How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs? Change In 5 Safe Steps

Follow the instructions if you want to know about How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs? It would help if you learned more about UV tanning bulb replacement procedures and timing.

A tanning bed is an indoor tanning appliance, as its name suggests. According to scientists, tanning beds are not safe, and first-time users run the risk of experiencing skin damage.

Others assert that getting a natural tan from the Sun’s UV rays is considerably safer than getting an artificial one.

Artists are renowned for tanning themselves, so they look better on the big screen. Please read to learn about tanning beds and the solution, so stick with us.

How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs?

For the majority of popular sunbed models, including Wolff tanning beds and their best-selling SunQuest Pro 16se model, utilize the following step-by-step instructions on how to change the bulbs.

How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs
How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs?

Unplug Your Tanning Bed

Turn off the power to your tanning bed first. To prevent electric shocks, the electricity current must be cut off, like when changing a regular light bulb. Turn off and disconnect your tanning bed before you do anything else. Security first!

Remove Acrylic Shields

Second, a plastic or acrylic shield covers the lights in sunbeds. To reach the bulbs and replace them, you must take them apart. But how can acrylic be taken out of a tanning bed?

The shields should be released by a safety clamp that should be present. Don’t try to push them off because doing so could damage them.

If you can’t see a safety clamp, look in your sunbed’s user handbook; you should be able to find it there.

Pull the covering gently away from the bulbs after releasing the safety clamp. While changing the bulbs, note which direction the shield is attached or leave it in the same location next to the sunbed.

It must be put back on in the same manner that it was taken off.

Replace Bulbs

Using caution throughout this phase is crucial because tanning bed bulbs are highly delicate and will break if handled roughly. The bulbs should easily pull out after being released by a small amount of turning.

Once more, it is a good idea to lay out the removed bulbs on the floor in the order you intend to replace them. This will give you a reference point when replacing them.

Gently slip the prongs of the replacement bulbs into the socket, then flip them in the other direction to secure them.

To assist you with directions, the bulbs frequently have writing on them. This writing should always be facing the acrylic shield placed on top-up.

Re-insert Acrylic Shields

Slot the shields back into the sunbed in the same sequence as you removed them, ensuring they face in the same direction. Remember to re-close the safety clamp to secure them in place!

Plug In And Test

Here comes the greatest part: Activate your sunbed and enjoy a soothing tanning session as a reward for all your hard work—the 500-hour expected life of the new lights.

Start the process by unplugging the sunbed, taking off the acrylic shield, and checking if the bulbs don’t light up.

They might not be adequately secured, in which case the current might be interrupted.

It could be time to call someone to check on the sunbed’s general functionality if you cannot locate the issue and all the bulbs appear in their proper locations. The system may have a problem rather than the bulbs needing to be changed.

What Are Tanning Bed Bulbs?

Your tanning beds’ linked tanning bed bulbs release UV rays into the air. Many people use tanning beds to tan indoors without being in the sun.

What Are Tanning Bed Bulbs
What Are Tanning Bed Bulbs?

When your skin is exposed to the UV rays produced by tanning lamps, it begins manufacturing melanin more quickly because tanning bulbs boost the creation of vitamin D. Your skin becomes darker, making it simple to get the ideal bronzed look.

Because tanning bulbs differ from standard bulbs, you must care for those with greater wattages. Always use bulbs designed exclusively for your bed. Higher-wattage bulbs require immediate replacement.

How To Take Apart A Sunquest Tanning Bed Bulb?

There are three sizes of Sunquest tanning bed bulbs: two 9-inch bulbs and one 18-inch bulb. The two 9-inch bulbs are the most popular form of Sunquest tanning bed light.

The Sunquest tanning bed cover must be removed to replace the bulb. After removing the cover, you must remove the light fixture’s screws from the ceiling.

Two screws secure the light fixture in place. Pulling down the light fixture is possible after the screws have been removed.

The center of the light fixture houses the bulb. You must turn the old bulb counterclockwise to remove it.

You must turn a new bulb clockwise to install it. You must reinstall the tanning bed cover and reattach the light fixture to the ceiling after the new bulb has been inserted.

How Much Energy Does A Tanning Bed Use?

Typically, larger tanning beds with a 24-bulb system use 220-volt electricity, which is more powerful than normal wall outlets.

Home tanning beds are more frequently smaller tanning beds with a 16-bulb arrangement and a 110-volt power source, which is the same as a typical wall outlet.

There is a difference between a 1,600-watt system (110V) and a 2,400-watt system (230V) since tanning bed lamps are normally 100 Watts. The sort of bed you have shouldn’t matter, though, because the bulbs are the same for both configurations.


The procedure for changing tanning bed bulbs is simple and easy to understand. Knowing the potential risks involved with employment is the most crucial aspect.

When changing bulbs in any tanning bed, the proper safety supplies, including gloves and a face mask, should always be worn.

You may change the bulbs in your tanning bed securely and without incident according to these easy tips on changing bulbs in a Wolff tanning bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bulbs is in tanning beds?

The tanning industry uses fluorescent bulbs the most frequently. The size of these lamps varies; professional tanning lamps often measure 5 or 6 feet long and have an output of between 80 and 160 watts. There are two different kinds of electrical contacts for lamps: RDCs (recessed double contacts) and Bi-Pins.

How many bulbs does a tanning bed hold?

Most tanning beds for home use come with 12, 16, 24 or 26 bulbs that are uniformly distributed between the bench and canopy. In general, shorter tanning durations are achieved by adding more lamps. Even though it will take longer, a bed with fewer lamps will produce fantastic results.

How do I learn if my tanning bed needs new bulbs?

If you notice that the tanning bed lamps aren’t lighting up fully, it can indicate a faulty bulb or ballast. With most bulbs, there will typically be a complete loss of lighting, but since fluorescent lights may also run at lower powers, this condition may manifest as flickering.

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