How To Change Color Of LED Lights Without Remote?

I have great information below about How To Change Color Of LED Lights Without Remote? LED light strips are a perfect method to brighten up your home in various ways. They’re also a fantastic addition to your smart home.

In many circumstances, LED light strips are superior to smart lights because they are used to beautify your home beautifully. LED lighting is among the best and most cost-effective options available. It is also fashionable, as well as environmentally sustainable. Don’t even get us started on the setup procedure.

LED strip lights make dynamic interiors simple and easy to apply, compared to what you had to go through previously to add some flare & sparkle to your home or office area. With your remote, you can turn on and off each of your rooms. Many LED lights also come with RGB to improve your home’s lighting experience.

Change Color Of LED Lights Without Remote

Remote Control For LED Light Strips

Remote control the majority of LED light strips. The remote is used to control the LED light strip’s various functions. As a result, it’s critical to keep your remote safe and don’t lose it. Many people have reported losing their LED light strip remotes.

As a result, consumers become despondent and wonder what they should do. There’s no need to be concerned if you’ve found yourself in a similar circumstance. If you misplace your LED strip light controller, we’ll discuss what to do. So, here’s what you can do in such a situation:

Connecting The LED Strip Light To A Power Supply

This approach is straightforward, but it may not be the most practical for long-term use. Put your LED strip light into the wall, keep it on, and unhook it when you’re ready to turn it off. Unfortunately, not all LED strip lights will work with this approach.

Some feature a built-in remote and power supply; in this case, you won’t be able to plug the strip lights indirectly to get them to work. If the receiver function can be turned off, you should do so before connecting the LED strip light. Aside from the difficulty of physically plugging and unplugging your LED strip lights, you will also lose access to the LED strip light’s selection of hues and intensities.

Getting A New Remote Control

Replacing a missing remote is the most cost-effective and, in the end, the best solution. Go back to the store where you bought the LED strip light or utilize an online shop like Amazon. It would help if you tried to get a remote for the same LED strip light model from the same manufacturer.

On the bottom of your LED strip light, you should be able to discover all of the information you require. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to look through your receipt or search around to find the lights you bought. It would help if you double-checked that the new remote you buy is compatible with your LED strip light.

When it comes to voltage standards, this is extremely crucial. By matching your LED strip light’s unique model numbers and other performance statistics, you can do this. There are also a variety of universal remotes for LED strip lights that may be able to satisfy your requirements.

Another Option Is To Look For An App On The Internet

Apps are available for some LED strip lights. To see if yours is, Google the model number of your LED strip light and see what comes up in the search results. You won’t need to change your remote if you have an LED strip light that can be operated via a smartphone app, as these apps often offer all of the capabilities that a remote does.

Last But Not Least, Purchasing A New LED Strip Light

You’ll have to buy a new LED strip light if you can’t find a compatible remote or get it to function via an app. We know this isn’t the perfect solution, but it’s the best, especially if you need to keep the power flowing through your LED strip light to a bare minimum. LED strip lights are now more affordable than ever before, and installation is relatively simple.

Why Is It Important To Have An LED Strip Light Remote?

First, let’s go through why you should have a remote for your LED light strip. LED light strips, unlike typical lights that you put in and operate from your lighting unit, are hooked into the wall & controlled by a remote or, in some circumstances, an app.

An LED strip light, unlike a light switch that you turn on and off, can be controlled using a remote. This is significant since LED strip lights are normally constantly plugged into the wall for best performance; therefore, the remote is a light switch for the LED strip light. But it doesn’t stop there.

An LED strip lamp’s remote control also provides dynamic options such as color selection and light intensity. The typical LED strip light remote offers an on/off function, a color option, and a way to modify the output strength or hue.

Some further advanced LED strip lights can link to an app on your smartphone & be turned on or off that way, as we said above. You lose the ability to turn the strip light on and off and control all of the other features that make LED lights so popular when you lose your LED strip light remote.


If you’ve misplaced your LED light strip remote, follow the steps above to get How To Change Color Of LED Lights Without Remote? If you can’t find one, we recommend obtaining a new one. Simply purchase a fresh pair of LED light strips.

They aren’t as pricey as they formerly were. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do much without a remote. This is why we advocate investing in a fresh set of tools. However, you can try these methods to get your lights to operate in some way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to alter your LED lights without using a remote?

You must manage the LED lights’ power supply to switch them on without using a remote. The simplest method is to plug it in and out. Another option is to use an app to control the LED lights. Smart switches might be a long-term solution as well.

What’s the best way to alter the color of your LED lights?

When you turn on the light bulb, it now emits a different hue. If you desire a different hue, simply replace the paper with a different color. A different way to change the color of your LED bulb is to color it directly. The first thing you should do is send your bulb until it becomes foggy.

Can I use my phone to control my LED lights?

Your smartphone APP may control your led tape lights remotely. You may also alter the brightness, color, mode, speed, and up to 16 colors with ease.

What should you do if you misplace your LED light remote?

You can try plugging the remote for an LED strip into one of your wall sockets if you’ve misplaced it. You’ll need an adaptor like this 12V DC 2A wall power supply to do so. Simply disconnect the strip’s receiver, connect it to one of these adapters, plug it in, and turn the switch on.

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