Vape Fell In The Water

You might imagine you’ll have to replace your vape if caught in a thunderstorm or if your Vape Fell In The Water. Fortunately, getting your vape wet isn’t the end of the world water won’t destroy the mechanism. However, if the moisture is not treated, rust may grow inside. Follow the cleaning instructions below to protect your vaporizer from corroding and providing excellent puffs.

Vape Fell In The Water

Even if you got a “vape pen” wet, it would most likely stop operating like a phone, a television remote, or any other battery-operated circuit board gadget. A mechanical mod, not a “vape pen,” might explode due to thermal runaway or battery venting.

What Happens If Vape Fell In The Water

Cleaning Your Vape After It Gets Wet

The Battery

Some vapes and e-cigarettes have batteries that can be removed, whereas box mods have batteries built into the shell. If your vape has gotten wet and it isn’t a box mod, remove the battery and let it air dry, even if it doesn’t appear wet.

To remove extra liquid, you may need to blot this with a towel or use a blow dryer in some circumstances. If the battery appears moist, take it to a vape shop to assess whether you need to replace it.

The Tank

Remove the tank and empty any remaining e-liquid or vape juice. Wipe clean the inside of the tank with a towel dipped in unflavored, high-proof vodka to remove any excess accumulation or residue. After that, rinse it with warm water. Before reassembling the tank, dry it with a paper towel and let it air dry for at least 10 minutes.

The Coil Head

Many vapes have replaceable coils but can be washed and dried if yours gets wet. Fill a bowl with the same high-proof vodka to clean up nicotine and e-liquid accumulation. Allow the coil heads to soak in the solution for about an hour or two.

Rinse the coils under the sink once the buildup has been removed, then rinse with distilled water. The coils should then be allowed to air dry for a day or until all moisture has disappeared.

Can Teens Who Vape Describe Their First Time?

My folks are heavy smokers. My biological father (with whom I am no longer in contact, thank goodness) used to put the dip in my mouth and urge me to suck it and then spit it out when I was younger. I had no idea why or what it was, but it tasted nice to me.

When I was around 9, I started getting headaches whenever I went to a friend’s house or school. I despise smoking. They’re obnoxious. I learned about nicotine and withdrawals in health class when I was ten and discovered that I had always had those symptoms but didn’t know why because I knew I hadn’t smoked. I was constantly told that it was harmful and that I shouldn’t do it.

My parents had left a vape in their car around 11–12 p.m., and I wanted to test it out of curiosity. It relieved my headaches and made me feel great. I quickly noticed that anything I hit made me feel better and that I was no longer sick and irritated.

 I eventually learned (now) that I had become addicted to nicotine due to my parents’ secondhand smoke and the tobacco I was compelled to consume as a child. I’m 15 now, and I have the same feelings I did when I was younger; having had such a horrific background it had taken me back to a suicidal and depressed state of mind that I was in when I was younger.

Withdrawal symptoms for me are related to that. So now I try to keep a vape with me because if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll revert to the frame of mind that I’ve worked so hard to avoid. I hope this clarifies your query:)

Can I Throw Away A Vape?

Inquire as to where the item was purchased. Thank you for your inquiry. Now I can tell you that vaping is a complete waste of time. For almost 50 years, I’ve been a high-grade CA pot smoker from the Emerald Triangle. Yes, I’m not sure when those shoddy vape products made their way into the dispensary, but they did.

However, in my opinion, they are not the best tool for everyone. The most significant factors are age, experience, and adequately qualified salespeople who can provide the consumer with the necessary information. There’s a lot more than the youth consider. They only want to puff what they see others do. Oh well, that’s life.


Do your Vape Fell In The Water? Probably, if it was only for a few seconds and the outside was dried right away. Water will not have gotten into the tank air channels, and water will not have gotten into the battery/mod section through the button gaps and vent holes.

However, there are no guarantees! It depends on several factors, including the amount of time spent underwater, the gaps in your device, and if the water was soapy, reducing surface tension and allowing it to flow through gaps more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a vape to explode if it gets too hot?

If a battery overheats, whether inside a vape or electronic cigarette device or on a charging device, a chain reaction can occur, releasing superheated liquid, explosion, or igniting.

When a vape gets hot, what happens?

If your vape battery overheats… The great majority of the time, it isn’t your battery that is heating your vaporizer. However, your battery may be the heat source in some rare circumstances. Serious complications are extremely uncommon, so there’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

Will water ruin a vape?

The O-rings on the vape tanks have a chance of failing, allowing water to flow into the vape battery and render it worthless. Means you won’t get the results you want and will be looking for a new e-cig.

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