Is It Worth Replacing The iPad Battery? Full Guide

Instead of buying a brand-new smartphone, it makes much more sense to replace the battery and extend the life of the current one. Therefore, it is worthwhile if your iPad needs an iPad battery replacement in Bangalore even though it is operating flawlessly. This blog will wrap all the information you require on whether Is It Worth Replacing The iPad Battery?

One of the most well-liked items in the Apple catalog is the iPad. If you take care of it and don’t treat it roughly, the ordinary iPad should last several years and perform flawlessly. You will eventually have some battery problems, though. This is because all batteries are consumable and will eventually become less effective. You might require to replace the battery in this situation.

Is It Worth Replacing The iPad Battery?

High-capacity batteries included with iPads have a lengthy lifespan of 4 to 5 years before needing to be replaced. There are signals of wear and tear, such as if your battery is depleting more quickly and your iPad requires more time to charge.

These are all signs that your iPad’s battery needs to be placed because it is getting worse. Please continue reading to find out if it’s worthwhile to replace an iPad battery.

Worth Replacing The iPad Battery

An iPad battery replacement is worthwhile. Your iPad will last three to four years after reset to full battery health. Out of warranty, replacing an iPhone battery costs $99, far less than purchasing a new iPad.

You should replace the battery on your iPad if it has been acting up recently. Normally, iPadOS continues to support them for an additional 4–5 years. Thus, if you purchased an iPad in 2020, it would receive updates through 2025. The updates last longer, the more powerful the device is, though.

I’ve outlined the benefits already. If you still need persuading, continue reading to learn whether you should replace the battery in your iPad, which replacement is ideal for your model, and how much it would cost.

Should I Replace My iPad Battery?

After two to three years, iPad batteries begin to degrade. After that, changing the battery is a smart idea if your iPad is having issues. Out of warranty, a battery replacement only costs $99, which is far less than purchasing a new iPad.

However, assessing the battery’s condition is crucial before replacing the one on your iPad. Your battery is not the only factor that could result in a drop in your iPad’s performance.

  1. Select Battery under Settings.
  2. Battery Health can be tapped.
  3. You can notice what your battery’s “Maximum Capacity” is. It’s a gauge of your battery’s capacity compared to when it was brand-new.
  4. The battery’s “Peak Performance Capacity” is shown below that.

A brand-new iPad battery has a percentage of 100 percent. Replace your battery with a health rating of 60 percent or less. Depending on your iPad model, you must decide whether to acquire a new iPad or a replacement battery.

You should exchange your old iPad with a newer one if it is older. For a limited period, Apple has only supported an older iPad. You could get a newer iPad for less money if you traded in your old one at the Apple Store.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery Of An iPad?

The replacement battery is free if your iPad is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or an AppleCare extended warranty. An iPad battery replacement would cost you $99 plus $6.95 for shipping and taxes if you didn’t have an Apple guarantee.

The best thing about an iPad warranty is that Apple will replace the battery at no cost to you. No hidden fees of any kind! However, if you don’t have a warranty, you can replace the battery in your iPad for just $99, which is a fantastic deal given that you would get an additional 2 to 3 years of reliable battery life.

You should be aware that Apple’s Limited Warranty does not cover batteries that deteriorate from regular use. You will need to use Apple’s out-of-warranty services in this situation, which will cost you money for repairs. However, AppleCare+ covers these battery problems for your iPad and Apple Pencil without modifications.

Battery problems within the Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, and consumer legislation are fixed free of charge. Apple also checks the battery to establish whether your iPad has a power or battery problem.

Does Your iPad Have A Warranty Left?

If your iPad is still covered by warranty, it streamlines the procedure considerably; if the battery gives you problems, you should have it changed. If you have Apple Care+, you are covered for two years after the date of purchase.

If the manufacturer’s standard warranty still covers your tablet, Apple will either replace the battery with a new one or give you a new iPad. However, how can you find out if a warranty still covers your iPad? The following steps:

  • Start the Settings app on your iPad and turn it on.
  • Go to General > About iPad in the menu.
  • You should be able to retrieve all the device’s information here, including the model and serial number. Your Warranty information ought to be included underneath these particulars.
  • As your iPad verifies warranty coverage online, it may take a few seconds for this to refresh, so be sure you’re connected to WiFi.

Head to Apple’s website and submit a repair request if your device is still under the standard warranty or Apple Care+ coverage.

After that, you can send your iPad to Apple for inspection and repair by following the on-screen instructions, providing your information, and sending it in through the mail. As soon as the battery changes, you will receive a replacement or the repaired item. When the service request is submitted, a reasonable timeline will be given.

If Your Apple Warranty Has Expired

You can request a repair on the Apple website if your Apple warranty has expired and you want to have the iPad battery replaced. The only difference is that you will be responsible for the replacement battery’s cost and shipping and handling fees, which should cost you no more than $106 to $110, tops. After that, you can ship your iPad to be repaired and receive it back with a fresh battery.

Here, we advise you to give buying a new iPad another thought. This is because if you pay $100 and it’s in bad shape, your iPad may perish soon after. The iPad 10.2-inch, which debuted in 2020, costs about $329, but we’re confident you can find lower iPad prices on Amazon. Additionally, you can contrast this with better models; we have a good feeling that some of them will pique your interest.

To Conclude

So, does Is It Worth Replacing The iPad Battery? As you can see, everything depends on how well-maintained your iPad is. You should consider purchasing a new battery if you believe it still has a few excellent years left. Nevertheless, it could be time to look for a newer model if it starts to slow down. Please note in the remarks section below if you have any queries about either older or newer iPads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does replacing the battery in an outdated iPad make sense?

It depends on the iPad’s age, if it continues to receive software upgrades from Apple, and whether it has any other problems other than battery problems. If your iPad is less than three years old and in good condition, you might consider changing the battery.

What does it cost to replace the battery in an iPad?

If your iPad is still covered by warranty, you won’t have to pay anything to replace the battery. However, if your iPad is out of warranty, sending it to Apple for repair and return will set you back between $100 and $110.

How long does the battery on an iPad last?

The iPad battery’s ideal lifespan is between 5 and 7 years. However, after 4 to 5 years, battery problems are not unheard of.

How frequently should I get a new iPad?

The rate of change is quick; to stay up with the security features, memory requirements, and processing speeds required to operate all products, including Sales Builder Pro, efficiently, we advise replacing tablets every three years. Protocols for internet security are likewise constantly changing.

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