How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? Brief Answer

Battery packs in fleet carts last 4-6 years with adequate maintenance, and battery packs owned by private individuals typically last 6–10 years. Another important factor is the options on the cart, which may increase the demand for the battery pack. So, How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? Is a common query that we receive.

It might be one of the most difficult to answer. How you treat them will determine what the right answer is. What’s going on? Deep cycle battery packs ought to be kept in good shape. This means ensuring the electrolyte (water) levels are right, fully charged, and never left in a discharged state (plugging it in after each use or a round of golf).

Golf Cart Batteries Last

After maintenance procedures, usage is the next most important thing that affects how long a golf cart battery will last. In golf course fleet applications, battery packs usually get used up much more than in a golf cart owned by a private person.

While the busiest times of the year, fleet carts are used for 1-2 rounds per day, while private carts are usually used for 3-5 rounds per week (sometimes more depending on the number of golfers using the cart).

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Many variables affect a golf cart battery’s longevity. So, it’s clear that this is a hard subject. They can last for a few months or up to seven years if the conditions are right. But if the item isn’t used for months or is exposed to high temperatures for a long time (like in a hot garage in the summer), it can seriously shorten its lifespan.

It’s inconvenient, expensive, and takes time to replace a dead battery. To ensure your golf cart battery lasts, it’s important to take care of it and keep it in good shape.

Factors That Shorten The Lifespan Of Golf Cart Batteries


Overcharging golf cart batteries is one of the leading causes of short battery life. This occurs when the battery is fully charged, but the charger keeps pumping power into it, overheating the internals. The battery’s longevity will be significantly impacted if this behavior develops.

Thankfully, most chargers are now automated, meaning they are set up to shut off whenever the battery is fully charged. This implies that you don’t need to be concerned about overcharging if the charger and power supply don’t malfunction.

However, many chargers don’t have an automated shut-off feature, so using an alarm clock is strongly advised. Your batteries will have a far higher chance of lasting longer if you ensure they are never overcharged.


Another major factor in a battery’s lifespan is maintenance, or the lack thereof. The most important thing to remember is that the batteries require frequent watering, at least once a month. And you must use DISTILLED water rather than regular tap water. Tap water can harm you in many different ways. Before inspecting and filling them up, you should ensure they are properly charged.

Cleaning is part of battery maintenance. You might observe a buildup of corrosion near your battery terminals over time. This must be cleaned as fast as possible and completely to avoid serious harm. Check out this guide for more details on cleaning golf cart batteries.

The way you charge your batteries is another aspect of excellent battery care. Generally speaking, you need to recharge your batteries after each use. It’s not healthy for them to be left vacant for extended periods.

A battery benefits from regular discharge and recharge cycles since they increase its longevity. Also, make sure the place where you charge them is well-ventilated. They won’t become too hot because of this.

Brand / Quality Of The Battery

When it comes to golf cart batteries, as with other things, you essentially get what you pay for. Yes, there are several affordable solutions available that can easily endure for several years. But you’ll probably need to shell out some serious cash if you want a battery that could last you for up to ten years.

Frequency Of Use

The longevity of the batteries is unavoidably impacted by how frequently different golf carts are used. Compared to the typical privately owned golf cart, the battery packs in golf cart fleets see substantially more use—typically two to three rounds of golf daily. The batteries on these fleet carts typically last 4-6 years with proper maintenance.

Simply because the battery is being utilized less, a privately owned golf cart that is utilized for three rounds of golf on average per week is likely to survive longer than this. Golf cart batteries that are held privately should last six to ten years.

Golf Cart Features

The quantity of extras the golf cart has is another, if less significant, an aspect that influences battery longevity. For instance, some golf carts might be completely equipped with headlights, horns, and windshield wipers (as well as any other parts that make a golf cart street legal) features that put the battery under a little bit more stress and reduce its longevity.

This effect, however small, shouldn’t deter you from equipping your golf cart with the necessary extras.


Make sure to store your golf cart battery somewhere cool if you keep it for an extended period. The longevity of your battery will be fatally affected by prolonged exposure to hot temperatures.

While it is unquestionably ideal for storing batteries in colder temperatures, you should avoid doing so in locations where freezing temperatures are predicted. Also, it is advised that you check the voltage of your batteries every six weeks and boost charge them when they are only 70% charged or less.

Tips & Tricks For Making Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

Maintain Fluid Levels

The battery can’t function without water. Unfortunately, there was no water. Fluid levels that are too high, full, or fall below the plates might cause acid leaks or damage the battery. You’d agree with me that none of those scenarios is good.

To begin, unscrew the plastic battery cell caps from atop each reservoir. Check to make sure there is enough fluid. The battery must be completely submerged in the liquid. If you need to replace the water, use only distilled water; never spring or tap water.

Use The Right Charger

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines when deciding which charger is best for your battery. If you want your battery to last as long as possible and perform efficiently, you should use a three-phase charger. Your battery’s life will be prolonged if you fully recharge it after each use.

Long-Term Storage Requires Trickle Charging

Whether you’re storing your cart for the “offseason” or don’t have plans to use it anytime soon, the battery’s lifespan will be negatively affected. Good thing there’s an easy solution: the trickle charge. Use the trickle charge option on your charger to maintain the battery’s charge and life when it’s not in use.

Decrease Corrosion Risk

Your battery may be strong, but it isn’t waterproof. Corrosion on the battery’s metal terminals and connections could reduce its useful life span. Protect your battery from the elements and keep it in a cool, dry place whenever possible.

Don’t Always Choose The Cheapest Option

The battery is an important but often overlooked part of a cart. Lower quality batteries often don’t hold a charge for as long. You should go for a device with a solid guarantee and costs somewhere in the middle to upper range. Assuming they are stored correctly, these batteries have a shelf life of 7-10 years. Put money aside now to save money and hassle in the long run.


I had gone through How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? Your cart’s batteries allow it to travel along flat ground and steep inclines. With regular charging and maintenance, your battery might survive for years. You won’t have to fear powering up your cart yearly if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, recharge after each use, and trickle charge when leaving it in storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently do golf cart batteries need to be changed?

For private owners, properly cared for golf cart batteries typically last 6 to 10 years. Batteries for fleet golf carts should last 4-6 years if they are well-maintained and used daily for 2-3 rounds. Golf courses or maintenance facilities typically use fleet golf carts.

On a full charge, how far can a golf cart travel?

Most gas golf carts have a 5 to 6-gallon fuel tank and travel roughly 40 miles per gallon, depending on the model. The range of an electric golf cart with fully charged batteries in excellent condition is approximately 35 kilometers.

Should I always leave my golf cart plugged in?

According to the manufacturers, the batteries in your golf cart will remain completely charged and accessible if you plug it in continuously while utilizing an auto battery charger. Not charging batteries before putting them away for an extended period might cause them to lose capacity over time.

Can golf cart batteries be recharged?

Allow them to complete the entire cycle or charge them overnight. Epsom salts eliminate deposits or sulfuration that can hinder your battery from receiving a complete charge. Check the battery either after it has been charging for some time or the next day.

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