How To Clean A Wax Cotton Jacket At Home?

When learning How To Clean A Wax Cotton Jacket At Home? The most crucial step is to use cold water. The wax covering can be damaged by heat, detergent, bleach, and other agents. Barbour jackets are expensive and typically prized possessions.

So, they must be washed with care to avoid premature wear and tear. Barbour jackets have a waterproof wax coating, so it’s crucial not to wear it down in the wash. Continue reading to learn how to clean a Barbour wax jacket safely and effectively.

Clean A Wax Cotton Jacket At Home

Cleaning A Wax Cotton Jacket At Home

Have you gotten your jacket soiled yet this season? Or do you want to clean it first before reproofing it? A simple method, cold water, is the best way to restore waxed cotton or canvas to its original state.

Waxed cotton and canvas should never be washed or dried in the machine. Using a cleaning machine or dryer will degrade the material’s water resistance. Cleaning your waxed jacket by hand or with a hose is required.

You can hose down your jacket outside or spot clean it indoors, but no soaps or detergents should be used. If you’re dealing with caked-on filth and grime, a bristles brush may be required to remove it. Allow your jacket or coat to air dry after cleaning it. Do not use the dryer to dry your jacket.

Waxed Cotton Jacket Reproofing

You may notice that a waxed cotton jacket seems lighter in color after cleaning. Where the wax has worn away from use, waxed materials appear lighter. After your jacket has dried, reproof it with wax or cotton proofer to restore its water resistance.

It’s easy to re-wax a Filson or Carhartt jacket. Patience, a proofer, and considerable heat are required. To re-wax your jacket, coat, or vest, follow these steps:

Look for a flat workspace. To control wax from bringing on your furniture, throw a cloth or blanket over the table. Before you begin, make sure your jacket is clean and dry.

Apply a wax coat. You want to make sure you generate an even layer across the entire jacket, whether you’re rubbing wax on by hand or spraying it on with a proofer. Filson recommends coating the jacket or coat with wax spots before applying wax by hand. Then rub the dots together in a circular motion until they are completely merged.

Turn up the heat. Melt the wax onto the fabric with a heat gun or hairdryer. It should start to fade as it soaks into the material. Heat penetrates the wax, giving it a longer-lasting finish and a darker, leather-like look. Allow your jacket to air dry for several hours in the sun for a lighter saturation and appearance.

Examine the seams. Touch up any locations where your jacket or coat will bend or flex. Extra proofing may be required around the shoulders and in heavily utilized pockets.

Remove any excess. You can wipe away any extra wax that won’t sink in when you apply heat to the fabric. You might discover that your jacket still feels greasy or oily after drying it in the sun or overnight. If this is the issue, you can get either proof or wipe away the extra wax.

If necessary, a light hose will suffice. Go outside with it! Your jacket will be ready to protect you from the elements once cleaned and proofed. Put on your trusted jacket and enjoy the comfort and protection of a fabric built to last.

Dos and Don’ts of Wax Jackets

When cleaning your wax jacket, there are a few things to consider.

Do Of Wax Jackets

  • Obey the maintenance instructions on the label of your jacket.
  • Use the same brand of wax that came with your jacket.
  • In a well-ventilated area, dry and wax the jacket.
  • Only use cold water to clean your wax jacket.
  • Before using, melt the reproofing wax.
  • After you’ve finished reproofing, use a hairdryer to smooth out the finish.

Don’ts Of Wax Jackets

  • Do not wash your Wax Jacket in warm or hot water.
  • Do not use any soaps, detergents, or solvents.
  • Leave your jacket in the sunshine for an extended period.
  • Use a dryer or a washing machine to clean it.
  • Iron your wax jacket or starch it.
  • Reproof your jacket until it is clean and dry.

Additional Information About Wax Jackets

Here are some extra wax cotton jacket facts that you might find interesting or useful.

  • Wax coats are typically dark in color, such as black, brown, or olive green.
  • At least once a year, have your jacket cleaned and reproofed.
  • Used wax jackets are inexpensive. In some cases, the older, the better.
  • Keep your wax jacket in a cool, dry location when not in use
  • Wax jackets date from the 1700s and 1800s in Scotland, when anglers and the royal navy mostly wore them
  • Wax coats go well with jeans and are becoming increasingly fashionable worldwide.
  • Jeans look great with wax coats.

Remember that reproofing a wax jacket isn’t difficult, but it does take time and work. Many customers, however, prefer to have their wax jackets reproofed by a firm. For a fee, Barbour will reproof and repair your wax coats. Many people believe that reproofing their jackets is a rite of passage.

Still, if you’re not confident in your ability to do a decent job and keep your jacket watertight, it’s best to have it professionally reproofed. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about how to clean and wash your wax jacket; we would be pleased to assist you.


Here we sum up all about How To Clean A Wax Cotton Jacket At Home? It is unimaginable to exaggerate the importance of cleaning and maintaining your waxed jacket. You would put in some effort to clean and preserve your coat if you wanted to get the most out of it and appreciate the value of your asset.

Re-waxing your jacket once a year is one way to extend its life and keep it waterproof. It will also help remove any unwanted odors on your waxed cotton jacket and restore its freshness. If you accomplished time to do it yourself, get someone to do it.

For Barbours jackets, call Barbour Repairs and Reproofing to discover more about the services available and which ones are best for you. However, any tailor or clothing repair shop should be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most appropriate method to clean a wax cotton jacket?

Reproofing and cleaning your wax jacket Barbour waxed cotton cannot be washed in hot water, dry cleaned, or machine washed since the waterproofing wax and oils will be removed, and these will not be replenished. A wax jacket can only be cleaned by brushing off any dirt and then wiping it off with cold water.

Is it possible to wash a waxed cotton jacket?

You can’t wash a waxed cotton Barbour jacket in hot water, dry clean it or machine wash it to clean and reproof it since the wax and oils that keep it waterproof will dissolve. Brushing off dirt and wiping them down with cold water is required to clean wax jackets.

What is the finest method to clean an old wax jacket?

Clean the exterior of the jacket with cold water and a sponge. Avoid using hot water, soap, or putting the jacket in the washing machine, as this can permanently destroy the wax coating and render the garment useless.

How can you get a stale wax jacket clean?

Two cups of white vinegar and one cup of hydrogen peroxide are all you need. Put everything in a big bucket of hot water and wipe down the Barbour on the inside and out using a sponge you might use to wash your car but not one you used to wash your car, since that would be gross.

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