How To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook? 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for How To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook? When people wake up in the morning, standing in line at the grocery store, or even waiting to pick up their children from school?

If so, the solution is straightforward: you must create Facebook advertising. And when you do, they must be specially tailored to this group.

In this method, you may utilize Facebook ads to reach the Spanish-speaking population in your area effectively.

You might be thinking, “How do I make Facebook ads that appeal to Spanish-speaking users and turn them into clients when they require legal assistance?” This is the reason we created this manual. Learn more by reading on.

How To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook?

Here are five strategies to sell to Hispanics while promoting local and national products on Facebook.

How To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook

Hispanic Affinity

Facebook created a method to connect with an audience with Hispanic affinity in the US a few years ago.

According to what they say, Hispanics are the most mobile and socially engaged demographic in the United States and prefer to communicate in their native tongue.

It is not intended to detect Hispanic people ethnically using the affinity option.

Instead, it determines which individuals are likely to be interested in or respond favorably to Hispanic content based on their Facebook usage and the content they share.


You can now choose “Bilingual” as a language option when choosing your audience’s language in addition to English or Spanish. Excelente! Now, you can target not only English- and Spanish-speaking audiences but also those who commonly use Spanglish in their posts.

Interests, Activities, Pages

The more you understand your target, the easier it is to select from the wide range of interests Facebook Ads Manager offers.

There are so many editorials for Latinos, and we all have our favorite magazines or publications!

You may, for instance, target Latinos who enjoy People En Espanol or Buzzfeed Latino.

Even audiences that appreciate exquisite Mexican carne asada or have particular musical inclinations, such as salsa music (of course!) or even Bachata enthusiasts, can be reached.

Education, Employment, Household & Lifestyle

Demographics are still the most effective strategy to target advertisements.

Additionally, these adverts will be based on the potential customer’s wealth or possible political sympathies when employing demographics to target audiences.

Or even if they have recently married, are parents, or are single. Do they hold a high school diploma or a master’s degree? These factors are frequently discovered in your campaign’s marketing target or segment information or the online personas of your target audience.

For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled the top professions and vocations for Hispanics in the United States.

On Facebook, you may target people based on their industry.

Therefore, if you want to advertise your business and products to markets that appeal particularly to Hispanics, you can choose “Construction and Extraction” in the Facebook Ads Manager for more precise targeting because more than 25% of the workforce in this sector is Hispanic.

Furthermore, according to market research, 14.8% of Hispanics and 34.2% of non-Hispanic whites have a bachelor’s degree or above.

As a marketer, you should target customers with a “High School diploma” in the Education targeting choices of the Facebook Ads Manager to increase your chances of connecting with Hispanics, who comprise 66% of the population.


Yes! If you only want to target one area, you can spend some of your money on a national campaign.

Additionally, some of our clients only prefer to spend their advertising dollars in places like Texas, Florida, California, or other states with big Hispanic populations.

This approach is wise, and we advise using an online mapping tool to determine which regions of the nation have the highest Hispanic population densities, such as the interactive New York Times Census map.

Tips To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook

Tips To Target Hispanic Market On Facebook

Do Separate Campaigns/Ads Groups Targeting Hispanics?

However, the temptation to use Facebook to request that “make this campaign available in multiple languages” be avoided.

Facebook’s Spanish translation could be better, and they frequently make mistakes. It is preferable to create an entirely separate Spanish-language ad group or campaign.

Remember To Target The Spanish Language Only

You will see Spanish adverts to English speakers if you choose something other than Spanish-specific targeting.

The flip side of this same coin is that you should always remember to target native English speakers with your English campaigns.

Additionally, when selecting Spanish, Facebook offers three different dialects, one from Spain. Suppose you’re advertising in the United States.

In that case, you should choose all three Spanish options rather than just Spanish from Spain because most Americans who identify as Hispanic are Latino, not Spanish.

Be Careful With Stereotypes In Your Images Or Text

Avoid using prevalent expressions or stereotypes that explicitly categorize or label Hispanics in any way, especially if unfavorable. Consider Speedy Gonzales as a poor illustration of this.

Since Latinos are a diverse group, with many having spent generations in their current nation, they may feel they need to be more adequately represented by that, and they are unlikely to find it humorous either.

Get A Native Speaker To Write Your Copy

Have you ever noticed an advertisement’s “oh, that’s so poorly written” moment? Because so many English speakers try to write in Spanish, that happens to Hispanics more frequently than you imagine.

Hire a native Speaker to create the copy or to translate it if you’re attempting to engage with or communicate with a segment of the Hispanic population.

For the location you wish to target, it is preferable to have a native Spanish speaker because, for instance, the Hispanic slang in Texas and Florida differs.

Reply To The Comments In Spanish

Anyone who wrote your copy must stick with it because any successful Facebook campaign will generate likes and comments.

To encourage additional participation and brand conversations, the Hispanic speaker must continue to respond to these remarks and like them.


You could be thinking, “But what do I do now?” Take me there! A mixture of the many targeting hispanic market on Facebook possibilities.

The best results will come from targeting more niche populations. Additionally, be sure to A/B test and contrast the outcomes of various advertising targets.

I urge you to make the most of all your research regarding marketing to Hispanics and to use this knowledge in your advertising strategies. If you need assistance, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you target demographics on Facebook?

Age, geography, and gender are the three most fundamental demographic targeting criteria. Then there is Detailed Targeting, which considers factors like education level, marital status, financial situation, whether or not they are parents, etc.

Can you geographically target Facebook ads?

With Facebook’s location targeting, you may target users based on their city, region, or country of residence. By narrowing down your audience, you can target your adverts to those traveling through or who have recently visited a particular location.

What are Facebook’s three targeting options?

Try Shopify for free and learn about all the resources available to launch, manage, and expand your company. The three primary targeting options on Facebook are Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. We provide an explanation and some Facebook ad targeting suggestions below for each.

Why is my Facebook ad not reaching anyone?

Your Facebook advertising’ limited reach is typically caused by one (or a combination of) of the following five factors: Your advertising budget needs to be bigger. You need a narrow audience. Your intended audience felt that you were off-target.

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