Can You Shave After A Spray Tan? Is It A Good Idea?

To start, Can You Shave After A Spray Tan? It would help if you had clarification about shaving after a spray tan.

You want a flawless spray tan, but you need to decide whether you should shave before or after, and you don’t want to take the chance of turning into the Abominable Snowman just for the sake of looking good.

Can you shave after a spray tan? This is a problem raised by this situation.

Let’s examine shaving etiquette in-depth and explain what occurs before, during, and following a spray tan. After that, you will feel more at ease caring for your body and working for that sun-free glow.

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

Wait 24 hours before shaving after receiving a spray tan. Take out a new razor. The dull razor will drag on your skin and remove your tan. It won’t please anyone, so get a new one so it can move more smoothly and not drag as much against your skin.

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan
Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

Negative Effects Of Post-Tan Shaving

Shaving is another method of exfoliating the skin; thus, it removes a portion of the top layer of skin and shaves the hair.

This poses a challenge to the durability of a spray tan because any exfoliation done to the skin after application will take some of that color away, hastening the fading process. 

But if we try to extend the duration of our tans, it could result in a tan that lasts as long as two weeks!

In comparison to you, my hair grows quickly! This would give ladies some nice fuzzy legs, especially in the summer!

Negative Effects Of Post-Tan Shaving
Negative Effects Of Post-Tan Shaving

If a customer worries that they won’t be able to shave while getting a tan or forgot to shave and wonders if it’s okay to shave after their appointment, you should tell them that shaving will interfere with the tan’s depth of color and longevity. There is still some hope for post-tan shaving!

Guidelines For Post-Tan Shaving

Fortunately, there is some latitude concerning this issue. If your clients ask about shaving after a tan, you don’t have to say “no” outright.

It would help if you let them know the risks of shaving while using a spray tan, as we previously indicated, but you can do this without spoiling the entire look.

Be Patient

Shaving should be done after the spray tan has fully grown if it’s going to be done after that. A spray tan usually needs to be rinsed after 8 hours and is finished developing 24 hours later.

If the body is shaved before the 24-hour growth time, the tan won’t develop properly because shaving entails exfoliating the skin and using some form of wash in the shower.

Be Gentle

The ideal technique for shaving after a spray tan is to use a light touch because you want only to exfoliate the skin.

You may remove the hair using a razor, preferably with a sharp blade, by applying light pressure while shaving. This will prevent the tan from being significantly interfered with.

The moisture strips on many razors are another crucial shaving consideration when spraying tans. When preparing for a spray tan, a customer should use a razor without a moisture strip.

This is because razors with moisture strips can leave behind a buildup that could stop the spray tan solution from getting to the skin.

As you might expect, this barrier prevents the tan from developing completely or gives the legs a “streaky” appearance after it has.

After Your Spray Tan Session: Shaving Advice

It would help to wait at least 8 hours after your spray tanning session, as the tanner needs this time to set.

Shaving does more than cut your hair; it also exfoliates the skin quite a deal. There are a few tips on how to do this properly as well:

Use A Fresh Razor

Your ancient, maybe-many-times-used razor is dull and dusty. This indicates that employing it will cause significant dragging on your skin, removing the tanner.

Ensure you purchase a new one to glide over your skin without picking up the spray tan.

Never Shave With Foam

Shaving foam and other comparable products are frequently filled with substances (such as alcohol and strong detergents) that may harm your sunless tan.

Try using conditioner or a shower gel instead of shaving foam if required; ensure they don’t include sulfates. You can also use shaving lotions designed specifically for sunless tanning.

Could You Keep It Simple?

Avoid applying too much pressure during shaving. Otherwise, the tanning solution will be scraped off by your razor.

Avoid Shaving Too Often

Make sure you don’t shave every day. Because your new spray-on tan will fade more quickly the more you shave. So there you go, everyone.


I hope that clarifies your query about whether shaving after a spray tan is Okay. A great approach to give the skin some color is to sunless tan. The days of being white and pale are over.

You don’t have to walk about with hair on your arms and legs just because you look nice and tan. I hope all of you tanned beauties out there learned something from this essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does shaving after a spray tan affect it?

Typically, a spray tan will fully develop after 24 hours, so you must rinse it off. Shaving the body before the 24-hour growth time will prevent the tan from developing effectively because it requires exfoliating the skin and using a wash in the shower.

Can you get a spray tan off with shaving?

Yes, you can shave after getting a spray tan, but be aware that part of your color may fade, especially if you spend a lot of time in the shower or bath before shaving. If you have properly prepared for your tan, shaving is less likely to harm it.

How soon can you shave after getting a spray tan?

To shave for the first time following a spray tan, give yourself at least 8 hours. Use a hydrating body wash without any oils rather than typical shaving cream when shaving. Most shaving creams on the market have strong detergents and alcohol that might fade your tan.

Which comes first, shaving or a spray tan?

Shave the previous evening. Your legs should still be smooth when you get a spray tan unless you have dark, coarse hair that grows quickly. Consider waxing a few days before the spray tan if your hair grows quickly. Bear in mind that waxing can cause skin irritation.

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