How To Tell If A Landlord Is Stealing Electricity?

Do you know How To Tell If A Landlord Is Stealing Electricity? If your power bill has unexpectedly increased, you’ve probably been a victim of electricity theft. If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

According to the Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation, billions of dollars worth of electricity is stolen every year.

To be safe, keep a tight eye on your electric account and check for signs of tampering at your meter and pole. Report any abnormalities to your power company right away.

Tell If A Landlord Is Stealing Electricity

How To Tell If A Landlord Is Stealing Electricity?

What makes you think your landlord is robbing you of your power? Do you own a single-family property that has been divided into apartments, each with its meter? Is one or more of your meter’s breakers sending electricity to the upper flat, or do you suspect anything else?

I believe you could turn off all the lights in your flat, including the refrigerator, and check the meter. Something is probably wrong if it is turning. Start by contacting the utility company.

What To Do If The Landlord Is Stealing Electricity?

Look For A Cord

Some energy thieves are cunning, and they find sneaky ways to take your power. Others, though, are not.

Some electrical thieves connect an extension cable into one of your outside power outlets and run the cord over to their home, even though it’s flagrant and visible.

Some people try to bury or hide the cable, while others don’t. Look around your house for any plugs that don’t belong to you. Follow the cord if you find one and see where it leads.

Check Your Bill

Seasonal fluctuations are certain to affect your electric bill. For example, turning on the air conditioner can generate a jump.

If you’ve been using an electric oven to create large family feasts, you could notice an uptick during the holidays.

Most people’s electric bills, on the other hand, are pretty consistent, and rises are straightforward to explain.

Your neighbors may have started to help themselves to your power if you notice a sudden increase in your bill and can’t figure out why.

Examine The Meter And Pole

You should not interfere with your electric meter or climb the pole that supplies your house for safety concerns. It is, nonetheless, a good idea to review them from time to time.

Cut seals around the meter, a meter hanging sideways or upside down, and insecure lids or dial covers are all signs of meter tampering.

Meters are closed by power providers using a colorful tag attached to the bottom of the meter.

A missing or clipped tag could also indicate meter tampering. Electricity is sometimes stolen just at the pole. Stand next to the pole and evaluate it visually.

Something is wrong when there are jumper cables and hanging wires.

Your pole should blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. If something appears to be incorrect, it most often is.

Watch Your Meter

The dial on the meter outside your house steadily turns as you use electricity.

Your refrigerator and other household equipment drain electricity even after your lights, computers, and other gadgets are turned off.

Turn off the primary circuit breaker to your house or flat to ensure you’re the only one using electricity.

Your electric meter should stop moving once you’ve done this. Someone could be taking your electricity if it keeps spinning.

What To Do?

Do not attempt to repair any problems you may encounter because your electric meter is between 120 and 240 volts.

Contact your local electric provider for assistance if you feel someone has interfered with your meter or is otherwise stealing your electricity.

Theft of electricity is a felony, and those who commit it face legal consequences.

The electric company can assist you in determining if your electricity is being stolen or if there is a leak or fault in your system.

They will investigate and apprehend the thief if stealing is a problem.

Signs That Someone Might Be Stealing Your Electricity in UK or anywhere?

Electricity theft is a surprisingly common issue, and it’s essential to be vigilant to ensure you’re not footing someone else’s bill. Here are some signs to watch out for:

1. Unusual Electric Bills:

If your electric bill suddenly spikes without any apparent reason, it might be a sign of theft. Compare your current bill to past ones to see any discrepancies.

2. Suspicious Power Cords:

Take a walk around your property. If you notice any unfamiliar extension cords plugged into your outdoor outlets, it’s a red flag. Some thieves might even try to bury or hide these cords.

3. Meter Tampering:

Regularly inspect your electric meter. Signs of tampering can include cut seals, a meter positioned sideways, or insecure lids. If you notice a missing or cut tag, it might indicate tampering.

4. Oddities at the Pole:

Sometimes, electricity theft can occur right at the source. Look for any hanging wires or jumper cables around the pole. If something seems out of place, it probably is.

5. Continuous Meter Movement:

Your electric meter should stop moving when you turn off the main circuit breaker. If it keeps spinning, it’s a potential sign of theft.

If you suspect someone is stealing your electricity, it’s crucial to act promptly. Contact your local electric company for assistance. Remember, stealing electricity is a crime, and those responsible can be prosecuted.


Do you learn How To Tell If A Landlord Is Stealing Electricity? You can sue the landlord if you have documentation from a licensed professional (Electrical Engineer) who is prepared to testify.

Theft of electricity is a federal offense punishable by a $25,000 fine and ten years in jail.

Make preparations to relocate. He cannot be trusted if he will take from you. He could also have hidden cameras in your bathroom and bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my power be taken from me?

Someone must hack into your system to steal electricity, most usually between your electric meter and the point where your main electrical cables enter your home. Under no circumstances should you touch the wire; instead, visually inspect the wire between your meter and your home.

Is it possible to go to jail in the UK for stealing electricity?

A punishment of up to £2,000 might be imposed if you are found guilty of energy theft. Those caught stealing electricity, especially repeat offenders, might face a five-year prison sentence.

Is it lawful to steal energy?

Theft of energy is both harmful and unlawful. Stealing power and natural gas is not only dangerous but also illegal. It is prohibited to disconnect or tamper with electric or natural gas service.

How can you know if your electricity is being used?

Examine the wire that connects your meter to your home (but don’t touch it!). It may be tampered with if you see anything unusual, such as extra wires or connector clips. Keep an eye out for any wires that connect your house to your neighbor’s. Your meter has been damaged.

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