Shocking Discovery: Unearthed Mystery Under a Tibetan Hotel Bed!

A Chinese tourist, Mr. Zhang, had a distressing encounter at a Tibetan hotel, Guzang Shuhua Inn, where he discovered a corpse beneath his bed, leading to a murder inquiry and an arrest. The initial denial of the incident by the hotel and ensuing false accusations on social media prompted Mr. Zhang to publicize his traumatic experience, capturing local media’s attention. Despite the horrifying ordeal, Mr. Zhang was assured by the police of a suspect’s detention connected to the case.

In an unsettling saga that unfolded at a Tibetan hotel, a Chinese tourist stumbled upon a chilling discovery beneath his bed: a hidden body, thus sparking a riveting murder investigation that resulted in the apprehension of a suspect.

The gentleman, known in the media only as Mr. Zhang, first detected a strikingly intense odor upon his arrival at his accommodation in the famed city of Lhasa on April 21st. A relocation to another room only led to the shocking revelation: a cadaver clandestinely hidden under the bed he had occupied for a brief spell of three hours.

Unearthed Mystery Under a Tibetan Hotel Bed 1

As the evening descended, authorities conveyed to him news of an arrest tied to the grisly case. Haunted by the experience, Mr. Zhang departed from Lhasa post-haste, a day following the incident.

Mr. Zhang’s choice of lodging, the Guzang Shuhua Inn, boasts warmly-lit interiors and charming wooden balconies and enjoys popularity as a social media hotspot, sought-after by influencers for its photogenic appeal.

A review of his horrifying ordeal initially uploaded by Mr. Zhang on a digital platform remained unnoticed, until another social media user amplified its visibility by sharing a snapshot of it on April 28th. The hotel, in response to the rising attention, outright denied the incident.

Undeterred by the dismissal, Mr. Zhang resorted to Weibo, a popular social media platform, and shared a detailed account of his experience, substantiated by a hotel receipt as proof. This action stirred local media outlets, who were quick to seek an interview with him.

Speaking to Shangyou News on April 30th, he expressed his palpable fear and lingering insomnia post-incident, “I am very scared and I am still struggling to sleep,” he confessed.

Mr. Zhang recounted his ordeal of how he initially dismissed the foul odor as a mere consequence of the hotel’s bakery or heating system, only to demand a room change as the smell intensified unbearably post-dinner.

In a late-night turn of events, hotel staff requested Mr. Zhang to revisit the vacated room where the police were awaiting to record his statement and collect a DNA sample, while assuring him of an arrest in the case.

While the authorities have yet to disclose more specifics about the case, a video of the suspect being apprehended on a train bound for Lanzhou city was made public.

Although initially hesitant to broadcast his experience, the hotel’s denial of the incident and false accusations on social media prompted Mr. Zhang to share his story with the public.

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