Is MacBook Screen Protector Necessary? Quick Answer

People often ask, Is a MacBook Screen Protector Necessary? No! Screen protectors are not necessary for MacBooks or iPads. They are already in a case of protection.

Apple devices appear amazing because of their lightweight and glossy design, but you must exercise caution. Otherwise, the screen of your brand-new MacBook Air or Pro could break. You might be wondering whether screen protectors are useful for Apple computers since they have been successful with the iPhone and iPad.

So, are screen protectors required for MacBooks? If you don’t want the assurance that your MacBook will be protected from serious impact, you don’t need to install a screen protector on it. If the screen is dropped or scratched, the protector will take the damage while the entire screen is unchanged.

Fortunately, the display is made specifically to endure minor scratches and minor knocks. Furthermore, there are worries that the screen protectors will degrade Mac’s slick display by interfering with it.

Is MacBook Screen Protector Necessary?

Apple advises against using screen protectors. All MacBooks have a tough glass shell that resists scratches. While screen protectors help keep your screen clean, they also lower the display’s quality and can potentially harm your MacBook if you’re not careful when putting them on or off.

Is MacBook Screen Protector Necessary

The screen protector for a laptop is a glass covering with an adhesive surface that sticks to the screen of your computer. Absorbing all of the impacts in the event of drops guards your MacBook, preventing the entire screen from breaking. You might wish to use the protection because the MacBook’s display is fragile.

A screen protector is not required for a MacBook unless you want to add an extra layer if your laptop is subject to accidents and you want to protect it from cracks, scratches, and grime. Apple claims that the glass display is a tough material that can survive any impact.

Additionally, some screen protectors have been known to interfere with display quality and increase damage during installation and removal. Therefore, whether to use one is a matter of preference, although it is suggested to pick a high-quality model that won’t damage the New MacBook Pro.

It’s possible that making Apple products elegant has drawbacks. New users will do anything to protect their MacBook screen because they are constantly worried about something happening to it. In addition, the cost of repairs is considerable, not to mention the cost of a new laptop.

You could think that obtaining protection is a small expense compared to raising huge debt. However, you should know what it entails for your MacBook Pro or Air before using a cover on the screen.

If you are extremely careful with your laptop, you might not require a screen protector. It will be necessary, nevertheless, if you frequently drop your devices due to forgetfulness or clumsiness.

Remember always to select a well-fitting alternative that suits your MacBook model, not too tiny or too big, if you feel it’s necessary to postpone replacing the screen. You can choose many online and offline solutions that best suit your needs. The benefits and drawbacks of a Mac screen protector are listed below in case you are on the fence.

Protecting The Screen

Despite the comparatively robust nature of the Mac’s screen, even the most diligent users occasionally experience mishaps. The laptop may fumble out of your hands and fall at an awkward angle, costing you money in display fractures and internal component damage.

Additionally, you can drop something on an open computer. A protector is a solid approach to getting ready for these accidents because it will help lessen the impact greatly.

Protection From Scratches And Dirt

Avoiding scratches and dust specks is important to keep your Mac display as new as possible. If you want to sell your Mac, it will still have the same brand-new screen because only the cover becomes scratched while in use. When the coating becomes worn, you can remove it to expose the crystal screen.

Preventing Fingerprint Stains

You probably use the keyboard on your laptop quite often if you use it for school or job purposes. If your hands are oily or still damp from earlier, the marks will remain on the surface of the keys and could eventually transfer to the screen when you close the MacBook and put it in a small space with other objects. A second layer can protect from such problems.

It Eliminates The Need For Repairs

Because the MacBook display is among the best on the market, replacing the screen in the event of cracks or normal wear and tear is expensive. Using a screen protector is a surefire way to prevent paying more to fix the display on an already pricey device. The extra layer will provide enough protection in the event of an accident to stop the impact from breaking the screen.

Safeguarding Your Eyes

Overusing your computer might lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS). Eye irritability and other related problems can be caused by the visuals, flickering lights, and screen brightness.

Over time, you may experience headaches, double or blurry vision, and other issues. However, you may purchase screen protectors with anti-glare features that lessen the strain from spending too much time staring at the computer screen.

A Change In Appearance

However, installing a screen protector detracts from the gleaming MacBook’s aesthetic appeal. There are unsuitable versions available that change Mac’s appearance or make it look bigger. Even if you get one that fits well, there is no assurance that the computer will continue to look fantastic and have a high-quality, well-known display.

Interference Of The Display

Apple created a display with unparalleled pixel quality for the MacBook retina. Even though you get all the minute details that substantially improve your viewing experience, protecting the screen with a layer degrades the display, especially if the movie is low-quality. By doing this, you are deprived of the MacBook’s famedly beautiful display.

Difficult Application

The difficulty in placing screen protectors appropriately is another significant concern with their installation. For the glue to adhere completely without detritus on the surface, you must have steady hands and a clean screen. Otherwise, there is a potential that bubbles will form, tarnishing the computer’s sleek appearance.

Hard To Remove

If you install a poor screen protector and later decide that you would rather have the screen exposed, you might wish to take it off. Attempting to remove the layer can damage the display due to the strong glue that adheres to the screen. Ironically, the cover you thought would protect the screen may have damaged it.

Do I Need A Screen Protector For Macbook Pro?

The sleek shape and delicate screen of the most recent MacBook Pro models indicate that they have evolved beyond the versions that came before them. Users agree that the display is one of the most appealing features of the computer and that they would go to any size to protect it.

Since the display on the most recent MacBook Pro laptops is strong enough to withstand mild impacts and scratches, you do not need a screen protector. The Mac doesn’t have a touch screen, so you can’t press the screen with your fingertips without risking scratching it. Additionally, you can prevent objects from falling on the screen and breaking it by fluttering down the top when not in use.

Screen protectors are unnecessary for MacBook Pros unless you want to reduce glare or keep the display’s clean appearance. If you are using a Mac without a retina display, your laptop must be an older model and may need a screen protector because it lacks a scratch-resistant layer. However, you won’t need the protector if you don’t touch the screen and take adequate care of it.

Is It Safe To Leave Your Screen Unprotected?

A new MacBook Pro’s setup and unpacking are momentous occasions. Your new device’s quality and craftsmanship are immediately apparent upon initial inspection.

A Mac screen protector is probably not the first thing that comes to mind as you admire your laptop’s awesomeness and genius. Of course, many MacBook Pro owners immediately begin hunting for a stylish carrying cover. Unfortunately, the stylish case won’t shield the screen.


Whether a MacBook Screen Protector Necessary or Not? It is up to you as the user to decide whether or not to get a screen protector after weighing the benefits and drawbacks. The best action is to leave the MacBook intact if you want to admire the device you finished a lot of money on and need it to keep its renowned shiny appearance. A film on display will degrade the retina’s quality of vision.

However, you must think twice and get protection if you are a cautious user or want to keep the screen as new as possible for resale purposes. It keeps debris out and assists in preventing scratching and cracking. Since every story has two sides, your needs will ultimately determine what you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scratches on the MacBook Pro screen common?

No, the MacBook Pro doesn’t mark easily, but it is advised that you install a screen protector to keep your laptop’s screen looking brand new for a long time.

Why is the screen on my Mac scratched?

Using a microfiber cloth or pressing firmly on the laptop with a closed lid can harm Mac’s screen. Set a soft cloth between the keyboard and the screen before closing the laptop to prevent the latter.

Can I use alcohol to wipe the screen on my Mac?

Yes, although it is advised against using pure alcohol on your screen, instead dilute the solution.

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