What Size Generator Do I Need For A Bounce House?

Do you know What Size Generator Do I Need For A Bounce House? We found a lot of information online about generators to go with our bounce house while we were looking into purchasing it. We primarily intended to utilize our first bounce house indoors, but we also wanted the option of taking it outside, perhaps to a park. We wanted to know if one type of bounce house would be better for all three alternatives and if one type would require a generator.

Information On What Size Generator Do I Need For A Bounce House?

A generator is required if you are more than 50 feet from a power source. A 2000-watt generator may power an ordinary bounce house. If you plan to use your bounce house in a public park or other location where there isn’t a power outlet, you should know a few things about generators and which ones are best for bounce houses.

Size Generator Do I Need For A Bounce House

We’ve used our first bounce house inside and outside without using a generator since we bought it. We utilized an outside outlet and still needed an extension cord when we set it up in our backyard. For a couple of reasons, I would prefer one of those heavy-duty, outdoor, construction-type extension cables, which are usually that bright orange hue.

First, the extension cord must withstand the bounce house’s huge three-prong connector. Second, because it will be utilized outside, it will need to withstand more wear and tear. You should bury the cord somewhere where kids won’t be able to run on or around it (especially if they’re wet) and cover it with a tarp for further safety.

If your bounce house is used outside frequently, I recommend purchasing a second extension cord to keep with your bounce house to make set-up as quick and easy as possible. However, never set up more than fifty feet away from a power source using an extension cord. Using numerous extension cables to reach a distance of more than fifty feet is dangerous.

It can cause an electrical fire, destroy your blower, and cause damage to your outlet and cable. If you are not within 50 feet of a power outlet, you must utilize a generator. An electrical outlet will rarely be available if you wish to put up your bounce house outside in a public area, including a park or grassy field.

You will need to bring your generator to power the inflatable in this scenario. Because generators can be costly, it may be more cost-effective to rent or borrow one if this is your only need for one and you do not plan on taking it to the park frequently.

For less than $20 per day, you can rent a generator from most party rental services. Simply picking it up on the day of the party can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re hiring a generator, be sure to specify what you’ll be using it for to receive the proper one.

What Is The Best Type Of Generator For Bounce Houses, And How Much Do They Cost?

A generator capable of powering a minimum of 2000 watts is required for a typical bounce house. (Before purchasing a generator, double-check the wattage of your inflatable to ensure it meets this need.)

Generators are available in various styles and prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. It will function great as long as it can power the wattage required by your bounce house. If you’re new to generators, there are a few things to think about:

  • Ensure that your generator is transportable. Some generators are designed to power large projects, while a bounce house is straightforward. Keep in mind that you’ll be lugging it along with the bounce house, tarp, and other items over grassy hills and fields, so keep it simple for yourself and choose one that’s practical and portable.
  • Get a generator with the most convenient and reliable power source for you. Solar power, gasoline, propane, and natural gas are the four most frequent fuel sources for generators. While gasoline is easier and less expensive to fill, it can only be stored for up to a year and must be cleaned out to maintain your generator’s carburetor, whereas propane is cleaner and can be stored longer. Solar generators appear to be the easiest solution, but most are insufficient to power a bounce house. You’ll need to make sure it has enough solar energy stored in its battery to power the entire event if it can. Make sure you pick a generator with a power source you can supply and maintain.
  • The noise level of generators is also a typical issue. I’m hoping that noise won’t be an issue during your bounce house party, as the blower will be creating noise in addition to the generator, not to mention the inevitable loud explosions of laughing and delight from the kids. Find a quiet noise output generator if noise is an issue for neighbors or sensitive youngsters.

What Does A Generator / Inverter Generator Do?

A generator turns fuel into an alternating current to power common household appliances. It lets us power up inflatable blowers for bounce houses, jump houses, and obstacle courses, so our kids can still have a good time even if we aren’t near a household outlet.

Generators can be found in hardware stores, big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot, and internet sellers like Amazon, selling inflated bounce houses. Cotton candy, too, but that’s another story.

Why Is It Necessary To Utilize A Generator To Power A Bouncy House?

A generator can be used to power a bounce house blower for various reasons. Keep in mind that the best bounce house is one that turns on.

Lack Of Extension Cords

When running an inflatable, we always recommend having a heavy-duty, industrial-style extension cord. That may not be the case if you decide to bring yours to Grandma’s for a family picnic. You might soon be without a power outlet and, by extension, a working air blower.

Keeping a dedicated extension cord next to your inflatable water slide is a terrific combination to work with and will allow you to connect to a power source reasonably. We say moderately because we’ve seen bounce houses about 100 feet distant from the nearest power outlet. Now that’s what I call a tough extension cord.

Party Rental

The party might quickly devolve if you’ve promised 8-10 kids a blown-up obstacle course but can’t stretch the power wire to the next three-prong outlet. A power generator will come in handy in this situation.

If you want to babysit for the next 2.5 hours, that’s fine with us, but if it were us, we’d have bought the generator just in case. Because you never know what will happen, and knowing is half the battle. Or something along those lines.

Public Park

Taking your favorite inflatable toys to a public park is an excellent way to pass the time. On the other hand, most public parks do not provide convenient electrical service to the general public, which means no amp breakers, flowing watts, volts, or anything else. As a result, the only way to get that blower to work is to provide your power. That’s from a generator, by the way.


That’s all on What Size Generator Do I Need For A Bounce House? If done correctly, using a jumper in a public location can provide hours of entertainment. And you’ll need a portable generator with enough fuel to get the job done right. But trust us when we say that your kids will adore it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the noise from the generator and the blower?

Yes, growing noise levels are a common concern we hear when using a bounce house blower and a generator simultaneously. To get a solid sense of how loud or silent a generator will be when in operation, read reviews online or speak with a store salesperson about its potential noise output.

What are the prices of portable generators?

The prices range from $200 to 850 in general. You can spend more money on higher-watt generators, but the power delivered may be excessive. You can’t go wrong for a few hundred dollars.

Is it possible to power two or more bounce homes with a portable generator?

It is feasible to attempt to power many inflatable bounce houses if the power source is separated. However, for safety reasons, we do not advocate trying this.

How long can you use a portable generator?

This is all dependent on the amount of electricity required to run the inflatable blower and the amount of fuel available. Beyond that, craftsmanship influences an individual generator’s total fuel efficiency. Thus the length of your jump will depend on a variety of things.

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