How To Get Free Electricity From Smart Meter?

Here is a solution to your confusion about How To Get Free Electricity From Smart Meter? There are a variety of reactions as millions of Americans say farewell to their old-fashioned electricity meters. There are two of them. There is a lot of misunderstanding and resentment among customers about modern meter technology and a lot of confusion and fury among customers who have seen their bills rise after their smart meters were placed.

Another angry set of individuals is on the horizon. The new digital hardware will not be welcomed by those cheating their utility & stealing their electricity by hacking traditional electric meters.

It’s been suggested that the installation of 30 million smart meters by Italian utility Enel S.p.A. was done solely to combat power theft rather than to progress the smart grid. The official motive is strong because Enel saves roughly 500 million Euros every year thanks to automatic features produced by the meters. Even so, the fact that the rumor exists tells something. Power theft is blamed for chronic power outages in Indian cities.

While the United States does not have the same widespread electricity theft problems as other countries like Mexico, Brazil, or India, it costs the country $6 billion per year. So, if you’re a crafty, skillful (but not tech-savvy) criminal, time is running out to try to get something for nothing. (Please note that Greentech Media does not advocate hacking your energy meter or other criminal conduct).

Get Free Electricity From Smart Meter

How To Use A Smart Metre To Receive Free Electricity?

Smart meters have allowed merchants to establish pricing plans that give you free electricity for a limited time. Electric Kiwi, a New Zealand retailer, is now providing an “Hour of Power” deal. Customers can choose one full hour every day to use electricity without paying for it, and they can vary the hour from day to day.

This retailer is in the business of making money. As a result, there are some restrictions and conditions. For example, you can only choose your daily free hour during off-peak periods. You’re still paying your daily rates for being connected to the power grid.

Some people attempt to get free power by messing with the wiring or meter. This is dangerous, but it is also theft, making it a criminal offense. Furthermore, regardless of whether the purpose is to steal electricity, most countries have particular laws and regulations against tampering with electrical wiring and electricity meters. Most smart meters can detect tampering and notify any such incidents in the back office. This could result in a revenue assurance investigation.

A known and true method of interfering with the meters is to place a magnet on each side of it to slow it down. You may have noticed folks who steal power directly from transformers if you’re a thief with a hazardous streak. Beware: the news is full of stories about people who have died in the chase of free power and people who have lived only to be prosecuted.

One local Fox station virtually delivers a do-it-yourself, as one man did with jumper cables while reporting a power theft tale. Other methods of power theft range from putting sand in the meters to slowing down the wheel to turning the entire meter upside down. The trick is to anticipate when the meter reader will arrive to turn it around.

Another common solution is to drill a hole in the bottom of the meter and insert a pin to stop the wheel completely. We did this for over a year till we got caught, then it was the Spanish Inquisition and cost a fortune in penalties, etc., one anonymous coward wrote on a web forum Learning experience.

While improved meters would likely dissuade some anonymous cowards from tinkering with their meters in exchange for a few months of lower electric bills, a smart grid will not solve the greater issue of power theft; rather, it will shift who is capable of hacking.

It’s similar to getting a new computer or security system, said Lowell Rust, head of product marketing for Iron, a metering company. Those that make their living through penetration will have to keep up. However, similar to computer and security systems, it is more likely that the technology’s creators will have to stay one step ahead of hackers to stop energy theft.


Here we sum up all about How To Get Free Electricity From Smart Meter? Break the security band, remove the meter, microwave it, then plug it back in to obtain some free electricity till the cops arrive. It’s easier to ignore your bill. At the very least, you won’t go to jail. Pay your charge or invest in a battery & solar panel. Your conscience will be grateful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to take control of smart meters?

Hacked meters can result in house fires, explosions, and even a nationwide blackout. Smart meters, unlike distant servers, are relatively easy to hack. Hence each smart meter must be quite hackproof and resilient in the field.

How can I receive free electricity in the United Kingdom?

British Gas is presently offering consumers five days of free electricity through its loyalty program. The deal is valid for all British Gas customers who participate in the company’s free Rewards program. The program, which began in 2017, provides discounts on meals and day trips.

Are smart meters truly costless?

You won’t have to pay for a smart meter upfront; instead, smart meters will be paid for through everyone’s energy bills, just like traditional meters.

Is it possible to hack a digital electric meter?

Hacked meters can result in house fires, explosions, and even a nationwide blackout. Smart meters, unlike distant servers, are relatively easy to hack. Hence each smart meter must be quite hackproof & resilient in the field.

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