Which Bed Is Better Metal Or Wood? Comprehensive Guide

Here we start all about Which Bed Is Better Metal Or Wood? A good quality bed is the cornerstone of a good night’s sleep. One that doesn’t squeak as soon as you sit down provides the necessary support and comfort and blends functionality with a good appearance.

It can be difficult to choose between the various beds available, but the most basic decision is whether to proceed with wood or metal. Which is superior? Lets dive deeper

Bed Is Better Metal Or Wood

Are Metal Bed Frames Better Than Wood?

When it comes to choosing between metal and wood bed frames, there are several factors to consider. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

Metal bed frames are known for their low maintenance, durability, and lightweight nature. They are also adjustable to fit different mattress sizes.

However, they can be prone to rust, emit electromagnetic fields, squeak over time, and sometimes may not support the mattress properly.

On the other hand, wooden bed frames are sturdy, easy to assemble, and offer more customization options.

They come in a variety of wood types and are generally considered more sustainable. However, they can be a fire hazard and are typically heavier than metal frames.

Guide On Which Bed Is Better Metal Or Wood?

Advantages Of A Wooden Frame

Bed frames have been made of wood for generations.

Because of its warmth, tactile properties, outstanding good looks, and robustness, hardwood beds may be traced back to Tudor England and Henry VIII’s boudoir shenanigans! Wood may endure several lifetimes if properly cared for, and a good quality hardwood bed is an excellent investment in any family home.

Wood lends itself brilliantly to classic styling and that charmingly cottagey vibe if your home is more traditional in design.

A hardwood bed takes a lot to break once it’s created, so you can be assured that when the kids rush in on a Sunday morning and keep jumping up and down on it, it’ll be able to withstand the abuse.

The Disadvantages Of A Wooden Frame

Before purchasing a wooden frame, there are two things: there is a wide range of prices, so make sure you get the correct bed for you, and they are not light.

You should expect to pay a premium based on the type of wood you choose; pine is far less expensive than oak.

Ensure the wood you’re buying comes from a sustainable source, especially if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wood is a hefty material. If you choose a wooden frame, make sure it fits through the door (it’s better to go with a flat-pack design that you can assemble in your bedroom) and that your floor can support the weight of a wooden bed frame.

Wooden Frame Colors And Styles

Wooden frames are typically rather conventional in design. However, some embrace more current style elements and would look great in a contemporary setting.

Opt with lighter colors like blonde oak or pine if you want to go modern.

A dark wooden frame will make a tiny space appear even smaller, so consider how the frame’s color will complement the rest of your decor.

Advantages Of A Metal Frame

Without a doubt, a metal bed is quite durable. They can also be sturdy, durable, long-lasting (making them perfect for children’s beds), and easy to clean and install.

These characteristics are all dependent on the quality of the bed you want to buy, and we always recommend looking at the bed’s durability rating.

Metal bed frames are typically lightweight and easy to shift around (perfect if you’re the type that enjoys rearranging rooms every weekend!).

The Disadvantages Of A Metal Frame

Now, we go through the disadvantages of metal bed. Squeaking is one of the most common complaints about metal bed frames.

Because your metal bed frame has metal-on-metal connections and connecting points, it’s possible that the older it gets, the noisier it becomes.

Metal washers can be replaced with rubber washers, making a great impact and reducing squeaking.

Metal frames can rust, especially if they’re manufactured of low-grade mild steel, so choose a high-quality frame.

Colors And Types Of Metal Beds

Metal bed frames are available in almost any color you can think of. They can be painted in subtle tones for a smart urban design or vibrant colors for a kid’s room.

They look great in more contemporary settings like loft conversions and sleek minimalist residences.

Reasons Why Hardwood Bed Frames Are Preferable To Metal Bed Frames?

The following are why wooden bed frames are preferable to metal bed frames.

Solid Wood Bed Frames Are More Durable

Sturdiness is a tangible and observable criterion for judging a bed’s quality.

Solid timber beds allow you to extend the life of your long-term investment by lasting a lifetime or even generations if properly cared for.

Bed Frames Made Of Wood Are Less Prone To Keep You Awake At Night

In Singapore, quality hardwood bed frames are significantly less prone to squeak than metal bed frames.

As a result, a person sleeping in a wooden bed is less prone to the annoyances of a creaky, squeaky bed keeping him awake at night.

In this scenario, saving money comes second to saving sleep. You might regret spending a few bucks at the expense of your sleep quality.

A Variety Of Finishes Are Available

Because wood can be dyed and re-stained to match a range of colors, it is a popular material.

A wooden bed frame allows you to adapt your bed to fit the rest of your bedroom as it grows and changes.

Additionally, staining wood allows you to personalize a piece completely.

Similarly, each wooden bed frame has a distinct wood grain pattern to add to the sensation of originality that many homeowners seek.

Warmth Is Provided By Wooden Bed Frames

Metal beds are often incapable of emitting the warmth that wooden bed frames do.

The bedroom is frequently designed to be the home’s coziest room, and hardwood beds are ideal for emphasizing that emotion.

A wooden frame is a good choice if you want a rustic bedroom ambiance.


The conclude the argument of metal bed and wood bed, We believe that both metal and hardwood bed frames have advantages. It all boils down to your preferences, style, and financial constraints.

Bed Guru offers hardwood and metal bed frames, ranging from bunk beds for youngsters to super-kingsize beds for adults.

We also have some innovative storage options and mattresses to match, so we’ve got you covered whether you choose wood or metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wooden or metal bed better?

Although metal is stronger than wood in and of itself, the wooden bed frame triumphs in the context of a bed frame. Wooden bed frames include heavier materials and more stable support systems.

Is a metal bed beneficial to one’s health?

Iron bed frames are even labeled as potentially harmful to those who sleep on them. Iron bed frames can cause back pain and squeak during the night, disrupting sleep. They may also cause electrical pollution, which can cause major health problems.

Is it better to have wood or metal bed slats?

Slats made of wood are less expensive than metal, but they may not give the optimal support for your bed. Metal slats are a more permanent option because they can handle the weight of your mattress and the weight of the sleeper. Metal slats also do not flex or shatter as easily as wooden slats.

Are our metal bed frames prone to breaking?

No matter how good it is, your metal bed frame is likely to break with time. Even though the frame is made of metal, it will not survive indefinitely.

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