Kanye West’s School Had Electrical Problems And No Glass In Windows, Teacher Reportedly Says


  • Ex-assistant principal Isaiah Meadows sues Kanye West’s Christian academies over allegations of infrastructural issues.
  • Meadows was allegedly fired from Yeezy Christian Academy after voicing concerns about the lack of hot water, frequent septic tank overflows, and an electrical fire caused by poor wiring.
  • Allegations include broken promises by West – Meadows claimed he was left with a hefty rent bill for a Calabasas home he moved into, expecting the academy officials to cover the cost.
  • After Yeezy Christian Academy, Meadows joined its successor, Donda Academy, as a teacher’s assistant. The new school too had severe infrastructural problems including missing glass in windows, lack of electricity, and similar septic tank issues, according to Meadows.
  • The lawsuit alleges that Meadows was fired without explanation after complaining to West and another former administrator.
  • West’s lawyer, Gregory Suhr, denies the allegations, arguing that they discredit the Donda Academy’s staff, students, and parents who have had positive experiences.
  • As of now, no comment has been received from a spokesperson for West.
Kanye West’s School Had Electrical Problems And No Glass In Windows 1

In a shocking development, a lawsuit has been filed by a former employee of the Christian academies established by renowned rapper Kanye West, as per NBC News. The ex-staffer’s accusations highlight an array of alleged safety issues and strange practices at West’s now-defunct educational institutions.

Isaiah Meadows, the erstwhile assistant principal at Yeezy Christian Academy, is the individual behind the lawsuit. According to the documents filed, Meadows expressed dissatisfaction about the academy’s basic amenities, including an alleged lack of hot water, recurring issues with an overflowing septic tank, and poor electrical wiring that he says caused a fire.

His voiced concerns, however, were seemingly not well-received. Meadows claims that these concerns resulted in his suspension, followed by his eventual termination from the academy.

Additionally, Meadows claimed that West had given assurances that the academy officials would shoulder the rent of his Calabasas home. These assurances, according to Meadows, fell flat, leaving him burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent.

Following his departure from Yeezy Christian Academy, Meadows took up the role of a teacher’s assistant at its successor institution, Donda Academy. However, according to his allegations, this school was no better. Meadows reported that the campus had no glass in the windows – allegedly because of West’s personal dislike for glass. The lack of electricity and a persistently overflowing septic tank were also reported, echoing the issues of the previous campus.

As per the lawsuit, Meadows voiced his concerns to West and a former administrator at Donda Academy as well, only to be fired again without an explicit reason. There has been no immediate response from a spokesperson for West on the matter.

Countering these serious allegations, Gregory Suhr, one of West’s lawyers, presented a starkly different perspective. He stated, “None of it is true and the allegations do a disservice to the Donda Academy’s current staff and students and their parents who will attest to their positive experience.” This was contained in a filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week. The legal battle, it seems, has just begun.

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