How Do I Know If My Kindle Battery Needs Replacing? Guide

If your device doesn’t turn on due to a battery error, takes too long to charge, doesn’t charge up, or doesn’t keep a charge, you’ll need to replace the Kindle battery. Let’s get more about How Do I Know If My Kindle Battery Needs Replacing?

Know If My Kindle Battery Needs Replacing

How Do I Know If My Kindle Battery Needs Replacing?

The majority of modern technology is not built to live forever. The Kindle is the same. Whatever Kindle model you use, whether the Kindle Paperwhite or another one, the battery will inevitably stop charging at some point.

The real query is whether a Kindle battery can be changed. You can quickly replace a Kindle battery at home with the correct equipment. Although a Kindle does not officially come with a plug-and-play battery replacement option, batteries can be bought on the Amazon marketplace.

But precisely how does one change the Kindle’s battery? In addition, should you take your equipment to a repair shop, or might you want to replace it at home?

We shall examine this subject in great detail in this post. We’ll be able to recognize the warning signs that your battery needs to be changed. We’ll also examine how to replace the battery. That, plus a lot more! So let’s get going!

How To Replace A Kindle Battery?

Any smart device’s battery replacement may appear like a difficult operation. We don’t want to harm the device, after all, accidentally! However, if you have the appropriate instruments, you can rest confident that the procedure is fairly easy.

What You’ll Need To Change A Kindle Battery?

We must remove the device’s rear panel, unscrew the battery, replace it with a new one, and then reassemble it to change the battery. Don’t worry; I’ll immediately explain the precise actions you must follow. Here are the tools you will require in the interim to successfully replace the battery in your Kindle.

  • Kindle Battery
  • Prying Tool
  • Screwdriver

Kindle Battery

The Kindle Battery is the most crucial component you will require if you plan to replace the Kindle battery!

The hardest aspect of the entire process is this stage. This is true because Amazon does not offer an official Kindle battery replacement. On the other hand, Amazon offers a huge variety of battery choices.

Most Kindle Paperwhite 3 (or later models) and Kindle Oasis should be compatible with this Kindle battery from Amazon. The best approach to determine which battery is suitable for your Kindle is to open the back panel, verify the battery’s serial number (or consider the placement of the battery connectors), and then select the appropriate battery from Amazon by clicking this link. Before selecting the right battery for your smartphone, take your time.

Prying Tool

We can pry open the Kindle’s back panel and detach the battery’s glue with a prying tool (depending on the Kindle device that you may be using). This iFixit prying tool is of excellent quality and is available on Amazon. It has been picked to retain the gap while the back cover is initially removed.


Last but not least, you will also require a #0 Phillips screwdriver. That will do if you already have it at home. But if you have to buy something, I suggest getting this Teckton Phillip Screwdriver (on Amazon).

Replacing The Kindle Battery (Step By Step Process)

The Kindle battery replacement process is very simple. All you have to do is remove the back panel, change the battery, and then reinstall the back panel.

You should know that Kindle models may have different procedures for opening the back panel. Therefore, we will examine each of the most popular Kindle models in this part (the process indicated below will also cover most of the Kindle devices).

You may start the “Kindle battery replacement” procedure when you have all the necessary equipment!

Kindle Paperwhite Battery Replacement 

The back panel of the Kindle Paperwhite cannot be accessed without first opening the screen from the front. What you must do is as follows:

Step#1: Remove the front bezel

Pry the front bezel out from the body using the prying tool. Starting close to the power button or one of the corners is simpler.

Start by sliding the prying instrument between the front bezel and the back panel’s gap. As soon as you begin, grip the front bezel with your fingers or the picks with the prying tool set. Work your way around the bezel gradually until you can remove the front.

Step#2: Remove The Screws Around The Screen

The 10 screws that are located all around the screen must be removed next. Using a Phillips screwdriver, you must individually remove each of the ten screws. To prevent losing them, be sure to keep the screws in a safe location.

Remember to attach the screw underneath the top black double-sided tape (the location on a phone where a front-facing camera is typically found).

Step#3: Remove The Back Panel

Use the flat tool in your prying kit to raise the back casing and separate it from the screen before removing the back panel. Flip the screen to reach the battery after separating the rear panel.

Step#4: Replace The Battery

Next, take out the three screws holding the battery in place. These screws must be taken out to unplug the battery.

Put in the replacement battery you just bought. To secure the battery, tighten the three screws from the back.

Step#5: Seal The Kindle

We will perform the previous stages backward as the last phase of the procedure. To view the front screen, turn the Kindle over. Reattach the device’s back cover with a clip. Reinstall the ten screws that we previously removed from the Kindle’s front.

The front bezel should be placed in line with the remaining portion of the Kindle. Once you hear a clicking sound, press down. Bezel placement will be the same as before. Be cautious to secure and seal everything.

Kindle Fire Battery Replacement

All Kindle devices have a similar general battery replacement procedure, but certain devices have a few exceptions. I’ll briefly outline the procedures for replacing the Kinde Fire battery below. Read the preceding section if you need to comprehend the specific actions.

  • Remove the back cover from your Kindle Fire device using a prying tool.
  • To detach the battery, remove the wire connectors from the mainboard.
  • When all cables are unplugged, use the prying tool to remove the battery adhesive.
  • Change the old battery out for the new one.
  • Connect the new battery’s cables to the board.
  • Push the back panel down until you hear a clicking sound after aligning it with the body.

You will then have successfully changed the Kindle Fire battery. Be aware that practically all Kindle Fire devices, including the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet, Kindle Fire 8, Kindle Fire 8 HD, and Kindle Fire HD 10, are compatible with this approach.

Battery Replacement For Older/Other Kindle Devices

As previously said, regardless of the model, the general procedure for changing the Kindle batteries is the same (with minor differences). The battery access would be the only variation.

You often only need to remove the top portion of the back panel off of a Kindle 2. Before peeling the last portion of the rear panel off, remove the two screws. You need to remove the back panel portion under the next and previous page buttons for the more recent Kindle Oasis models.

A Kindle Oasis battery is substantially more compact than a standard Kindle battery. You can quickly disconnect the battery and remove it from the back once you have access to the board. Like that, removing the entire back panel from an older Kindle (the ones with the keyboard) will allow you to access the battery.

How Much Does A Kindle Battery Replacement Cost?

If you replace the battery yourself, it can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 to do so for a Kindle. It may cost roughly $100 to take your Kindle to a repair shop to change the battery.

You may have observed that by simply replacing your gadget’s battery at home using the instructions in this article, you may easily save $50 or more.

One issue to consider is the price of a new Kindle if you are opposed to changing the battery of your Kindle at home. For as little as approximately $89, you can purchase a basic Kindle that is ad-supported! So rather than taking it to the store and spending extra money, I’d suggest buying a new Kindle if you truly want to avoid changing the battery yourself!

To Conclude

This was How Do I Know If My Kindle Battery Needs Replacing? You might attempt to insert the battery yourself, even though it’s recommended that professionals do it. Although it’s not tough, your gadget could get damaged if you don’t know how to do it.

The reader’s back needs to be removed, which is a crucial step because it can break. Use a hairdryer to warm it up slightly, so the glue melts. The original battery is disconnected and taken out, and the new one is put in.

Make sure you have a practical toolkit with a mini-screwdriver or a plastic wedge to remove the case before you begin. Examine your Kindle’s specifications to learn what other features it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if the battery in my Kindle is bad?

Unlike most other electronic devices, the Kindle does not automatically turn off when the battery is dangerously low. Instead, a screen that states “Critical Battery” will appear instead of the screensaver. Your power source is dead.

Can a Kindle’s battery be changed?

If you had used the Kindle’s model number, you ought to have received the proper size battery to swap out the original battery. It shouldn’t need to be pressed into the case. Replace the screws you previously removed if you’re changing the battery in a Fire HD.

What is the price of a new Kindle battery?

The batteries for Kindles are often inexpensive. The cost of a new battery for the Kindle 2 is less than $9 and includes shipping. A Kindle Keyboard (also known as Kindle 3, Kindle Wi-Fi, or Kindle Touch) or Kindle Touch battery costs less than $13. Batteries for Kindle Paperwhite cost $14.

How Do I Fix My Kindle’s Charging Problem?

·       Restart the device. Restarting your Kindle is the first thing I would advise you to do.
·       Reset your Kindle completely.
·       Change the adaptor and charging cable.
·       Replace the battery in your Kindle.
·       Reset the system to its default settings.
·       Get in touch with customer service.
·       Buy a brand-new Kindle.

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