Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Highlights? Answered

You can post Highlights on your Facebook page as a content creator to advertise your work and attract more readers. However, have you ever questioned whether it’s possible to determine who viewed the article after a day after posting? If so, read on to learn if you can see who viewed your Facebook highlights.

If not, determining who watched your highlights would be quite straightforward because they also saw your profile.

Can you see who viewed your Facebook highlights?

The easy response to this query is no. After 24 hours, you won’t be able to see who saw your Facebook highlights. This is what? By doing so, you cannot see who has visited your Facebook profile.

After 24 hours, you must find out who viewed your Facebook Highlights. After the day, Facebook does not have a built-in function to see who watched your highlights.

Can you see who viewed your Facebook highlights
Can you see who viewed your Facebook highlights

The visibility data for highlights is no longer accessible after 24 hours, unlike stories, where you may see recent views.

After this period, tracking anyone who has viewed your highlights will be impossible.

How do Facebook highlights work?

Highlights – The horizontal scroll bar of your profile contains highlights from Facebook, including your Stories.

All your friends can see them by default, but you can restrict who can see them or make them public. The latter choice can be helpful for public people looking to expand their audience.

You can add something from the stories archive section to your highlights list. You may save storage space on your phone by saving all the Stories you’ve posted on Facebook in the archive.

When choosing which Stories to include in your Highlights, start with these archives.

Users are encouraged to generate humorous and impromptu material because of the availability of this function because they won’t have to worry about it disappearing after 24 hours.

You know, spending 30 minutes embellishing a Facebook Story with stickers, notes, drawings, and augmented reality will be worthwhile.

After 48 hours, can you see who saw your Facebook highlights?

No. You are unable to see who saw your Facebook Highlights after 24 hours. After that point, the platform withholds this information.

You can create spontaneous and interesting material without fearing it will vanish too quickly because there is no viewer list after 24 or 48 hours.

Your question concerning whether you can know who saw your Facebook Highlights after 24 hours has been answered in this article.

Facebook can only trace the watching of Highlights for a certain period. The site does not provide a mechanism to track who viewed that video after the first 24 hours.


Using Facebook Stories, you can share your favorite stories with both new and existing fans and friends.

You won’t be able to see who viewed your Facebook highlights after 24 hours, though. You are unable to view this data on Facebook.

People Also Ask

Are your highlights visible to others?

Select your Highlights by clicking the circle icon at the top of your profile. Choose the Highlight that you want to examine. Swipe up on the screen to display the list of people who have viewed your Highlight. You’ll see the total number of views and a list of user names.

What does Facebook’s highlight feature do?

Using highlights, you can compile a running list of endorsements and reviews you can show off on your profile. Stories can also be used to share recent or noteworthy endorsements and reviews that you want to draw attention to.

Is watching the highlights private?

Without the poster’s knowledge, can I view Instagram Highlight Stories? Because Instagram counts the number of viewers, you cannot watch the Highlight stories secretly during the 48 hours. After that, though, the poster won’t know you watched it. There is a hack that enables anonymous Instagram Stories viewing.

How many times has my Facebook story been viewed?

But do you know how many times your Facebook story has been viewed? And can others tell if you are replaying their videos? Nope. Like Instagram stories, you have no idea who is following your story and who is simply hearing about it for the first time.

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