Do electric fences work for huskies? A Comprehensive Guide

Will a husky be able to cross an invisible fence? That will rely on a variety of circumstances. Therefore I chose to write this post to educate you so you could think about Do electric fences work for huskies before making a choice.

Any invisible fence company will heartily recommend them for any dog and huskies if you ask them. Many folks will tell you they have huskies and that they have no difficulty keeping them in the yard.

You should find out where they reside and what their surroundings are like. How much fence training did they give the dog?

Do electric fences work for huskies?

It can, indeed! Dealers have been using hidden fences to train Siberian Huskies, Husky mixes, Alaskan Malamutes, and other breeds of dogs to stay in their yards for over 30 years.

Do electric fences work for huskies
Do electric fences work for huskies

How high of a fence is appropriate for a husky?

There is also the conventional wooden fence if you feel uncomfortable with an invisible barrier. However, dog owners have long been troubled by the height of these fences.

For a Husky, I suggest getting a fence at least 6 feet tall. After all, this breed can easily jump over a 4-foot-tall person.

Additionally, it must be constructed from sturdy wood that can withstand chewing and charging. Because of this, your Husky won’t destroy your new fence out of boredom.

Huskies that are bored are experts at escaping from fences.

How should you prepare your Husky before using an invisible fence?

Dogs are kept in a specific area by invisible fences, which work by employing an underground wire that produces a signal.

The dog has a collar that detects the signal and prevents them from crossing the line.

Do huskies respond to invisible fences? 

Using invisible fences with good training will work much better at keeping your Husky under control.

However, many believe that because huskies are too intelligent or powerful, invisible fences won’t work for them.

We’ll offer some advice on how to make the most of your fence in this article. Additionally, we’ll go through how to teach your Husky to stay inside the fence. So let’s get going!

What to do before using an invisible fence for your Husky?

Know your surroundings

It would help if you first familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Huskies adore pursuing deer and are known to chase after small animals. 

An invisible fence won’t work if a husky sees a deer or other small animals that it considers prey. It’s only a matter of time until your dog permanently separates from you.

An invisible fence may keep a dog in the yard but won’t keep people or other animals out. Knowing your surroundings is, therefore, crucial before using an invisible fence.

There are several ineffective invisible fences.

It’s critical to realize that invisible fences are not always successful. No matter how thoroughly you train your husky or how frequently you check the batteries in the collar, there may be instances when it escapes.

Your Husky can get agitated and attempt to flee more frequently if you are in a region with many deer or other small animals.

Also, remember that locating your Husky may be challenging if it escapes. If you are not home when it escapes, it may take hours or even days before you know your Husky is gone.

A backup strategy is crucial because of this, such as a physical fence.

Use positive reinforcement

Utilize positive reinforcement when teaching your Husky to stay within an invisible fence’s perimeter. This entails praising your dog for good behaviour and fence-keeping.

Treats work best for this, although verbal praise and stroking are acceptable methods. However, it would help if you refrained from employing punishment when training your Husky.

Punishing your dog encourages escape attempts and may result in behavioural issues.

Be reliable

Being consistent is crucial while teaching your Husky. This implies that the family should use the same orders and incentives.

Your dog will grow confused and perhaps only respond to the training if you are consistent.

How to train your Husky to stay within an invisible fence?

  1. Use a brief leash to start.

You’ll need a short leash and some rewards to get started. Take your dog on a walk around the perimeter of your property while attaching the leash to its collar.

Please keep your dog close to you while you walk and reward it every few minutes with a treat.

  1. Gradually extend the leash’s length.

After your dog becomes accustomed to using a short leash, you can progressively lengthen it. Stop and wait for your dog to settle down if it starts to yank on the leash.

  1. Take away the leash.

You should be able to take the leash off after a few weeks of training. However, you’ll still need to keep an eye on your dog and be prepared to reward it if it stays inside the fence’s perimeter.

  1. Use a lengthy line.

Use a long line if you have problems keeping an eye on your dog. This is a length of rope fastened to your dog’s collar. Someone else should hold the line’s other end.

  1. Verify the collar’s batteries.

It’s crucial to check the batteries in your dog’s collar routinely. The fence could not operate correctly if the batteries were low.

  1. Have patience 

Training your Husky to stay inside an imaginary fence can take time and patience. But if you stick with the training, ultimately, your dog will pick up the boundaries.


An invisible fence can be a good choice if you’re seeking a safe and reliable way to keep your dog inside the bounds of your property.

Before selecting a choice, do your homework and consult your veterinarian. What other inquiries do you have regarding Do electric fences work for huskies? Tell us in the comments section below! I appreciate your reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fence is ideal for a Siberian Husky?

The ideal option is to install a six-foot-tall wooden privacy fence. Dogs find it quite challenging to climb this kind of slick wooden fence. For them, though, chain-link fences are rather simple.

Do large dogs fit through electric fences?

Larger dog breeds have a history of scaling fences or leaping over them to get away. An electric fence provides the aesthetic benefit of leaving your yard open while protecting your pet from large dogs, which is far less expensive.

Do Huskies respond well to electric collars?

Like other dogs, it is generally advised against using electric collars to train huskies. These collars administer an electric shock as punishment, which can hurt the dog physically and psychologically, increasing anxiety, aggression, and stress. It can also cause pain and misery to the dog.

How can I keep my Husky from escaping?

You may encourage children to maintain their focus on one thing by giving them activities to engage in, such as playing with toys. Using a lengthy leash will allow your Siberian Husky to run while controlling their escape. Never let them wander off alone in the yard. You can teach your Husky not to run away by constantly keeping an eye on them.

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