How to advertise dog walking on Facebook? Follow These Steps

To advertise dog walking on Facebook, you should follow some tips. Since Facebook groups are cost-free, you should try them if needed. For those unfamiliar, Facebook groups are pages within Facebook made for people with similar interests.

Some require a request to join and are either public or private. Once you join, some of the group posts will appear in your Facebook news feed.

You can also watch and participate in the group directly by going there.

How to advertise dog walking on Facebook?

  1. Discover Relative Groups. Avoid buy-and-sell groups; join local community forums where people frequently request service providers.
  2. Obey the group rules. Before posting about your company, make sure to review the group guidelines.
  3. Start a Group of Your Own.

However, the rivalry is a byproduct of the industry’s expansion.

Ensuring you get enough customers to pay the bills is getting more difficult in a competitive business environment where every dog matters.

Dog walkers and owners now assemble on Facebook to network and promote their services. This is also for a good cause.

Finding a professional dog walker to care for your dog has never been easier because of the personable approach, the opportunity to concentrate on your area, and the sense of community.

How to advertise dog walking on Facebook
How to advertise dog walking on Facebook

In a recent Protectivity poll, three-quarters of dog walkers used social networking to market their services.

However, just 6% of respondents claimed to have used paid advertising to extend their reach.

There may be a technique here that many walkers are overlooking. You can zero in on the audience you want to target with even the tiniest advertising budget.

How to build a Facebook business page and use it to expand your pet care company?

Facebook is unquestionably, entirely, and thoroughly a part of our daily lives. The 2.7 billion active Facebook users represent more than one-third of all people on Earth.

Therefore, Facebook is an essential and valuable tool for your pet care business, whether you love it, like it, or detest it.

Any company that interacts with clients directly on social media, especially local ones, can benefit from a strong online presence.

Most pet owners in your neighborhood, including those seeking dog walkers and pet sitters, are probably on Facebook.

By avoiding social media, you are giving your rivals an advantage and letting them contact customers before you.

Facebook should be a key component of any social media strategy, even if you merely use it as a location to post your company’s contact details and description.

This article will show you how to set up a Facebook business profile and utilize it to communicate with current and future customers.

A higher level of authenticity is added to your business when you allow yourself to be more accessible and active on social media.

This authenticity is deciding when pet owners select a new dog walker or pet sitter.

Free Facebook Business Page Creation

Making a free Facebook page for your company is the first step. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to make one because you’ll need a personal Facebook account to complete this.

It will only take a few minutes to complete the procedure. Fortunately, Facebook does an excellent job of explaining how to create your business page step-by-step.

Pick the appropriate sector and include as much information as possible. Links to your website and your Facebook page should constantly be present.

Your page ought to resemble a little version of your website. It should contain details about your company, such as the services you offer and the regions you serve.

Additionally, it must provide several ways to contact you and a link to your website.

Additionally, you should post some additional images of you and your crew that were taken on the job to your Facebook company page in addition to your logo, which can be either your cover photo or your profile picture.

Having images on your website aids in highlighting the character and location of your organization. Add a Call to Action button or CTA to your company’s information and visuals.

The call to action (CTA) may be a link to your website or a direct method of contacting you for service scheduling, such as an email address, a phone number, or a Facebook Messenger link.

Content Creation for Facebook Business Pages

It’s time to add material to your Facebook page now that it has been created. Facebook can be a terrific location to share any blog posts on your website.

Also, remember to post all your adorable pet photos! Photos of your contented four-legged buddies will be adored by your clients (and future clients)!

Find a posting schedule that works for you by experimenting a bit. Although it’s fantastic to have new information on your Facebook page, it’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t overshare.

It would help if you didn’t spend more time publishing images than attending to your clients. Begin by only blogging once or twice daily, but if that feels too much, have no worries; just post as often as you can.

Some businesses successfully engage with their audience with simply a few weekly posts. Also, remember that the business page you developed is for your company.

So, you have a personal Facebook page if you ever want to vent about that slice of greasy pizza from the new restaurant that opened down the street. It’s best to keep your personal and professional lives apart on social media.

Increase Traffic to Your Facebook Business Page

How can you persuade people to visit your Facebook page now that it looks amazing and includes a ton of useful content? So, starting with your clients is a wise move.

They can be informed that you have a Facebook page where you will post corporate updates, useful data, and entertaining content.

If your present clients are pleased with the services you offer, it’s also OK to urge them to submit evaluations.

One of the best strategies to support business growth is to collect reviews. Include a connection to your Facebook profile in your email signature and website.

Engage Your Customers and Supporters

Here’s where the magic happens after your customers “Like” your page. Think about posting a gorgeous photo of Bubbles, your client, John Doe’s Corgi.

When John sees the image, he shows it to his pals. When John’s neighbor views the image, they ask, “Who is that walking Bubbles?” John responds, “My awesome dog walker—here is her number!” That is Facebook’s magic! It is a social network, after all.

Consider your company page a community board, with you serving as the community director. Post updates and news about your company.

Are you giving discounts for a certain occasion or a brand-new service, like pet portraiture? The best location to announce these recent occurrences is on your company page.

Engage with your followers, of course. If someone asks a question regarding one of your blogs, respond there because someone else may have the same question.

Posting high-quality images and material is one of the most effective strategies to keep users interested.


Choosing the best location for advertising dog walking on Facebook is crucial. It would be beneficial if you developed a plan for establishing your dog-walking company’s web presence before working to enhance it. It needs to gain traction for your firm to succeed in the nearby neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people need dog walkers?

A recent survey shows Brits purchased pet-related goods for almost 12 billion pounds in 2018. And it is anticipated that the numbers will rise through 2020 and beyond. These figures clearly show a great demand for dog walkers, mostly because most people leave their pets at home when they go to work.

How should a dog walker profile be written?

A qualified dog walker with three years’ experience in the animal care industry. She specializes in pet grooming, customer service, pet care, and animal safety. She has a long history of providing animal companions with kind and sympathetic care in various settings.

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