How To Clean Tanning Mitt? Working Ways

This article will explain How To Clean Tanning Mitt? Who wants a flawless, streak-free self-tan? Raise your hand! If you’re an avid self-tanner like us, you’d know that utilizing a self-tanning mitt is the key to enhancing your glow.

The days of manually applying fake tan and waking up with an unsightly streak mark are long gone! I’ll provide the way to clean tanning mitt.

Never before has a self-tan mitt worked so effectively with our tanning mousse products. They’re buttery and soft and make the mousse slide like nothing else, making applying your self-tan a total breeze. The work is done for you!

But your mitt could grow some unappealing bacteria after a few self-tanner treatments. Thus, we must be careful to clean our tanning mitts!

Taking care of your self-tanning mitt is probably the last thing on your to-do list, but trust us, it’s essential to keep your tan looking immaculate with each application.

How To Clean Tanning Mitt?

Hand wash your tanning mitt in warm water to get rid of extra tanning solution and clean the surface fibers. A little soap can be added to the water to get rid of tough stains.

However, you are not required to use abrasive detergents or washing powder. When the mitt is damp, gently wring out any remaining water and reshape it.

How To Clean Tanning Mitt
How To Clean Tanning Mitt?

When it has dried, you can store it until your next tanning session. You can use your tanning mitt repeatedly if you take good care of it.

However, if you apply artificial tan more than twice every two weeks, it could need to be replaced after six months.

Avoid cleaning your tanning mitt because doing so might change its form. Additionally, avoid hand-washing your tanning glove alongside other clothing.

Any remaining tanning agent that has permeated the fibers could leak out and adhere to other objects. Remember to let your mitt air dry; doing so could cause it to shrink or cause other harm.

How To Care For Self-Tanning Mitts?

After Each Use, Wash Your Mitts With Soap and Water. Hand wash your mitts. Warm water and a gentle soap are all required; going fancy is unnecessary.

Although any soap will work just as long as they are gentle, I prefer to use baby soap. After gently massaging your mitts to remove any remaining tanner, carefully rinse them.

How To Care For Self-Tanning Mitts
How To Care For Self-Tanning Mitts?

Gently wring out your mittens to eliminate extra water, then reshape them. Here, I want to underline the word “gentle”—you don’t need to wring it out so hard that it hurts.

Your mittens should be reshaped while still damp once they stop dripping.

Allow Your Mitts To Air Dry

After cleaning and reshaping, hang your mitt from a towel rod or set it upright on the bathroom sink to allow it to dry naturally. For quicker drying, you can place them somewhere other than your bathroom, which is less humid.

Avoid The Washer

Despite how tempting it might seem, never wash your self-tanning mitts! You run the danger of getting self-tanner on everything you wash with them and damaging your mitts!

Similarly, your mittens might shrink or become ruined in the dryer. The ideal scenario is hand care.

Replace When Necessary

With careful care, your gloves can last anywhere between six and twelve months in excellent condition. However, hold onto them for a short time!

Mitts that are worn out or broken are less likely to provide a tan that looks natural. To achieve the best outcomes, swap them out as necessary.

How To Clean A Self-Tan Mitt?

Your self-tan application mitt is your most dependable ally in obtaining the ideal skin finish and preserving your stunning glow. The best part is that they appear to last a lifetime!

But if you care for your tiny companion, they might last even longer. We’ve all made the mistake of letting them become a little dirty and worn out, though.

Many tanners are unsure how to care for the fake tan mitt, one of the most popular and significant tanning accessories.

Read our tips to get the most use out of your tanning mitt and maintain a healthy glow for longer.


It’s crucial to wash your fake tan mitt with some good, old-fashioned soap and warm water after each usage. The tanning solution should rapidly flow out with a small amount of gentle caressing under the faucet.

To remove any stubborn tanning solution stains, hand wash the mitt. However, avoid using abrasive soaps or detergents since they are not necessary to thoroughly clean it.

The tanning mitt should not be put in the washing machine as this could cause harm to its shape.

Additionally, it would help if you didn’t wash it with other clothes or items because the tanning residue can stain some textiles and fibers.

Avoiding rigorous washing with a machine and products will help you preserve your tanning mitt in great form and maintain its velvety smooth feel, which is essential for a flawless tan.


Following a wash, you should squeeze out any extra water from the mitt and reshape it while it’s still wet.

In this manner, it will appear to be back in its original condition once it is dry and can be used often. It is advisable to air dry your tanning mitt because using a dryer may cause it to shrink or even shatter.

If you frequently tan, you could discover that the mitt must be changed every three months. On the other hand, if you tan less frequently, the same mitt will serve you well for at least six months.

The self-tan applicator mitt is unquestionably crucial in the fake tanning industry.

Any self-tanning products, such as bronzing mousses, foams, gels, lotions, and products to balance out a spray tan, can be used with it. In other words, cherish your tan and show appreciation for your mitt by taking good care of it.


The biggest drawback of silicone tanning mitts is their potential cost premium over other mitt varieties. In addition, they may get slippery when wet, making it more difficult to use them in the shower or bath.

Wash the silicone tanning mitt with warm water and mild soap to remove any extra self-tanner after use. Then, let it air dry completely before storage.

Anyone who values a flawless, streak-free self-tan should invest in silicone tanning mitts. They offer a precise application and are simple to use and clean.

Keep your skin in good condition and your tan going strong by regularly cleaning your tanning mitt. To avoid bacterial growth and get a flawless, streak-free tan, clean tanning mitt after each use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should tanning mitts be washed?

Fake tan mitts must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and warm water after each use. The tanning solution should quickly run out with only a bit of tender stroking beneath the faucet.

Can I wash my self-tanner mitt in the washer?

Please avoid using the washing machine because it can cause your mitt to shrink and harm the fabric or make it not last as long. It’s not recommended because there is a chance that it will transfer tan to other clothes and things in the same wash.

How can I properly remove my artificial tan?

If you choose a wash-off tan, give it 4 to 8 hours to develop. After that, rinse it off with a slightly cooler water than usual. Avoid using scrubs or soaps because they can make your tan fade faster. Rinse only until the water is crystal clear.

What happens if a dirty tanning mitt is used?

A dirty mitt is full of an expired tanner, making your fake tan look patchy and uneven. Before you begin using your Luxe Applicator Mitt, ensure it is dry and clean (free of tan and soap from washing).

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