Beat the Heat: Man’s Ingenious Bed-Side Water Box Chillout!

Key Points:

  1. It’s hot, and people are finding creative ways, called “jugaads,” to stay cool.
  2. A man was seen in a video lying on a water-filled wooden box on his bed to cool off, not minding his wet clothes.
  3. Along with this unique idea, he also used a fan and listened to songs, making it a viral hit with 2.8 million views.
  4. Another video showed a wedding party dancing in the street while coolers attached to generators on a trolley sprayed cool air on them, another cool and unusual idea to beat the heat.
Man's Ingenious Bed-Side Water Box Chillout

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Summer is here, and with the mercury rising, it’s becoming a challenge for many to handle the extreme heat. Yet, some people are not letting the harsh sun dull their spark, coming up with inventive “jugaads,” or makeshift solutions, to stay cool.

In a video that’s been circulating on the internet, courtesy of brand_punjab, a man demonstrates an unusual technique to keep the heat at bay that’s been attracting a lot of attention. The footage shows him filling a wooden box on his bed with water and peacefully lounging in it. He stays cool by casually sprinkling water on himself and browsing his phone.

What’s fascinating is that this man seems unbothered by his thoroughly soaked clothes. He continues to relish the relief his water-filled wooden box provides from the searing heat. Adding to his cooling setup, he also has a fan for extra comfort. The laid-back vibe of this footage is perfectly complemented by the song “Baba Bhali Kare” by Gulab Sidhu and Amrit Mangwalia. This unusual cooling method has captivated 2.8 million viewers so far.

Another recent video showcases a different creative solution to surviving the summer heat. In this clip, a group of wedding attendees dance joyfully while coolers lining the streets keep them cool. These coolers are powered by generators on a trolley, providing a constant breeze for the partygoers.

This video, too, quickly drew many reactions from viewers who were impressed by this innovative approach. One viewer suggested that the partygoers could have taken it a step further by using air conditioners instead of coolers.

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