How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views? Reality & Myths

Are you interested to know how much Facebook pays per 1000 views? Facebook declared that it would assist creators in producing and generating revenue from their work. Publishers or content producers can make money off their Facebook content by running advertisements on their sites or videos.

The amount of money content creators make from those advertisements might change depending on several variables, such as ad impressions, clicks, and other engagement metrics like video views, shares, and comments.

Social Media Examiner estimates that Facebook normally pays between $8.75-$10 for every 1000 views.

According to Facebook’s revenue-sharing model, content producers are often compensated depending on the quantity of ads shown to their audience and the resulting interaction.

For every 1000 impressions on Facebook, advertising costs about $0.94 per click and $12.07.

With 1 million views on average, a Facebook content creator might earn up to $8,750 at that rate.

How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views?

Some sources claim that Facebook regularly pays $8.75 to $10 for every 1,000 views. This is not a promise; it is merely an average estimate. Your real earnings may differ based on the variables above.

Some Facebook content influencers made millions of dollars in 2020, while Tubefilter found that others with millions of views made very little or nothing.

How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views
How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views

This is because the amount of money made from each ad impression or click might differ depending on the type of ad, the target market, and other engagement indicators.

Regarding the audience’s location, if the user is from Asia, you will often make $5; however, for European countries, content creators can get up to $3–9 per 1000 views.

What kind of earnings can you expect from a million Facebook views?

Your Facebook eCPM is not restricted to a particular value. While $8.75 is the average, your eCPM might go as high as $10 or even more, depending on the content.

You can estimate your total revenue for 1 million views based on your eCPM.

For instance, A creator may earn $2,500 from 1 million Facebook views if you assume an average CPM of $2.5 (on the lower side).

Facebook Income per 1 million views

At the upper end, your revenue will be determined by multiplying the total number of views by your eCPM and then by a million views.

How much does one million Facebook views cost?

If you’re wondering how much Facebook pays for 100,000 views, there isn’t a specific answer because it varies on several variables (country, currency, etc.).

As previously indicated, the arithmetic suggests that Facebook might pay $100 for 100,000 views if we assume that content creators eligible for Facebook monetization can earn $1 for every 1,000 views.

How can Facebook videos make money?

You must fulfill certain requirements for your Facebook account to be eligible to monetize Facebook videos. Among these, you will have at least 10,000 followers and five direct videos per month.

How can Facebook videos make money
How can Facebook videos make money

The most important aspect of monetizing Facebook reels and views is that there is no minimum need for monthly views, only for the minimum amount of time that users must watch your movies, with a minimum of 600,000 total minutes of views in the two months before the publication of the films.

These Facebook monetization features were implemented to aid content creators’ efforts and compete with TikTok’s rules.

This received a lot of criticism in 2020 when several authors criticized the app’s ineffective revenue structure.

Keys to keep in mind when using Facebook Pay

One thing to remember is that information about your account and account content will be considered when determining how to monetize.

Age and location are two factors that could be crucial in selling the material, both for the creator and the user to whom the content is addressed. 

Additionally, simply meeting these standards does not automatically qualify you for monetization.

To profit from Facebook, you must fulfill the other requirements and have a particular level of trustworthiness.

This prevents troll accounts from profiting from Facebook monetization.

On the other hand, the video’s actual content can directly impact how much money it makes since, depending on the demographic it is intended for, it may have more or fewer advertisements.

Remember that, as long as the video conforms with Facebook monetization eligibility, the likelihood it will make money from the Facebook AD payment increases the more adverts it contains.

What Facebook specialties offer the highest salaries?

Today, Facebook serves as an engaging platform for advertising, enabling companies and content producers to increase their earnings.

Mark Zuckerberg made significant financial investments in enhancing Facebook’s offerings and raising the price that Facebook charges for Facebook views.

Facebook has expanded tremendously in this fashion despite the emergence of new content-creating platforms.

Even though exact rewards can differ depending on several variables, including geographic area, ad kind, and industry competitiveness, certain topics have consistently drawn advertisers and produced higher profits. The most lucrative Facebook topics are listed below.

How do you make money on Facebook?

A good income stream on Facebook demands work, persistence, and giving your audience something of worth.

Keep in mind that Facebook may have special regulations in place for different ways of monetization, so be sure to abide by them. We can highlight the most popular way to get money on Facebook here:

Make a Facebook Page and Make Money With It

Create a Facebook page focused on a niche, such as a business, passion, or pastime. By publishing interesting content, connecting with your fans, and advertising your page on other platforms, you can expand your page’s audience.

When your page has a sizable following, you may start looking for ways to make money, such as sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling goods or services, or collaborating with brands.

Joining Facebook groups

Look for active Facebook groups in your field of expertise or interest. Participate in the community by sharing useful knowledge, responding to inquiries, and developing your expertise.

Once you have established credibility and trust, you can use this to your advantage when presenting group members with goods, services, or consultations.

Make use of Facebook Marketplace.

Use Facebook Marketplace to sell any tangible goods you have. You can use it to make listings for goods you want to buy locally or even send to customers.

To draw potential customers, take clear images, write engaging descriptions, and offer reasonable prices.

Become a member of the Facebook Audience Network.

You can join the Facebook Audience Network if you run a website or blog and want to show adverts on your content.

Similar to other ad networks like Google AdSense, this enables you to make money when users watch or click on the advertisements displayed on your website.

Produce and Market Digital Goods

Consider producing and selling digital goods like ebooks, templates, online courses, or graphics if you have particular knowledge or abilities.

These products can be advertised and sold through your Facebook page, groups, or by utilizing targeted advertising.

How do you make money off a Facebook page? Can you make money without counting views?

The short answer is “yes.” Facebook provides various options for content creators to showcase their hard work and abilities.

In doing so, they hope their community will somehow react and support the creator financially.

Ads that can be added in-stream

Facebook provides its users with a video advertising option in addition to pay-per-view.

Advertising pauses, sometimes known as “breaks,” appear before, during, or after your video. 

In this instance, the content producer receives about 45% of the advertiser’s click-through fee, which averages out to $0.89 for each engagement with the advertisement.

However, given that there are many kinds of marketers, this will depend on both the sponsor and the video’s intended viewership.


On average, 1 million views on Facebook pay between $1,000 and $1,500, while the exact amount that producers can make from 1000 views Facebook pay Reels is presently unknown.

With this number, we may estimate that the Facebook pay per 1000 views ranges between $1 and $1.5, albeit something needs to be confirmed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Facebook Monetization Eligibility Be Confirmed?

Facebook pages’ published content can be leveraged to make money as well. To qualify, your page must be owned and have been liked. Facebook has its guidelines for monetizing pages. You must read Facebook’s monetization eligibility status in 2022 to learn more about the company’s monetization policies.

How Can I Take Money Off Facebook?

Like YouTube, users and publishers can make substantial money on Facebook, and they can withdraw money monthly using PayPal or a bank account.

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