How To Read A Sensus Digital Water Meter? 7 Easy Steps

Many people use Sensus smart water meters to track water usage in homes and businesses. You can monitor your water usage, find leaks, and make wise conservation decisions by learning how to read these meters. In this article, I will give you a thorough, step-by-step explanation of How To Read A Sensus Digital Water Meter? So that you have the data you need to control your water usage!

How To Read A Sensus Digital Water Meter?

Read A Sensus Digital Water Meter

Step 1: Locate The Sensus Digital Water Meter

Find the Sensus digital water meter first. It is normally inside or outside your property, close to the main water supply line. Look for a gadget resembling a little box with a digital display with a list of numbers.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself With The Display

Once you’ve found the meter, take some time to comprehend what the digital display means. Typically, the display is divided into several areas, including a preliminary reading, an overall total consumption, and maybe additional data like flow rate or error codes. The main readout is the primary focus for keeping track of your water usage.

Step 3: Identify The Main Reading

The primary readout on the Sensus digital water meter indicates the current water use. Usually, it appears as a list of numbers, frequently with decimal points. Ensure you know the unit is used because some meters may have separate cubic feet and gallons numbers.

Step 4: Note Down The Initial Reading

Recording the initial measurement on the meter is a good place to initiate if you want to monitor your water usage effectively. Future comparisons will use this as a point of comparison. Note the numbers as well as the decimal places.

Step 5: Monitor The Consumption

Watch how the main reading on the digital water meter changes over a specified period. Keep track of any changes or rises in the figures, representing the volume of water drunk. Regular monitoring makes it easier to spot potential leaks or strange consumption trends.

Step 6: Calculate Water Consumption

Subtract the starting reading (noted in Step 4) from the current reading to determine your water consumption. The difference reflects how much water was consumed throughout the observation time. Remember to change the computation for the unit of measurement (gallons or cubic feet).

Step 7: Additional Display Information

On their displays, some Sensus digital water meters may offer further information. This might include the flow rate, which shows how quickly water moves through the meter, or error codes, which aid in problem diagnosis. For a further explanation of these added features, consult the meter’s user manual.

Best Sensus Digital Water Meter

The top of the digital display has a Sensus iPerl meter with 9 digits and bars. In 100 cubic feet, just the first four numbers from the far left will be read and encoded. The ninth number, which is on the far right, can also be watched for leaks.

Best Sensus Digital Water Meter

How To Read A Sensus Water Meter Gallons?

It may not be necessary to learn how to read a Sensus water meter to succeed academically, but at least it can provide you with the following advantages:

  • You’ll become conscious of how much water you’ve consumed.
  • You can reduce water costs and save money given how much you have used it.
  • Although it doesn’t directly affect your finances, you might also reduce costs like gas or electricity payments.
  • Finally, keeping track of your water meter measurements will help you discover leaks early on.
How To Read A Sensus Water Meter Gallons

It’s akin to reading your odometer to read your water meter. A water meter includes numbers inside to track the amount of water entering your house. These figures are used monthly to calculate how much you will need to pay in bills.

Let’s go on to the major subject now. How should a Sensus water meter be read? Take advantage of a Sensus iPERL water meter, for example. The manual reading of a Sensus water meter can then be done as described below:

  • The decimal number and nine other digits will be shown on the display.
  • The reading will normally calculate your monthly consumption using the first 7 figures.
  • Keep in mind that the measurement is given in Gal, which stands for “gallons.”
  • Your reading of 0001198.2 can be translated into 1,198 gallons, for instance. Most of the time, the decimal point is ignored.

On the display of your Sensus Digital water meter, you can see information in addition to the water meter itself. Here is an explanation of those items:

  • There are 9 digits displayed in addition to the units used. It depends on your region whether to use gallons or cubic feet. While the majority uses cubic feet, certain regions utilize gallons. It remails bills, no matter what it is.
  • There are also indicators for the flow direction, an empty pipe, and battery life. While the battery life indicator’s name explains a lot, other signs of major leaks include the flow direction and empty pipe indicators. A circle contains a plus sign (+), which appears if water passes through the meter.

As previously noted, the reading might begin with the first set of digits without any zeros. Despite the unit difference, certain regions may still use the earlier method to read the measurement.

How To Read A Sensus Analog Water Meter?

Some Sensus water meters remain analog and have a digital water meters. It’s not easy; either process of reading a water meter, whether analog or other, is the same for both.

You should first be aware of the unit of measurement used for the reading—is it in cubic feet or gallons? Knowing this in advance can help you estimate the cost of the reading. The numbers on the display can then be used to read the meter.

As a conclusion to this explanation of “how to read a Sensus water meter,” you should be aware that analog water meters often have white and black numbers boxes. Some others might also have a circular meter. All that sum up the thousands, hundreds, tens, and even single water units you use.


I hope you understand How To Read A Sensus Digital Water Meter? According to these detailed instructions, you may reliably read and comprehend the readings on a Sensus digital meter.

By regularly monitoring your water usage, you can make wise judgments, conserve water, and find any leaks or inefficiencies. By actively regulating water usage, you support environmental sustainability and lower utility bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the numbers on a digital water meter?

On your meter, there will be two different numbers. They are the flow rate and meter read. The meter reading represents the total water consumed since installation. It’ll always be the higher figure.

How do Sensus water meters work?

They employ cutting-edge magnetic technology to monitor low flow that had never been measured before. iPERL water meters maximize operational efficiency while increasing returns. And it could help you generate more revenue. Lead-free iPERL water meters maintain accuracy during a 20-year lifespan since they have no moving parts.

What is an accurate water meter reading?

Use the following method to check your meter’s accuracy. Run the water until your meter’s final three digits are all zeros. Then put water in a one-gallon container. Your meter’s last three numbers should read.

Is Sensus a water meter?

We offer various equipment, such as water, gas, and electricity meters, to enable you to integrate intelligence into every part of your infrastructure.

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