System Sensor 5603 Review

In this article, I will explain System Sensor 5603 Review. The System Sensor 5603 can be set up in various ways to work with a wide range of applications. For low and high-temperature ratings, there are both single-circuit and dual-circuit models that can be activated by a fixed temperature or a combination of a fixed temperature and the rising rate (ROR). The ROR part of fixed/ROR models can be set to allow for testing in the field.

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Complete System Sensor 5603 Review

System Sensor 5603

System Sensor’s 5600 series mechanical heat detectors are a low-cost way to protect property from fire. They can also be utilized in places where smoke detectors aren’t appropriate, like where people don’t need to be safe.

The 5600 series comes in various configurations to suit a wide range of applications. One can choose from multiple single and dual-circuit types, each of which can be activated by either temperature or rate of rising (ROR). Models with fixed/ROR models can be evaluated in the field with ROR fixed.

There are a variety of methods to install it. The 5600 series may be utilized in various locations since it is simple to install on both single-gang and octagonal back boxes. These models can be used with four-square back boxes if they are attached to a plaster ring that is square to round. The mounting bracket can be used with either a flush-mount or surface-mount back box by simply rotating it around.

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The 5600 series of detectors are marked on the outside to ensure that the correct sensor is used. Alphanumeric characters indicate the activation mechanism and temperature rating in Fahrenheit and Celsius. “FX” denotes models with a set temperature; “FX/ROR” denotes models with both a fixed temperature and a rate of increase. After activation, the 5600 series contains a collector that can be used as an indicator. An easy way to tell which unit has triggered an alarm in a smoke detector is to remove the collector.

  • Residential installations can be set up in various ways, including a simple house.
  • Terminal screws that are easy to use
  • Mounting bracket with a reversible design.
  • Models with a single or two circuits
  • There are 135°F and 194°F temperature ratings and fixed-temperature/rate-of-rise ratings.
  • This product has positive reviews; I have not found any drawbacks.


System sensor 5603 is easy to mount and use. You will undoubtedly be happy using this product. That’s all on System Sensor 5603 Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a traditional heat detector?

These devices can be used with traditional fire alarm systems. If one of the conventional heat detectors detects a fire owing to heat in a traditional fire alarm system, all alarms will be triggered.

In a heat detector, what kind of sensor is used?

Two heat-sensitive thermocouples or thermistors are included. The heat transmitted by convection or radiation is monitored by one thermocouple, while the ambient temperature is monitored by the other. When the temperature of the first sensing element rises over that of the other, the detector reacts.

in a fire alarm system, what is a heat detector?

Heat detectors are designed to react to a change in temperature caused by a fire to reduce property damage. Smoke detectors are designed to protect lives and property by sounding an alarm as soon as a fire starts.

What is an optical smoke detector, and how does it work?

An optical smoke alarm uses the light scatters principle (also known as a photo-electric smoke alarm). The alarm has a pulsed infrared LED that checks for smoke particles every 10 seconds by pulsing a stream of light into the sensor chamber.

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