Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk Battery Dead (Causes + Solution)

When A Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Battery Dies, it usually means the battery is getting low. Running slowly could be a sign that the movement needs to be serviced. What are you going to do with this broken timepiece in that case? How is a dead Eco-Drive watch recharged? Do you understand the specifics of these watch charging instructions?

Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk Battery Dead 1

Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk Battery Dead

The lifespan of Citizen Eco-Drive watches is probably greater. However, occasionally your watch might not be charged, in which case it will likely be dead. If that occurs, you could be surprised because you didn’t anticipate this kind of incident from a highly durable watch.

How Can You Repair Your Citizen Eco-Drive Watch?

When a Citizen Eco-drive watch stops working, its battery reserve runs low. Therefore, all that is required is for the watch to be fully recharged by being exposed directly to light.

In this instance, even if your watch is fully charged with strong natural lights, it might not function properly if it completely stops operating. As a result, you can see that your watch starts to operate erratically by constantly moving the second hand.

Therefore, you need to reset the watch if you notice that the Eco-drive watch’s second hand is still moving in 2-second intervals after it has been fully charged. Your watch will select the Time Reset Warning mode in this situation.

The two hitching movements should have occurred but for this. One is that if you set your watch’s correct time after it has partially recharged, it will move in two steps. It implies that you should recharge your watch more frequently.

As a result, the correct time will be set when you finish charging. Additionally, your watch will automatically switch to the standard second step once it has fully charged (the charging period for a Garmin solar watch).

Your watch will, however, be in the Time Reset Advisory mode until the time is precisely set if the time is not set even after it has received enough energy. When it is finished, it will resume its usual one-second step movement. You must keep in mind that the amount of charging time here depends on the watch caliber number listed in your handbook book. Additionally, depending on your Eco-Drive watch model, all reset procedures differ.

How Are Dead Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Recharged?

Okay, so the quick answer is that you must expose your dead Citizen Eco-Drive watch to light in order to recharge it. The Eco-Drive watch includes a rechargeable battery, which you may already know. Therefore, to keep your watch running, this cell needs to be filled. And to accomplish this, expose the watch dial immediately to artificially intense light, like sunlight or fluorescent lights.

For the greatest performance, it is advisable to charge your Eco-Drive watch for at least 5 to 6 hours once a month. Thus, the dead watch issue can be avoided. If your watch loses power and behaves strangely, you must fully charge it by holding it to bright light. This intense light can be manufactured or natural.

Therefore, if the watch completely stops functioning and stops ticking, you must use the All Reset method outlined in your watch’s instruction manual. Make sure you’ve finished this before you set the timer. If you do this, you’ll see a starting point that coincides with the moment your watch runs out of battery entirely.

Before setting your watch, ensure it is fully charged and working in its regular one-second increment mode. A power-saving mode, a speedy start mode, a low hybrid battery warning option, etc., are among the wonderful characteristics of several Eco-Drive watch models. This way, you’ll be aware of it before your watch dies and may act accordingly.

It would help if you charged your watch before using it often to prevent the problem of a dead watch. To recharge your Eco-Drive watch, you must adhere to the expected and approximate charging times listed below.


The Citizen Eco-Drive watch typically appears to survive forever and never die. Making such a claim is accurate, but it also presents a highly specialized energy storage device called a capacitor. Additionally, this capacitor can last up to 40 years.

Due to frequent use, the rechargeable cell in the Eco-Drive watch may lose some of its capacity over time. Even after 20 years of use, it can still reserve 80% of its initial amount of power.

These rechargeable batteries also typically never die and have larger energy capacity. To keep the watch in working order, it can charge it continuously. In addition, your Eco-Drive watch doesn’t even need a battery.

As a result, your watch will only appear to run slowly or stop working when it is low on power. If so, you’ll need to undergo the hitching movement method to bring your watch back to working order.

To Conclude

The Citizen Eco-Drive watch lasts a very long time, yet it occasionally runs out of battery. In light of the information in this article, I’ve attempted to inform you on how to recharge your Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk Battery Dead.

Hopefully, you have a clear understanding of how to recharge. Before we go any further, we suggest that you periodically service your watch if you discover that the rechargeable solar cells have run out of juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Citizen Eco-Drive watches stop?

The lifelong durability of Citizen’s Eco-Drive timepieces is guaranteed. Recharge your watch to get it working if it has stopped due to a lack of light. On the case back, you may find the watch’s movement caliber.

Can the batteries in solar watches be changed?

Solar watches don’t require regular battery changes. Thus they can be worn for extended periods with sweat and dirt still on the watch or band.

Are LED lights able to recharge a citizen eco-drive?

They all claim that any light source, including LED, may charge Eco-Drive. Just keep it away from extremely hot light sources. But in the end, nothing can replace the natural light, and occasionally an Eco-Drive that has been discharged won’t start again with just artificial light.

What caused my watch to stop working?

The battery is the most frequent cause of a watch needing repair or maintenance. A decent watch battery guideline is swapping them out every two years. But because quartz watches don’t have second hands, they can last for three years or more.

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