How To See Someones First Tweet?

Have you forgotten what your first tweet was? Or How To See Someones First Tweet? “Hello world!” or “Is this thing on?” or “I finally joined Twitter, am I doing it right” or “Twitter sucks,” but you’ll have to go into your archives to find out for sure.

Unfortunately, Twitter only shows your most recent 3200 tweets in your timeline, which won’t suffice if you’re anything like me (I’ve been on Twitter since May 2009 and have far over 40,000 tweets).

Here are the two most straightforward ways to locate your earliest tweets, including your first. (I promise this work; many of the ways and tools listed in Google results don’t.) Are you having trouble finding that fantastic joke you posted last year? Are you concerned that any of your older tweets may contain incorrect information? Do you think retweeting a tweet you sent a long time ago will do well today?

Then you’ve arrived at the perfect spot! This post will show you how to search previous tweets (and find the ones you’re looking for) without scrolling through your feed for hours. We’ll go over some of the most popular ways for retrieving previous tweets and what to do when an advanced search isn’t enough, and you want to erase everything.

See Someones First Tweet

Guide On How To See Someones First Tweet?

It’ll be fascinating to learn how you got started with the platform. This article will show you how to locate any Twitter user’s initial tweet, including yourself. To find the person’s initial tweet, we’ll need their Twitter account. For example, I will look for Shakira’s very first tweet.

If you don’t know her Twitter username, search for ‘Shakira Twitter’ on Google. At the top of the page, Google will display links to Shakira’s Twitter account. To see her profile, click on the handle. Take note of the account owner’s username, which appears next to the profile name. In our case, it’s @Shakira.

The account creation date will be displayed in the bio section of every Twitter profile. Check to see whether Shakira has joined Twitter. It is the month of June 2009. Her first tweet is expected to be sent during that time frame, most likely in June or July 2009.

Go to Twitter’s advanced search and type in “Twitter” in the search box. In the From these accounts text field, type the username. Enter your username without the @symbol if you want to view your first tweet.

Set a time limit for your search of tweets. Enter the ‘from and to dates’ based on the month the account was created. I look for tweets sent by Shakira between June 1 and June 15, 2009. Select the Search option.

The tweets, as well as the date and time stamps, will be delivered via Twitter. Shakira was the first to tweet on June 12, 2009. On the same day, she wrote many updates, and we should know which one was her first.

However, one tweet plainly shows that it comes after another. Another way to verify their seniority is to use a timestamp. Check the timing of each tweet to see which was sent first if there are numerous tweets on the same date.

How To Find Your First Tweet?

Trackmyhashtag, for example, is a Twitter tracking tool. It can assist you in retrieving previous Tweets using any hashtag, term, account, or public user. It includes an Excel file containing Tweets data and a shared analytics dashboard with a variety of relevant indicators.

Nothing is required of you; browse the website and navigate to the “Historical data” page. Click ‘Submit’ after filling out the request form with the relevant information. After a while, Trackmyhashtag will send you an email with a sample Tweets report and other information. For more help, you’ll need to cooperate with email support. You can utilize the “Twitter advanced search” technique.

  • Go to your Twitter account and sign in.
  • Your search query is entered into the search bar.
  • Click the ‘Advanced search’ option on the ‘Search Filters’ box in the upper right corner once the search results have loaded on a new page.
  • You can put up options linked to your query in the ‘Advanced Search’ option.


  • Because Twitter’s First Tweet website is no longer active, you’ll need to take extra steps to find your first tweet.
  • Look at your Twitter profile to see when you first started using the service.
  • To retrieve your initial tweets, use Twitter’s advanced search to enter your Twitter account and a date range (say from the month you joined to three months later?).
  • Use the horizontal navigation to modify the sort order of the search results from Top to Latest. The initial search results for my pal of Anderson are listed below.
  • To get your first tweet, scroll down to the bottom of the search results.

Why Is Twitter Search So Awful?

The current Twitter search index does not include any historical data (i.e., searching for tweets from two months ago is *impossible* because they aren’t in the index).

It is not technically impossible to search through more data, but over the 25+ billion archival tweets while handling tens of thousands of queries per second is a *significant* operational burden for a company on a tight budget.

Results from the previous week satisfy an extraordinarily high percentage of search queries. Establishing an infrastructure to accommodate archival search has not previously been a priority (note that the Search team 12 months ago was roughly three people). Many people (including myself!) would like to search further back, but “many” is still a tiny percentage of the user base.

A Twitter account with the same name as mine is being used. I’m not sure how I’m going to get this off Twitter. If they’re impersonating you, you should report them for impersonation because it’s against Twitter’s rules, and the account could be suspended.

If they’re merely using your name, you should be aware that some people around the globe may have the same name as you, in which case they’re not using your name but theirs. Because it’s impossible to have the same username on two different Twitter accounts, I’m not addressing it.

How Can I Easily Find Someone’s Old Tweet On Twitter Without Having To Scroll?

According to several Twitter experts, you can search historical Tweets of terms, phrases, Twitter handles, and hashtags with a specific date range using Twitter advanced search; however, this technique can only search and discover the old Tweet; it cannot extract. In this case, I utilize Trackmyhashtag, a Twitter management application that allows you to instantly find historical tweets from any public user account without scrolling.

It’s a fantastic tool that can get and display previous Tweets from a specific hashtag for any period. The program offers raw tweet data reports in Excel or CSV format, complete with metadata and a shareable analytics dashboard with numerous helpful insights.


This is How To See Someones First Tweet? You can make use of Twitter’s sophisticated search feature. This allows you to quickly find specific historical Tweets by using precise filters or keywords connected to your brand.

Advanced search can only find and search old Tweets; it cannot extract them. You can use any Twitter management application, such as Trackmyhashtag, to extract old Tweets data. It’s a Twitter analytics tool that can retrieve past Tweets or historical Twitter data for any hashtag, term, or account from 2006 onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to view the most recent tweets first?

Go to or click on “Advanced search” on the right to get started. And under “Accounts,” put your username in the “From these accounts” field. Then, under the “Latest” tab, you’ll see all of your tweets from this period.

Is it possible to look for someone’s tweets by date?

Go to Twitter’s advanced search page first. On the web-based version of Twitter, this will appear as a popover window. You can add a date range to your search by scrolling down to the bottom of the popover window. You can provide a range of dates or a single date.

On Twitter, how do you get to the first post?

When you click “Search,” you’ll see a timeline of all the tweets you’ve made throughout the time frame you defined in this step. Scroll down the timeline to identify your oldest, and hence first, tweet.

Why can’t I read tweets from before a specific date?

Because of indexing capacity limitations, tweets older than a week may not appear in timelines or search results. Old Tweets are never deleted, although they may not always be visible.

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