How To Find Older Videos On Youtube?

YouTube, the world’s most famous video site, is continually updated and changing. Although some upgrades provide beneficial new functionality, many customers are unhappy with the modifications because of judgments that they believe are questionable. Here’s How To Find Older Videos On Youtube?

For example, many people are still dissatisfied with YouTube’s choice to remove the dislike button. Alternative YouTube clients even can restore the dislike button as a primary feature. However, the firm is planning another move that many people will dislike. The YouTube team is now considering removing the sorting option for viewing the most recent channel video.

The value of watching both old and new videos on a YouTube channel. It is possible to view outdated videos from our favorite channels, which is relatively straightforward. Still, you might be asking what the benefits of using YouTube are.

Older Videos On Youtube

Guide On How To Find Older Videos On Youtube?

If you’re looking for an old video that piqued your interest, this tool can come in handy. The only thing you have to know about this choice is the channel that published the video, as it organizes the videos from oldest to newest. You’ll likely find that audiovisual that you enjoyed.

See A Channel’s Origins

Many times, the desire to learn more about the beginnings of one of our favorite YouTubers emerges; thankfully, this is a simple task. You will be able to observe the first videos posted for that figure on YouTube using the tools supplied by the platform, which you have seen numerous times. Similarly, searching for videos within a YouTube channel is recommended, as this will allow you to see a channel’s progress on the site more effectively.

How To Search A Youtube Channel For Old Or New Videos?

If you want to see a channel’s oldest or most recent films, bear in mind that the process is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is make a few clicks, and you’ll be able to find the videos you’ve been looking for. Please take the time to read the following instructions carefully:

As is customary, the 1st step is to log into your YouTube account using a computer. Once you’ve gotten into YouTube, you’ll need to follow the steps to watch both old and new videos from a channel.

To view this information, you must first locate the channel you wish to receive it. If you have a subscription to the channel, you’ll need to go to YouTube and look through your subscriptions to find the one you want to view.

If you are not a subscriber to the channel, you must type the channel’s name into the platform’s classic search engine. Because YouTube’s search algorithm is so good, you’ll almost certainly be able to find the channel you’re looking for quickly.

Click on the channel you’re looking for if it appears. You will be immediately redirected to that channel by the system. The Home tab on YouTube is usually the default. You should, in any case, proceed to Videos.

Sort Videos By Upload Date And Popularity

  • Select Sort from the drop-down menu to see a channel’s oldest videos.
  • There will be numerous choices, but you must select Upload Date (Oldest). This will display the most recent videos from a particular channel.
  • If you want to see the most current videos, go to the Sort by option and pick Upload date (most recent). This will display the channel’s most recent videos.
  • Last but not least, you have the option of selecting More popular.
  • The videos with the most views on the channel will be shown.

Why Can’t We Sort Youtube Videos From Oldest To Newest?

The reason YouTube doesn’t have this feature is relatively easy. Take, for example, Minecraft. Do you realize how many Minecraft videos have been uploaded to YouTube? The answer is almost 896 trillion, believe it or not. How many of those videos have been banned for copyright music, hate speech, and other reasons? What percentage of them are you talking about?

Now let’s see how many were removed by the user. Maybe 2% of the population. Although this may not be a large number, we’re still talking about billions of videos. As we all know, just because a video has been removed does not imply the mark, a.k.a. the URL, has been removed as well.

Well, YouTube would have to sift through all of them, some of which are part of old data that YouTube was utilizing at the time, and filter out all of the prohibited or removed content. It would cause their servers to overheat.

It’s now easier to find recently posted videos because YouTube is still holding onto them for further review. That’s also why filtering by upload date appears to stop after several videos. Even though you saw a lot of videos in the standard search, there were a lot more.

Is It Possible To Gain Someone Else’s Youtube URL?

Right now, I’m fucking pissed. I’m in the same boat as you. I was the one who came up with the name for my channel. I got 100 subscribers, but I can’t alter it because someone else already has it. Some channel with the same name arose and stole the URL. I made my channel first, but that man got priority because I didn’t have 100 subscribers. What makes you think that’s fair?

Is There A Method To Sort All Youtube Videos By How Many People Have Watched Them?

Sadly, Youtube no longer provides us with a list of the most popular videos. They did in the past, as you mentioned. However, the feature was deleted a few years ago. However, a playlist called “MyTop100Videos” was produced by a Youtube user and is refreshed every five months with the most popular videos on the site.

However, because the playlist is updated every five months, Wikipedia maintains a page dedicated to the most popular Youtube videos. The page is updated regularly but only contains the top 30 most popular videos. If you want to continue further, you should use the Youtube playlist instead.

What Is The Best Way To Rearrange The Videos On My Youtube Channel?

Make playlists. When you’re finished, change the order so that fresh videos appear first instead of last. Edit your channel’s layout to put more emphasis on those playlists. Always remember to update them with new videos.

For miscellaneous themed videos, I recommend creating an “assorted” playlist. You can’t change the sequence in which your videos are uploaded, but that’s irrelevant if you don’t display them on your channel’s main page. They’ll all appear on a distinct tab (Videos).


That’s all regarding How To Find Older Videos On Youtube? Another option to keep all of the information on your channel organized is to utilize Pocket Tube, a YouTube subscriber management tool. Something convenient for individuals who subscribe to a large number of channels regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to find old YouTube videos?

Sign in and go to to see what videos you’ve seen while signing in on the YouTube app or website. It also includes videos you’ve viewed while signed in to Google Chrome in a YouTube player on other websites.

Is it true that YouTube removes outdated videos?

YouTube does not remove videos because they were posted a long time ago, regardless of whether they are being viewed or not. Your videos should stay up for the foreseeable future if they don’t violate the Terms of Service.

What is the best way to rearrange the videos on my YouTube channel?

Hover over a movie and pick and hold Options to reorder the videos in your list (three dots). Drag the video to the desired location in the list. To change the title and description of the video, receive a shareable link, or download or delete it, go to Options.

On YouTube, how do you do a deep search?

To get to them, go to YouTube and search for them. After that, click the Filter button to view a list of filter options. You can use just one or a combination of them to do more in-depth searches.

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