How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery? Full Procedure

It is well knowledge that vaping marijuana has more advantages over smoking and poses fewer health risks. Nowadays, many young folks have portable vape pens in their possession. But do you know How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery?

These vape pens have an easy-to-use mechanism and are user-friendly. Batteries, a coil, and an atomizer are needed. You could occasionally end up harming the battery or the charger. So, see below for a quick repair on Hitting A Cart Without A Battery.

Once more, we advise against trying this at home.

  • Cut off the Android charger’s charging port.
  • Remove the white and green wires.
  • The ends of the red and black wires should be cut off.
  • Don’t forget to put the black wire into your cartridge.
  • To the outside of the cart, touch the red wire.

How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery?

Vape pens are easy-to-use gadgets. They are utilized to inhale the cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate vapors. These pens require an electrical source to activate the atomizer to produce vapors. Batteries serve as the pens’ electrical source.

Hit A Cart Without A Battery

As soon as the battery is depleted, your cartridge will stop functioning. To continue using the pen, you can replenish the battery. However, the cartridge is useless if you misplace your charger or the battery is accidentally damaged. It prompts others to look for efficient hacks that they can employ to attack the cart even if the battery is dead.

Using an additional, functional Android charger around the house is one of the most well-known hacks available. The circuit, which functions essentially like a battery, is completed with the aid of wires inside the cord. It functions fairly well. Risks and dangers can, however, always exist. Therefore one should proceed with caution.

Use Android Charger To Hit Your Pen

Now is the time to cut up your unused Android charger if you have decided to use your cartridge without a battery. How to strike a cart without a battery can be learned by following these five simple steps:

Cut The Android Charger In Half

Cut the charging port from the cord using scissors and an extra Android charger. Shut off the USB port (which connects to the dongle). Ensure the cord is long enough to reach a laptop’s wall outlet or USB port.

Cut The Wires

The cord now has four wires, as you can see. Leave the black and red wires in place and cut the green and white ones because they are unnecessary.

Eliminate The Wires

It’s time to strip the ends of the black and red wires after removing the white and green wires. Use wire strippers or nail clippers to remove a small amount of the coating for the black and red wires.

Add A Wire To The Cartridge

The black wire should be placed into the cartridge. The cartridge has a little hole towards the bottom. Carefully tuck the black wire into that spot.

Attach A Wire To The Cartridge

Now take the red wire and place it to meet the cartridge’s metal. Connect the USB end to the wall or laptop port after that. When the cord is attached, the pen will begin to release fumes. Smoking should be done with caution since the hit can be rather strong.

Use An iPhone Charger

iPhone chargers can be used to hit a cart, just like chargers for Android devices. It may make maintaining a connection and a distance a difficult chore. However, compared to their Android counterparts, iPhone chargers and their internal wiring are significantly more intricate.

In other words, you wouldn’t want to try it if you were rushing. Many smokers also strike a cartridge without a battery using a lighter. However, this might be harmful. Smoke harmful to health can be produced when the vape cart is lit.


An android charger is available for the worried dab who continues to inhale even after their pen has run out of juice. However, long-term use of this is not advised. A nearby vape store is the best place to get a vape pen battery. You can also stock up on disposable batteries, which are fairly priced.

Even though your phone’s battery is dead, the android charger cord is the best option if you need to hurry and go to the cart. It takes less time and effort to set up and is safer. How much have you read about How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery? At this point? Please impart knowledge to your people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a battery, how do you strike a cartridge?

Without a battery, there are numerous methods to strike a cartridge. A foot pedal, a hand crank, and an air pump are a few examples of techniques. The most widely used technique appears to be employing a portable, simple-to-use air pump.

Can you use a lighter to strike a cartridge?

No, you can’t use a lighter to strike a cartridge. This is so that the electric current produced when the bullet is shot, which starts the ignition sequence for a cartridge, can function. This electricity finally reaches the firing pin after passing via the cables connecting the cannon to the battery.
For this reason, it’s crucial always to use the right ammo and never to attempt to modify your rifle. This could cause severe harm or perhaps death.

How can you strike a golf ball the best without a battery?

Depending on your swing and playing style, you can hit a golf ball without a battery in various ways. However, certain pointers might be useful, such as consistently working on your swing, working with a weighted club, and working with a tennis ball. To hone your swing, you can also try utilizing a golf simulator. Keep in mind that you will improve as you practice more.

What golf swing technique works best without a battery?

One of the most common methods of hitting a golf ball without a battery is to use a clubhead that produces a magnetic field. This specifically helps you hit the ball by making it travel straight.
A magnetic clubhead also makes it simpler to monitor the ball, which is crucial for professional golf. Choosing a magnetic club head that suits your swing and is comfortable is crucial because they come in various designs and hues.

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