How To Charge A USB Lighter?

Keeping with the theme of candle safety that we’ve discussed on the blog recently; I think now is an excellent moment to introduce something increasingly popular: How To Charge A USB Lighter? What is the best way to charge my new product?

Guide On How To Charge A USB Lighter?

Each of our products includes a Micro USB charging cable that is compatible with most wall chargers. A Micro USB port can be located on the side or bottom of each product. To charge, plug the cord into the port.

Charge A USB Lighter

Using a rechargeable gadget that creates an electric arc at the press of a button, these electric lighters claim to offer a new, safer way to light candles. They advertise themselves as windproof, splashproof, and environmentally friendly. So, are matches and lighters no longer necessary? Let’s have a look.

How Do USB Lighters Work?

Let’s start with an explanation of how these devices work. USB lighters use electricity to light candles instead of a flame or a fuel source like traditional butane lighters. Instead, these devices use Tesla coil technology to create an electric arc between two electrodes that readily generate enough heat to light a candlewick. The heat produced is significantly hotter than a typical lighter flame, yet it is focused in a smaller area.

At The Touch Of A Button, How Is An Electric Arc Created?

When the power button on an electric lighter is hit, the battery power causes the two electrodes to get ionized and spread to the surrounding air, allowing electrons to travel between them and generate the electric arc that, in our case, lights candle wicks.

Plasma refers to the ionized air between the nodes, which is why electric lighters are also known as plasma lighters. The moniker “USB lighter” comes from the fact that they can be recharged by micro-USB ports on the smartphone, allowing them to outlast any ordinary butane lighter or thousands of matches.

Is A USB Lighter Safe?

The first confusion that comes to mind is usually, “Are these things safe?” This is a reasonable issue, given that they produce both an electric arc and heat that is hotter than a candle flame. It was, without a doubt, the first question that came to me.

It all boils down to how safe you believe any similar heat source is. Butane lighters, like matches, produce a flame that can burn and cause harm if not handled carefully. These USB candle lighters usually are equipped with a safety feature that prevents youngsters from mistakenly using them and causing harm.

To injure oneself from the arc, you’d have to stick your finger directly into the spark. You could, however, burn yourself if you touched the arc. You’d need to place a piece of metal between the two nodes to shock yourself.

The truth is that if you touch a lighter flame on your skin, you will get burned. The same can be said about these. However, because the arc is so short and the lighter’s long handle keeps you at a safe distance while lighting a candle, you’d have to be attempting to burn yourself to use one of these arc lighters.

Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried to light a jar candle with a butane lighter and burned themselves. The long handle on these avoids that difficulty, and while long handle bic lighters do the same thing, these have an additional benefit that the long handle bic lighters do not.

They are wind and water-resistant! Overall, these lighters are just as safe as any other lighter you’re already using. If there will be children present, be cautious and purchase ones with child safety locks.

Benefits Of A USB Lighter         

After completing some studies, it appears that using electric candle lighters has a lot of advantages.

  • Lithium-ion battery with a long life span
  • There will be less waste because you will not be utilizing disposable lighters.
  • A windproof arc makes it simple to light candles outside.
  • Low-cost and effective
  • There are no fumes from liquid gasoline.
  • Some lighters include a long handle and a bendable neck that makes it easy to light candles that are difficult to reach.
  • It is simple to recharge via USB.


If your lighter won’t switch on, the Child Safety Lock has likely been triggered or engaged. Before the lighter may be used, the lock must be deactivated. Press the ignition button three times quickly or until the blue indicator light flashes three times to deactivate Child Safety Lock. That’s everything about How To Charge A USB Lighter?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to tell if my USB lighter is fully charged?

Greetings, Dear customer: When the blue light flashes, it means charging is required, and when it stops flashing, it means the electricity has been charged.

Why use a USB candle lighter?

USB lighters use electricity to light candles instead of a flame or a fuel source like traditional butane lighters. Instead, these devices use Tesla coil technology to create an electric arc between two electrodes that readily generate enough heat to light a candlewick.

Why use an electric lighter?

When you press the lighter’s button, it releases enough energy into the air to ionize it. The electrons in the air begin to move around the nucleus due to ionization, creating electricity in the shape of an arc. This is why they’re also known as arc and electric lighters.

What causes electric lighters to malfunction?

Check the lighter for obstructions, such as dirt, lint, or debris. No matter how little debris there is, it could still malfunction. Keep your fingers away from the igniter when checking for obstacles.

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