Is Toothpaste A Good *Temporary* Thermal Paste? My Experience

I’m here to explain Is Toothpaste A Good *Temporary* Thermal Paste? Even if toothpaste doesn’t have proven heat conductivity, it might still be better than nothing. You should also take into account what the toothpaste components might do if they come into touch with your CPU.

Is Toothpaste A Good *Temporary* Thermal Paste?

It’s an alternative but not very good to use. Is there a good substitute for thermal paste? Many individuals have wondered about this over the years, especially as thermal paste’s cost and availability have increased.

Toothpaste A Good *Temporary* Thermal Paste

Thermal paste isn’t always available in big box retailers. It may not be possible to wait for deliveries for a few days. As a result, some people have begun to experiment with thermal paste substitutes that are simple, accessible, and affordable.

What Is The Best Substitute For Thermal Paste?

Application of thermal paste guidance You can browse in a few different places if you’re looking for the greatest thermal paste alternatives. The majority of these items won’t be long-term fixes.

Instead, you can use them to tide you over until you buy thermal paste. Nevertheless, we have compiled a few solutions for temporarily replacing thermal paste that is safe from harm from the internet and elsewhere.

Hazelnut Spread

You don’t have to limit your favorite hazelnut spread to toast. It can be a great option for the thermal paste. You can use hazelnut spread as a thermal paste for a few days after it’s good and thick (no more than four).

Get an even layer rather thick by applying the spread to the gadget. Cooler temps will assist; you might need to hold the piece together until the spread firms up. Remove all the hazelnut cream after you finish because it can eventually mold.

Baby Rash Cream

Diaper rash cream is another simple-to-find (and affordable!) option in place of thermal paste. You can buy any lotion to treat diaper rash. A cream containing zinc oxide, one of the components in thermal paste, would be beneficial, so you are already halfway there. Before properly applying it, thoroughly clean your surface with alcohol to provide the greatest effects.

One of the solutions with a longer shelf life is diaper rash cream, which lasts for 5–6 months without any issues.

Vaseline With Aluminum Powder

We also frequently find aluminum powder and Vaseline as alternatives. This combination must be blended carefully for at least ten minutes, if not more. For the best effects, everything must be blended in an emulsion.

Aluminum powder is available for purchase or can be created by sanding down a piece of aluminum. Not a lot will be required to get enough paste. Mix vaseline and aluminum in equal parts, then add some extra aluminum powder.

Mustard Or Ketchup

Ketchup or mustard create decent thermal pastes for a very short period, and you probably have some in your refrigerator right now. These are very nice solutions if you only need something that will last a few days, but you will need to keep reapplying to the surfaces.


Butter has been suggested as a thermal paste by some because it is effective at removing air bubbles. But butter does begin to melt nearly instantly. The oils dripping inside your tower would make it a poor choice.

Spreadable Cheese 

On the internet, there are reports that cheese spreads, American cheese, or even yellow cheese, can be used as thermal paste. These do fill the space, but because they also include air bubbles that no amount of whipping will be able to remove, they are not always effective at removing air bubbles. The cheese will eventually melt, creating a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Use cheese only as a last resort.


A banana is another choice that seems to be popular. The problem is that a banana alone can’t be made smooth enough to eliminate all of the little air bubbles, so it’s not a very good solution. However, if you are prepared to spend the time to mix aluminum powder and a banana thoroughly, it might be a workable alternative.

Adhesives For Teeth

This is a practical choice that will probably be around for a while. You will need to move quickly, though. This substance dries even more quickly than standard thermal paste, so there is no room for error.

Hair Creams Or Gels

In theory, hair creams and gels are good thermal paste alternatives. They are easy to get, safe, and pretty sticky so they may seem like a good idea at first. However, they will start to break down as soon as they get a little warm to make a very lasting option.

Hair Wax

Wax for hair removal is an outstanding alternative. This maintains its shape well and doesn’t melt until it reaches extremely high temperatures. Starting with the hard wax balls, slightly melt them, and then mold them into the desired shape. This will serve you well for a few weeks, but ultimately you will need to replace it.

Moisturizing Cream

Others wish to apply a moisturizing cream, but it will degrade as soon as it comes into contact with heat. Avoid using anything that might include oils or scents because they can corrode the metal.


Some individuals advise substituting beeswax for thermal paste. This may function for a few days, but beeswax becomes quite crumbly, so you must be cautious to prevent the wax from disintegrating. It is a reasonable choice if you can keep it contained. Just make sure you obtain pure beeswax and not something that only has beeswax in it.

Wax Sealing

The wax used for sealing letters and other crafts is an additional choice. Since this sealing wax is thin, it would take numerous applications to get the desired effect. If possible, use a sealing wax with moderate pigmentation so as not to stain your tools.

Last Words

That’s everything about Is Toothpaste A Good *Temporary* Thermal Paste? Using toothpaste as the thermal paste is one of the more well-liked solutions. The majority of us have this simple-to-find item.

Even the old toothpaste you would normally throw away can be used this way. Even in hotter situations, it will degrade after only a few days. Using the techniques, you can extend the conductivity of toothpaste and Vaseline for a few weeks.

Combine around eight toothpaste parts with two vaseline to form a thermal paste that will last longer. Then, combine incredibly well for at least five minutes in a refrigerated bowl. Vaseline contains grease that can assist stop breakdown and dry out. Using a syringe to apply this mixture is the ideal method.

The best syringes are ones used to provide medicine to infants since they have a less-fine points. Use cotton wool and 90% alcohol to clean toothpaste from your CPU or other electronic devices; this will erase any stains that may occasionally result from using toothpaste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a temporary thermal paste out of toothpaste?

However, given how rapidly it hardened, toothpaste is probably only useful for a few days in an emergency. If you decide to use it, be careful not to apply too much because any that gets near the CPU socket would fry your motherboard because it is probably conductive.

What is a suitable temporary thermal paste?

Hair wax and toothpaste were the finest options because they displayed a moderately low temperature without drying up and splitting. Think about using toothpaste or hair wax when everything else fails, and you need to squeeze in a few extra hours of work due to impatience or a pressing deadline.

What happens when toothpaste is heated?

The bottle’s plastic immediately melts, but the toothpaste only burns. The toothpaste is nice and mostly holds its shape when you squirt it onto the pan. Given that water breaks down toothpaste when used to brush, it may surprise some that heat has minimal effect on the formulation.

Can my computer function without thermal paste?

Your entire system will overheat if you don’t apply thermal paste because it will produce more heat than it is built to handle. The CPU is one of the most vital parts of your computer, so it is best to apply appropriate thermal paste to it.

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