How To Attach A Bed Skirt With Velcro?

Here I start my discussion about How To Attach A Bed Skirt With Velcro? A pleated bed skirt with a trendy flat panel lends the finishing touch to a well-dressed bed. The hanging fabric hides the box spring, bed frame, and anything stored underneath. A DIY bed skirt can be produced quickly using Velcro and a little fabric adhesive.

Choose a material that is opaque and medium in weight, such as cotton, velvet, or denim. To tie in the pleated addition, choose a fabric that matches their current bedding, complements neutral, or is consistent with the room’s style. Using Velcro, assemble and attach a bespoke pleated bed skirt.

Attach A Bed Skirt With Velcro

Step By Step Guide How To Attach A Bed Skirt With Velcro?

Using a tape measure, measure the length of the foot (or end) and sides of the bed for the fabric you’ll need. To integrate the pleats, add 4 inches for every 2 feet of length. For example, a queen bed is around 18 feet in diameter, so you’d add 36 inches, or 3 feet, for 21 feet. Instead of frillier, ruffle-style wrinkles, this will supply enough material for a more modern, widely spread flat-panel pleating.

Measure from the mattress’s bottom to the floor a basic pleated bed skirt is 18 inches long, but you may need more or less material depending on your bed frame. For a 1-inch hem at the top and bottom, add 2 inches to the height of your bed skirt. Mark the backside of the fabric and cut it to size. In a workplace, use the floor or a side table.

Working with the backside of the cloth facing up fold and iron a 1-inch hem at the top and bottom; to secure the hems, apply fabric glue under the folds. To protect the work surface from the iron heat and the adhesive, place towels under the fabric. Permit the glue to cure for the time fixed on the label before continuing.

Make a right-side-up turn of the fabric. To begin pleating, locate the fabric’s lengthwise center. To find the center, fold it in half, mark it, or measure and mark it. You’ll have evenly placed pleats around the bed if you start in the center.

For each pleat, cut two 1-inch strands of self-adhesive Velcro with a peel-and-stick backing. A queen-sized bed skirt has nine wrinkles, so you’ll need to cut 18 little Velcro pieces. Using both hands simultaneously, overlap 2 inches of fabric along the top hem from the right and left of the center to meet, creating a 4-inch-wide, flat pleat. To keep the pleat in place, iron it.


To conclude our topic of discussion about How To Attach A Bed Skirt With Velcro? Making your bed skirt is not as complicated as it may appear. And, by employing a little innovation in the form of Velcro tape, you’ll save time, energy, and fabric in the process. The concept may appear to be a bit of a cheat, and it is in some ways, but the results are fantastic, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the finest way to save my mattress from slipping down my bed skirt?

Pinning the bed skirt to the box spring with safety pins, applying Velcro tape to the mattress and bed frame, or adding a non-slip cushion or mat between the bed skirt and the bed frame are options for preventing sliding.

Is a box spring required for a bed skirt?

The bed skirt hides the bare metal framework if the bed frame lacks ornate side rails and a footboard. Most new mattresses don’t need a box spring and instead sit on a platform bed. As a result, a bed skirt isn’t required to conceal a box spring.

How do you drape a bed skirt over a slatted bed?

Apply craft adhesive to the backside of the hook-and-loop tape and lift one corner of the bed skirt. Reattach the bed skirt to the slats or bed frame by pressing the hook-and-loop tape to the slats or bed frame. Rep this procedure for each of the four corners.

What exactly is the function of a bed skirt?

The objective of a bed skirt is to give a bed a beautiful appearance without revealing the sides of the box spring or any storage space beneath the bed. When bed skirts do not get the floor, stylish bed boots can be used to cover legs and add to the decor.

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