How To Slow Down Digital Electric Meter With Magnet?

Thousands of individuals ask this question every day without considering the ramifications of doing so to save money on their power bills. I’ll tell you How To Slow Down Digital Electric Meter With Magnet? If it’s safe, and what to do if not.

Guide On How To Slow Down Digital Electric Meter With Magnet?

Lower the value of the SMD resistor that is linked in parallel to the current coil inside the meter. Replace the 15-ohm resistor with a 5-ohm resistor if the factory resistance is 15 ohms. Your troops will be significantly reduced. However, you must first open the meter. This is the sole technological technique to slow down the units on a digital electronic meter.

Slow Down Digital Electric Meter With Magnet

Can Magnet Help You Save Money On Your Electric Bill?

When used with certain types of meters, placing a magnet near the meter in a specific position for a long-time during consumption hours will counteract the meter’s function and cause it to record more minor than the original consumption.

In other words, you continue to use the same amount of electricity, but you cause the meter to malfunction, preventing it from accurately recording all of your usage. This is considered theft, and it is prohibited.

How Can You Use A Magnet To Stop An Electric Meter?

If the meter is mechanically driven and has a revolving disk that turns at a speed related to the consumption, you can stop it using a powerful magnet placed at some spot attached to the meter. When you place a magnet so that it slows or even stops the disk, the dials that show the value of consumption in kWh will not move, and the meter will stop recording the actual energy use.

However, if it is put incorrectly, it may cause the disk to travel quicker and register a higher value than the actual usage. Be aware that the magnet must be significant, and thus heavy, and must be permanently attached to the meter enclosure to stop or slow down the disk to the point where the electric bill is reduced.

Which could result in serious legal consequences if discovered by the utility company. This only works with traditional electricity meters that record consumption using a disk mechanism.

How Can You Use A Magnet To Stop A Digital Electric Meter?

A digital electric meter cannot be stopped with a magnet since it does not have a spinning element that moves with magnetic fields like older meters. The intelligent digital meters are built in such a way that they cannot be hacked with magnets or any other method, and you may be caught quickly due to a signal that some meters can have sent to the company when the consumer is attempting to manipulate them, which can result in legal consequences and hefty fines.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Magnets To Save Money On Electricity?

Because utilizing a magnet to lower your energy bill means you’re still using the same amount of energy as usual but reporting to the utility more minor than the actual amount because you tampered with the meter’s functionality.

First and foremost, this is unethical, and you should not do it even if you believe you will not get caught. Add to it that attempting to halt or slow the meter using such methods is illegal. Suppose someone reports you or a utility employee comes in to take the monthly reading and notices the large magnets (that must be attached to the meter’s enclosure).

In that case, they will immediately report this theft to the company. It may result in the company cutting off your electricity supply, filing a case, and requesting that you pay a hefty fine, depending on your country.


There are legal ways to slow down or stop the electricity meter from going up every month. Also, you can reduce your electric bill by putting up solar panels or small wind turbines. During the day, they can produce more electricity than you need, and you can give the extra to the utility.

You can get the electricity you need from the utility at night, and the meter will keep track of both amounts. That’s the right way to lower your electricity bill. It would help if you didn’t use a magnet to stop or slow down the meter.

I hope my article helped and taught you something. If you still have questions about How To Slow Down Digital Electric Meter With Magnet? Please ask them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a magnet to slow down an electric meter?

Internet videos show how to use a magnet to slow down a meter’s unrelenting march. According to tamperers, strategically positioned magnets can slow the spinning metal wheel in old-style analog meters that gauges usage. Experts claim that magnets do not affect new digital smart meters.

Is it possible to hack intelligent meters?

The Smart Meter Wide Area Network, exclusive to intelligent meters, connects your smart meter and IHD in a private, closed system. This uses radio waves in the same manner as other wireless systems, such as automobile remote keys or televisions.

What is the best way to go around my digital electric meter?

The most straightforward method is to connect to power cables before the electricity meter, but thieves might skip the meter entirely. More complex strategies try to lower the amount of consumption recorded by changing the meter’s connections or messing with the meter’s operation.

Is it possible to save money by using a capacitor?

The correct answer is that capacitors and power factor correction devices cannot be used to minimize our electricity bills. This answer is correct only for home or household use, although industrial use of capacitors or power factor correction equipment can cut electricity bills.

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