Should You Put Vaseline On A Car Battery?

You might be asking Should You Put Vaseline On A Car Battery? You’re not alone, after all. Many people question if they can use it as a lubricant for the batteries in their cars or motorcycles.

Petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, has been used for years to keep the skin from drying. Additionally, it has penetrated many other spheres of life, including mechanics. Due to its thickness and corrosion resistance, it also makes the ideal coating for your battery terminals.

Is it OK to apply Vaseline to battery terminals? But not just any Vaseline, mind you! Discover what you should do if your battery connections require some tender loving care by reading on. This article will explain why and how you should coat the battery terminals on your car with this protective coating.

Should You Put Vaseline On A Car Battery?

When the terminals are completely dry, apply some Vaseline to them. This will lubricate them, assist in stopping further corrosion, and aid in tying the connection together. You’re good to go after reconnecting the positive and negative cords!

Put Vaseline On A Car Battery

What Kind Of Grease Do You Put On Battery Terminals?

Numerous drivers who want to extend the life of their automobile batteries have questioned this question. Many believe grease might be utilized as long as it is put to the battery terminals rather than straight to the cables or other metal components of the engine compartment.

Vaseline is not designed to resist the high voltage electricity in your car’s electrical systems; thus, using it could lead to other wire harness components overheating and melting away, which would eventually result in an electrical system that is not working properly.

Some people apply dielectric grease to the cables, battery terminals, and other metal components to avoid problems. This dielectric grease is available at any auto parts retailer.

There are many different greases on the market. Finding the appropriate one for your car battery terminals is therefore not difficult. Just ensure you obtain the proper kind of grease, not something that isn’t designed for this.

Procedure Before Applying Vaseline

Vaseline can’t be put on corroded battery terminals directly. You need to clean the battery posts well before applying Vaseline to them. Bring some necessary supplies, including safety goggles, baking soda, water, an old toothbrush, and one wet and one dry cloth.

  1. Unplug the battery’s cables from the battery. Remove the negative one first, followed by the positive one. Do not connect these cables to the battery.
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution of baking soda and water. Take a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of water and firmly whisk them together until they resemble paste.
  3. Start cleaning the terminals with your old toothbrush after dipping them in the baking soda solution. Scrub the area slowly until the corrosion buildup is entirely gone.
  4. It would help if you now cleaned the terminals of all the debris and corrosion. Wipe the terminals with a fresh, damp cloth to ensure they are cleaned.
  5. Wipe the terminals with a dry towel at this point. Verify that the battery terminals are dry and free of moisture.

Is Vaseline A Reliable Choice For Covering Battery Terminals?

To keep your automobile moving, it’s crucial to keep the battery terminals free of corrosion. Petroleum jelly is one of the frequently utilized techniques for sealing the battery connections to stop corrosion. However, is it the best choice?

Vaseline application has drawbacks as well. Vaseline applied to battery connections is particularly effective at drawing dirt and dust. Sometimes it might not persist for a longer period when it is subjected to high temperatures.

Despite these minor limitations, many people have used it successfully to preserve their batteries. Vaseline is the simplest and least expensive way to safeguard your car battery terminals, even if you go to the auto electric store and spend money on pricey anti-corrosive sprays.

Should Something Be Applied To The Battery Terminals To Stop Corrosion?

It depends is the response to this frequent query. You generally don’t require to do anything if your battery terminals are dry and clean. However, if they are corroded or unclean, you might want to apply a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly or another readily available grease.

Before applying the selected lubricant, make sure to clean the terminals. This will prevent the corrosion from spreading and simplify subsequent terminal cleaning. Baking soda can be lightly coated on battery terminals to assist prevent corrosion, although other individuals advise against doing so because it will only lead to future cleanup problems.

Your battery must remain healthy and corrosion-free for efficient operation, so ensure the terminals are kept clean. Therefore, it’s always preferable to err on caution and give them a thorough cleaning with some petroleum jelly or baking soda if you’re unsure what to do. If you are unclear about what to do, your mechanic is the ideal person to ask about battery maintenance.

What Prevents Battery Corrosion Best?

In my day, Vaseline was the only lubricant of choice because it was thought to carry electricity while other lubricants did not (don’t bother these days as they don’t rust). Additionally, unlike certain greases, it is not hygroscopic and does not absorb water.

Corrosion only occurs when the battery posts’ terminals do not fit snugly, allowing electrons to jump the air gap and start corrosion. With or without Vaseline, they shouldn’t cause any issues if they are fitted properly.

Can Petroleum Jelly Prevent Battery Corrosion?

Yes! This is one of my responses to a previous query regarding automobile battery terminals. I’ve had tremendous luck using the following on-car batteries for many years. Use a little paintbrush to apply a diluted mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda to neutralize the acid.

Be careful not to splash water on adjacent surfaces. After disconnecting the connection, clean it once again with the bicarb solution, completely dry it with a clean rag, and then throw it away in the trash.

Avoid using emery or glass paper to clean the battery connections since the fibers will become embedded in the lead and cause a bad connection. Apply a wire brush sparingly. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) should be sparingly applied to the contact surfaces before reassembly, followed by a tightening of the connections.

How Can You Prevent Car Battery Corrosion?

An excellent battery corrosion inhibitor is available in a spray can. Spritz it on as needed. A small amount of baking soda dissolved in water can be applied to the battery terminals and cables to clean them and remove corrosion. Try it. It only consumes a couple of tablespoons in 1/2 cup of water.

Works quickly too. If the fill caps are removable, avoid getting any inside the battery. No worries if your battery is a sealed battery… Some claim that spray enamel paint also works. However, I wouldn’t say I like using paint. I enjoy the inhibitor and have had tremendous luck using it.

What Causes Corrosive Buildup On Battery Terminals?

I won’t waste my time teaching you how to disconnect a battery. Still, I can tell you that hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, and even hydrogen sulfide can escape from an overcharged battery, leading to corrosion. These gases can corrode metals like copper wire and lead battery connections.

Greasing them up (with petroleum jelly, axle bearing grease, or anything else that will stick). There is no requirement to shell out for pricey silicone “dielectric grease.” which will act as a barrier between the vapors and the metal pieces, preventing corrosion. You can also find terminal protectants sold specifically for use with rechargeable batteries.


In conclusion, Should You Put Vaseline On A Car Battery? Applying Vaseline to battery terminals may help prevent corrosion, but it is not always essential? If unsure, ask your mechanic what materials to apply to your battery terminals.

This way, you can confirm that your battery receives the proper care. I hope this post has given you a better understanding of the subject and how to apply Vaseline to battery terminals to ensure long-lasting batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the battery, where should the petroleum jelly be applied?

One way to protect the battery terminal end from the air and interior chemicals that lead to the formation and spread of corrosion is to seal it off with petroleum jelly. Just be certain to remove all corrosion before caulking it with petroleum jelly.

What can I apply to the battery terminals on my automobile to prevent corrosion?

After removing the terminals, you can use anti-corrosion washers or a tiny amount of dielectric grease on your battery’s posts. The AMSOIL heavy-duty metal protection is an excellent anti-corrosion agent that also works to prevent rust.

How can a weak automobile battery be strengthened?

Even if a wet cell lead-acid battery had previously been unable to generate a lasting charge, it could be made to function once more by adding just the appropriate amount of water. However, avoid adding acid until part of the battery’s acid has leaked out.

Can corroded batteries prevent a car from starting?

In addition to making it difficult for your car to start in the morning while you’re trying to get to work, built-up battery corrosion can also cause harm to the electrical and air conditioning systems. Fortunately, automotive battery corrosion is simple to identify.

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