How Long Do Eco-Drive Watch Batteries Last? (My Experience)

Let’s begin with How Long Do Eco-Drive Watch Batteries Last? Eco-Drive can run for over six months on a single charge in total darkness. In fact, some versions with power-saving features can operate for up to seven years.

Batteries are not required to run Eco-Drive watches. Instead, it makes use of light as a power source. Eco-Drive watches can convert light into an electrical source so that the watch can function by using a solar conversion panel on the watch’s face.

Conflicting opinions frequently surface anytime this subject is raised because, technically, the Eco-Drive watch contains a “backup” battery that retains the electrical energy that was converted by the solar conversion panel.

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However, this can be deceiving because the Eco-Drive watch’s “backup” battery functions more like a power reserve, storing energy that is gradually released to allow the watch to run. This differs from the conventional oxide battery that all quartz watches utilize.

How Long Do Eco-Drive Watch Batteries Last?

Utilizing Citizen’s in-house technology, the company creates its Eco Driveline watches. This advancement in technology makes watches last up to 10 years longer. In addition to the technology, they power the watch with solar cells and a backup battery. Additionally, as stated by Citizens, the use of solar cells and a secondary battery extends the lifespan of Eco-Drive watches by more than ten years.

Like most people, you’ve undoubtedly owned one or more watches you adored dearly but whose batteries died unexpectedly. It’s most likely gathering dust in a drawer or box that you put it in. Like many of us, it’s likely that you didn’t have the time to take it to a jeweler to change the battery.

However, Citizen Eco-Drive timepieces are unique. They create gorgeous timepieces you will adore, and you won’t ever have to be concerned about the expense and difficulty of changing a battery again. Eco-Drive timepieces are strong, dependable, and have the longest-lasting batteries available.

What Is Eco-Drive?

Eco-Drive, found in all Citizen watches, is a system that can recharge the watch using any light source. The technology can function with either artificial or natural light. A lithium-ion rechargeable cell stores the power. The battery can be charged indefinitely and has continuous runtime. With regular servicing, Eco-Drive watches can endure for decades.

According to Citizen, approximately 10 million batteries have been saved from landfills in North America thanks to their Citizen Eco-Drive watch line. Wonderful news for the planet and a bold step toward reducing pollution.

A Brief History Of Eco-Drive Watches

These watches, first made available to the public in 1996, represented significant technological advancements over other solar-powered timepieces. By using sleek, elegant designs instead of bulky, obvious power cells, this cutting-edge technology eliminated the need for them.

The Eco-Drive calibre 7878 movements served as the inspiration for these timepieces. The first of its type, it was. This made it possible to place solar cells beneath the dial. Light can travel through the dial’s translucence, power the movement, and recharge the battery. The battery can operate for up to 180 days on secondary (stored) energy before needing to be recharged by exposure to light.

Some versions may hibernate for a predetermined time, and the watch hands will cease moving if exposed to darkness for an extended period. The internal quartz movement will still reliably monitor the time, though. The hands will ultimately adjust to the proper position when light exposure and resume time as usual.

Due to this feature, Eco-Drive watches require very little maintenance. If you pull your watch out of the drawer after it has been hidden for three months and expose it to light, it will immediately display the right time.

Life Expectancy

According to Citizen Watches, the solar cells and backup battery used in Eco-Drive watches will last up to 10 years. They added that the lubricants used to make these watches are designed to help with longevity because the oil will not harden or evaporate, even over 20 years.

While it happens infrequently, there have been cases where harm from too much heat during recharge has been recorded. The device’s temperature must not go above 140 degrees Fahrenheit as a safety measure. For example, if the timepieces are held too close to light bulbs, they may overheat.

Are All Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Solar-Powered?

All Eco-Drive wristwatches are run on solar energy generated by the local community. Citizen eco-drive watches have accurate atomic timekeeping that eliminates the need for frequent adjustments. The eco-drive technology available to citizens has multiple positive outcomes.

However, it is necessary to remember that not all Citizen Watches feature eco-drive. Although certain vintage Citizen Watches may be solar-powered, they may not have eco-drive technology. Read the product descriptions and the manual before purchasing a Citizen watch.

How Reliable Are Citizen Eco-Drive Watches?

The Citizen Eco-Drive Timepieces is arguably the most dependable watch in the solar-powered watch category. Due to its dependability and inventiveness, Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology has earned multiple important honors.

Imagine if, in 20 or even 30 years, your Citizen Eco-Drive watch is still functioning well and accurately despite no battery replacements or time adjustments. This is the level of dependability that the Citizen Eco-Drive can provide because it has atomic timekeeping, which automatically sets the time for you so that you don’t have to.

What Is The Price Of A Citizen Eco-Drive Watch?

The watch’s price can start at $85, and while Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology is state-of-the-art and can last you a lifetime, our favorite model is the tough Eco-Drive BM8180-03E with a khaki canvas strap and a day-date complication.

This watch is, without a doubt, one of our greatest values. With a day-date indicator, highly lighted luminous hands, and a 37mm screw-back case, this military-inspired timepiece fits the bill while having a tough appearance. If you are concerned about water, you are lucky because this watch has a 100-meter water resistance rating, making it ideal for wearing while swimming.

Final Verdict

That’s all I have on How Long Do Eco-Drive Watch Batteries Last? The runtime of a Citizen Eco-Drive watch’s battery varies by model. In any case, there shouldn’t be a big discrepancy. According to official Citizen Reports, the power reserve battery has a lifespan of up to 10 years.

This should not come as a surprise, as the “backup” battery, or power reserve battery as it is more commonly known is designed to last indefinitely. Your watch’s battery, charged by the sun’s rays, should endure for quite some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Citizen Eco-Drive watches stop?

The lifelong durability of Citizen’s Eco-Drive timepieces is guaranteed. Recharge your watch to get it working if it has stopped due to a lack of light.

Can the battery in a Citizen Eco-Drive watch be changed?

However, because Eco-Drive watches don’t need batteries, we advise replacing the gaskets on schedule once every two to three years.

Can you fix an Eco-Drive watch?

Fix My Watch can swap out the capacitor in your Citizen Eco-Drive! Although it might not require a battery and reseal repair, if it is still not functioning for you, we will pick up your watch, fix the capacitor, properly reseal it, and send it back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

How is a watch with Eco-Drive recharged?

The battery was charged using various technologies in earlier Eco-Drive models. The Citizen Eco-Drive Thermo watches obtained energy from the temperature difference between the wearer’s wrist and the surrounding air. The Seebeck effect would generate power due to the temperature difference, charging the battery.

What is an Eco-Drive watch from Citizen?

A line of watches from Citizen called Eco-Drive uses alternative energy sources to recharge the watch’s battery. The batteries need not be changed because various sources can power the watches.

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