How To Attach A Headboard To A Wooden Bed Frame?

There is only one thing you require to ask yourself after finding How To Attach A Headboard To A Wooden Bed Frame? Would this fantastic find fit on the bed frame that I presently own? The question is, can a headboard be attached to any type of bed frame?

A simple bed frame may accommodate virtually any type of headboard. To make things even easier, you can now spend more time deciding on the right headboard and less time thinking about whether it will work. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to make sure your new headboard fits your current bed frame. The many headboard options and how to attach a headboard to a bed frame once you have it.

Attach A Headboard To A Wooden Bed Frame

Guide On How To Attach A Headboard To A Wooden Bed Frame?

Most beds other than steel have two 2×1 inch battens screwed to the rear of the headboard, which on divans are slotted to fit over bolts in the divan base. You could do the same with a hardwood base or screw the battens directly to the bed frame. On these types of beds, the headboards always extend beyond the mattress. The headboard is part of the bed frame in steel-framed beds.

Which Bed Frames Can Be Combined With Which Headboards?

Most headboards and bed frames are interchangeable for convenience. For both renters and homeowners, frame-mounted headboards provide a uniform design and are an inexpensive and uncomplicated option. 2 Installation is straightforward and requires only rare tools.

To see if your bed frame is consistent, look at the headboard brackets at the head of the bed. Most bed frames have four bolt holes or slots arranged in a row, one above the other. Pre-drilled holes allow you to adjust the height of your headboard to accommodate a variety of different types. If your bed frame doesn’t allow for a headboard for whatever reason, there are two more popular installation options:


These headboards are freestanding and do not require any structure. Floor standing headboards are built to stand independently, often found between the bed as well as the wall. Renters and others who are terrified of power tools will like this installation option.


Homeowners and handy people can attach their headboard to the wall for a more permanent installation solution. Unless the bed’s head is shoved against the wall, a floating headboard is not an option. You won’t be capable of carrying your furniture around on the fly, but this wall-mounted headboard option provides a clean and modern aesthetic that many people enjoy.

Frame-mounted headboards are generally preferred over freestanding and wall-mounted headboards because they allow more arrangement possibilities. At an angle, next to a window, or in the middle of the room, you can arrange the bed. If you have a traditional bed frame, you would have no problem attaching your headboard. Also, make certain that your headboard is the same size as your bed frame.

Do You Know How To Attach A Bed Headboard?

You’re simply connecting the headboard to the bed frame, like putting two and two together. Follow these twelve straightforward steps, and you’ll have your headboard up in no time after you’ve found the right headboard brackets for your frame-mounted headboard:

  • Step one is to move your bed away from the wall to make place for the next actions.
  • The finished side of the headboard should face the bed when it is positioned against the bed frame.
  • Align the pre-drilled holes in the headboard legs with at least two bolt holes in the bed frame brackets by centering them concerning the bed frame brackets.
  • Use a stack of books or the assistance of a friend to raise the headboard to the proper height.
  • Use another piece of furniture to support the headboard upright against the bed frame if you don’t have access to an assistant.
  • Locate the washer and bolt that came with your headboard’s fasteners.
  • Insert the bolt into the bracket and the leg hole of the aligned headboard.
  • If the bolt extends over the other side of the leg, secure it with a washer.
  • It’s time to tighten the bolt with a nut.
  • To install the remaining headboard bolts, carry out steps.
  • As you tighten the remaining bolts, check if the headboard is still centered with the bed foundation. As a final precaution, tighten the headboard bolts using a wrench or pliers.


Here we conclude all about How To Attach A Headboard To A Wooden Bed Frame? Platform beds are all the rage right now, but headboards make them more desirable. The value of headboards cannot be overstated, so learning how to connect a headboard to a wooden bed frame is essential. What is your favorite sort of headboard? Are you particular about your headboard’s functionality? Please share in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to put a headboard on a wooden bed frame?

Because wooden bed frames are easy to drill into, attaching the headboard to such beds is simple. Collect equipment like screws, nuts, and washers to directly attach a headboard to a wooden bed frame.

What is the best way to secure a headboard to a platform bed frame?

Apply adhesive to the insides of the legs and secure with 3-inch screws, keeping them flush with the fronts. Place the headboard in the desired location, ensuring it is snug against the bed’s sides. Drill holes that face the bed next.

Are there any universal headboard fittings?

If the dimensions of the bed and the distance between the fixing points match, your existing headboard should fit your new bed without issue. Due to mattress thicknesses and base height, your new headboard may appear different on your new bed.

How do you put a freestanding headboard together?

Use a stud finder to locate studs behind your wall before mounting your freestanding headboard. After that, place your headboard’s legs on the studs. Drill holes into the studs through the legs and screw the headboard to the wall.

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