Digits A New “New York Times Game” Is Wordle With Math

A new daily number game called Digits, which tries to be the mathematical counterpart of Wordle, has been unveiled by The New York Times (opens in a new tab) for the kids in the math camp, a game at last. So, let’s explain Digits A New “New York Times Game” Is Wordle With Math.

You can play Digits right now because it was developed by the internal gaming team of the New York Times. But it will only last for a while. The arithmetic game will only be accessible for a week, after which the test results will be assessed.

Digits A New “New York Times Game” Is Wordle With Math 1

Digits’ beta test results will determine whether it eventually becomes Wordle as a New York Times mainstay or is scrapped as a dud.

The idea for Digits was proposed during a New York Times game jam, and work on the project started in late 2021. It was based on the English game show Countdown and the French program Des Chiffres et des Lettres.

Around the same time, Wordle started to gain popularity, which can be seen in the green and gold color scheme of Digits. Work on Digits was put on hold while Wordle was being integrated into the New York Times website when the team eventually bought Wordle in January 2022.

‘Digits’ Game Instructions

You’ve undoubtedly seen the premise of Digits before. To reach the closest answer possible, you are given a set of six integers and must add, subtract, divide, and multiply them by one another.

Even though each number would vanish once used, you are not required to utilize them all. For instance, if I opted to multiply a seven by a 3, the result would be a 21 that I could use to perform more calculations. I won’t be able to add 7 to my 21 because the original 7 and 3 will no longer be there.

This also implies a maximum number of operations you can perform before running out of numbers. Fortunately, Digits is a little more forgiving than Wordle and does include an undo button in case you’ve mathematically cornered yourself. Attempting to solve a puzzle more than once prevents you from being stuck with a poor first outcome.

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