How To Connect Monster LED Lights Together?

Here is detailed information and instruction about How To Connect Monster LED Lights Together? When LED strip lighting first became available approximately 15 years ago, hobbyists were attracted by the possibilities of lighting up places in romantic red, futuristic blue, or edgy purple. LED strips are likely the most popular LED lighting project use. They can be used for various purposes and can instantly change the tone of a room.

Connect Monster LED Lights Together

How To Connect Monster LED Lights Together?

They can virtually travel anyplace because they’re in the form of thin, flexible stickable strips. The maximum number of LED strips you can link together depends on the strip’s power output & your power source. Strip lights can be linked through connectors, wires, or soldering.

Yes, the new strips you purchased can be controlled with the remote. How can I connect my remote to the luminescence monster lights’ three LED strips? 1. Connect all three strips one at a time, using the remote to connect them so you can operate them all with one remote.

How To Connect Two Monster Led Lights?

As I previously stated, there are two major methods for connecting strips. The simple solution is to utilize a strip connector, while the more difficult (but not impossible) solution is to solder the connecting pads. So, let’s begin with the easiest option.

How To Use Connectors To Connect LED Light Strips?

Depending on your needs, you might need to use a few different connector types. The first is a basic pin connector clip (Amazon) used to connect constantly operating LED strips using copper markings. When you want to hide the connection and give the impression that it’s one long chain of light strips, this connector is ideal.

Clip connectors are frequently available in various forms to accommodate varied corners and strip overlaps. After that, there’s a connector with two clip pins on each side and a table in the middle (Amazon). This is used to add an extra cable to two LED strips to be used around corners or angles.

If you have a heating pipe in your room, as I do, the connector with wire is a great way to go around it. Just a word of caution: make sure the connecting wire does not come into direct contact with the pipe, or the strip configuration will be severely damaged.

Finally, to connect the LED strip to the power supply unit, a connection with only one clip (Amazon) and an accessible wire on the other side with a cable in between is utilized (PSU). If you want to control the setup remotely, you can use it to link to the RGB controller & then to the power source.

Strip connections are convenient because they allow you to fit the light strip’s end into a predefined location in the clip and position the wires properly. Although most of the clips are aligned with the strip arrangement, it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Is It Essential To Use Special Connectors With RGB LED Strip Lights?

If you want to connect RGB LED strip lights, you’ll need to invest in strip connectors. Each type of LED strip lamp has a different number of pins. Because a simple white LED light strip has two pins, you’ll need a two-pin connector. If your RGB strip lights have four pins, ensure the strip connections you buy have the same four pins.

The third sort of strip, also known as RGBW, exists. There is a specific white chip in these. While RGB LED strips can produce white light, they cannot achieve the same purity level as an RGBW strip. RGBW strips have five pins, so get five-pin stripe connectors.

How To Connect LED Strips Without A Connector?

As I previously stated, LED strips can be connected without using a connector. You’ve got some soldering skills! Soldering irons can be used to solder the voltage and the red, green, and blue pins to the next wiring.

On the other hand, soldered connections are more mechanically robust and can carry more efficiency across expansions. If you’re utilizing a lot of currents, soldering the connections is a good idea.

Furthermore, due to the strip’s high-powered output, some connecting cables are not acceptable if the LED is bright. If you have the skills and tools to solder, you may even choose to do so if your strip will be running at a high current. After that, wrap the joints with heat shrink, protect them with electrical tape, or cover them with heat shrink.

Should LED Strips Be Connected In Series Or Parallel?

It’s best to start by describing the distinction between a series and a parallel circuit to address this topic. Your light strips will be attached end-to-end in a series circuit. Only the first LED strip in the chain will receive electricity from the power supply. The current is constant in these circuits, but the voltage is shared among the LEDs.

This means that the brightness of the circuit may not be consistent throughout, and you’ll need to use a constant current power source. Furthermore, if one of the strips in your series breaks, the entire circuit will fail.

On the other hand, a parallel circuit has each strip connected to the power source. This means that the current is divided between the strips, but the voltage is maintained at the same level. These are more difficult to set up initially, and if one of your strips fails, the others will continue to work.

The current, on the other hand, will be redirected. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve linked many strips. Still, if you utilize a parallel circuit for only two strips and one fails, the current for the other strip is doubled, leading to burnout.

A series connection is best if you want consistent lighting. Longer connections would still necessitate a very high constant current driver to assure no performance degradation. If one of the strips goes out, you won’t have any lights until it’s replaced. A parallel circuit is more difficult to establish for complex circuits with many LEDs, but it will keep the circuit partially lighted if a strip fails.

Is It Possible To Connect A Chain Of LED Strip Lights To A Single Power Supply?

Using too many strips can overload the driver in the circuit, halving the driver’s lifespan and, as a result, the LED strip’s lifespan. As a result, be extremely cautious while selecting the necessary number of strips and the appropriate power supply unit.

Given that you know anything about your LED strips & power source, here’s a basic rule. You can figure this out by calculating your strip’s watts per meter by the length of the strip you’re powering. Then select a power supply rated for roughly 20% MORE than that amount.

Assume you’re using a 60W power supply. It is strongly recommended to leave a headroom of 10 to 20% of unused power; therefore, you can take 54W from this power supply unit (PSU) after subtracting 10%. Now multiply the length of each strip by the watts per foot of the LED to get the watts utilized by each strip.

The information about watts per foot is usually found on the product page or specification sheet. To compute how many strips you can use, divide the total by 54. However, the number of LED light strips you can link together will always be determined by the device requirements. According to most manufacturers, a maximum of 2 to 3 strips should be powered by a single PSU.

can you cut monster led lights?

Yes, you can cut Monster LED lights, but there are a few things to consider before doing so. Here, we provide a detailed guide on how to properly cut your Monster LED lights.

1. Measure the Length

The first step is to measure the length of LEDs you need. The LEDs come in one long strip, and you can cut off individual LEDs when you need them. However, they have to be cut at specific points to work properly.

2. Cut on Designated Scissors Marks

If desired, you can cut the light strip to shorter lengths by cutting on the designated scissors marks. However, once cut, the strip will no longer be water resistant or covered under warranty.

3. Consider the Consequences

The most common reason your Monster LED light fixture isn’t working is that the bulbs are burned out. This is an easy problem to fix – simply replace the bulbs with new ones. However, if you think the bulbs are the problem, check them first before taking any other steps.

4. Cut a Notch at the End of the New String

The next step is to cut a notch at the end of the new string. The notch will help you connect the two strings together. If you’re using scissors, make sure to cut the notch at a 45-degree angle.

Remember, these are the most common methods, and your LED lights might cut differently. Always refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions.


To sum up all the above discussion about How To Connect Monster LED Lights Together? LED Light Strips, Modules, and Light Bars require a power source. Connectors and wiring from Hit Light are used to join and wire your LED strip lights to each other and other accessories like a dimmer, controller, power adapter, and smart lighting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for you to cut the huge luminous lamps?

The matter is that you are more than capable of completing this task. Cut one of the cut lines (shown by a dotted line across four copper connections). It’s vital to note that they can’t be reassembled once they’ve been cut. The maximum length for the following stripe is now the new length.

Is it possible for you to also cut the luminous monster?

It’s critical to only cut on the cutting line across the copper points while cutting the LED light strip. Electrical conduction to the following portions is not caused by cutting through or in front of the copper points. Cut the LED light strip on the recommended line with sharp scissors.

Will Monster IlluminEssence then be able to function with Alexa?

The IlluminEssence series isn’t the same as a Bluetooth lamp that you can ask Alexa to switch on or off whiles you’re reading to avoid a grumpy spouse.

Can you cut a pattern out of LED light strips?

LED light strips can be cut at 5 or 10 cm intervals depending on the type of strip chosen. A straight line is used to define the intersections clearly. Cut along the line with scissors or a utility knife to separate your light streaks.

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