people with a great desire for performance and speed. Thanks to its sealed design, the battery is more robust and can withstand vibrations more effectively than the Gold series battery.

Are Duralast Batteries Good Car Batteries?

Duralast batteries are a fantastic choice because they are produced by a recognized manufacturer that ensures their safety. Additionally, the manufacturing of these batteries ensures their longevity and good performance.

You may easily invest your money because Duralast batteries are one of the top performing products in the automobile industry. According to AutoZone, this battery family has proprietary designs that are strong and made to survive harsh environments.

How Long Do Duralast Batteries Last?

Depending on various conditions, Duralast batteries can last between three and five years. Depending on the brand you own, vehicle type, and use, your batteries will deteriorate more quickly.

However, they can survive longer if you take care of them properly. Proper maintenance entails keeping the batteries in a secure position to reduce impact when driving on off-road terrains.

Additionally, you should minimize short journeys and refrain from using gadgets while the engine is running. Additionally, you should frequently use water and baking soda to clean the battery connections. Corrosion and rust will be reduced as a result. When maintained, Duralast is a durable brand.

You can also acquire a new battery for your car using AutoZone’s free replacement warranty if anything goes wrong. You can read our posts on whether AutoZone installs batteries, whether AutoZone will charge your battery, and whether AutoZone fixes spark plugs for additional information.

Final Verdict

Did you know Who Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries? Although AutoZone owns and distributes Duralast batteries, Johnson Controls makes the majority of these batteries. However, East Penn and Exide also produce some of them.

Duralast batteries come in various grades, each with a different pricing range. Different Duralast product categories that are long-lasting and have a warranty are available from AutoZone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duralast a reliable brand of batteries?

The highest quality battery currently on the market is the Duralast series of premium products. They are applicable in a wide range of industries. Duralast also has a lifespan of up to 5 years so you can be certain of its efficiency.

Do Duralast batteries come from the United States?

In the US, Duralast batteries are frequently produced. In particular, Johnson Control, East Penn, and Exide offer many Duralast batteries to all states. You can also take note of the numerous other well-known battery brands currently available in the US, such as NAPA batteries. This makes it simpler for automakers to select the ideal car battery.

Are Duracell and Duralast batteries interchangeable?

Batteries made by Duralast and Duracell are different. Each variety will have unique qualities and benefits. This is the battery series that Duralast uses the most frequently today, and many renowned automakers rely on it.

What distinguishes Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries?

Because Duralast gold batteries are thicker and contain more lead plates, they are more resistant to and tolerant of vibration. These batteries are appropriate for powerful vehicles with amenities like infotainment systems or heated seats.

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