Can You Convert A Pull-Start Generator To Electric Start?

Let’s answer the question Can You Convert A Pull-Start Generator To Electric Start? A pull-start generator might be challenging to start, especially if you have to repeat the powerful motion if you are unable to pull hard enough. With this manual approach, you can injure your arms; therefore, as a practical alternative, you should install an electric generator starter kit.

Can You Convert A Pull-Start Generator To Electric Start?

Several generators are equipped with pull-start systems. Others even have none at all. Although generators typically have either of these starter defaults, many users prefer generators with electric starters.

Yes! Thankfully for them, adding an electric start to a generator is something you can do yourself! Here is a guide to putting your electric start on a portable generator if you want to know how to do it: You’ll require a wrench, a generator with an engine, and an electric starter kit. Instructions must be included with the beginning package.

Convert A Pull-Start Generator To Electric Start
  • Look at the generator’s engine first. Identify the location of the generator’s starter if one is present. A starter can be attached to mounting bosses or holes.
  • Remove the generator’s shroud to check if the flywheel has a ring gear.
  • If the flywheel of the generator has a ring gear, you are ready to proceed; an electric start can be installed with ease.
  • An electric start cannot be installed if the generator flywheel lacks a ring gear. Only after replacing it with a flywheel that does have a ring gear can you proceed with the further stages.
  • Incorporate the flywheel and ring gear assembly’s starter from the kit. Bolts are used to secure the generator’s starter. The starting kit frequently also comes with the necessary bolts.
  • The starter’s extension wire should be plugged into an outlet. The extension cord usually comes with the starter kit, although you can purchase similar cords elsewhere.
  • Hit the starting button. This should now start the generator if you put it up correctly. If you aren’t using the starter, unplug it.

Installing an electric starting system on your portable generator has a lot of advantages. With such a mechanism, starting and stopping your generator and turning it off when not in use will be more straightforward. Get a high-quality kit, carefully follow the instructions, and you can add an electric start to most generator types. This will make using generators more convenient.

Considerations For Electric Start Generator Conversion

  • Is there mounting for a starter on the engine block? If not, this idea is not practical.
  • Does the flywheel contain starter-compatible teeth? You can replace a flywheel, but depending on your engine, it might not be worth the money and work.
  • If you decide to replace it, try to get a flywheel with magnets for a charging system. My battery has to be charged in various methods since mine didn’t.
  • Do you prefer to utilize a starter solenoid or a high amp switch? A standard switch will become damaged due to the high electrical demands of a starter. I utilized a switch that could be used in a circuit that went straight from the battery to the starter, but I also used a solenoid to offer myself some mounting options and to use less expensive wire.

How will you receive electricity? I had a few possibilities for my engine model, including a small motorcycle battery that could fit inside the generator cage and a kit that was very easy to install for 110 volts (why would I want my backup generator to start utilizing at home currently?) (Not enough voltage).

After adding terminals that would enable me to place the cables permanently, I decided to chop off one end of some decent jumper cables. As I can connect it to any automobile battery, including one already in a car, I will have additional alternatives for starting my generator.

How To Convert An Electric Pull Start In 8 Simple Steps?

  1. Consult the owner’s manual
  2. Examine the mounting plate on your engine
  3. Make that the flywheel has a ring gear
  4. Get the proper startup kit
  5. Put the starter into the flywheel and fasten it to the mounting plate
  6. Fix Generator Electric Starter
  7. Starter into the outlet
  8. Click “start”
How To Convert An Electric Pull Start In 8 Simple Steps

The eight processes listed above will help us determine whether the conversion is possible. What happens if you’ve checked most of the boxes but not all?

The good statement is that there is still hope if your flywheel is the problem. The conversion will, however, lose its promise without the mounting bosses more quickly than you can crank up your generator.

Electric Conversion Of A Pull Start Generator

You’ve made the decision to replace the pull start on your generator with an electric starter. You should switch your generator to an electric start because the strain on your arms and the time lost attempting to get it running can be tedious. This is a sensible choice and will significantly simplify your life.

We need to establish a few things before we begin the conversion procedure. We have to be very sure that your generator can be converted. How can you prove this? By doing the following:

Examine The Owner’s Manual

Take a look at your owner’s manual. A section typically states that switching from a pull start to an electric starter is doable (Most manufacturers consider this potential conversion when creating their products.).

If the conversion portion of your owner’s manual exists, seek a specific starter kit part number. It is required to complete the conversion. Finding the fitting kit should be easy because most manufacturers make the electric starter kit.

Some manufacturers go over and beyond by giving a detailed instruction manual on performing the change. As you read through your owner’s manual, look for this.

Check Your Engine

Check your generator’s engine for the appropriate mounting plates for an electric starter. The following modification will be significantly easier if your generator already has plates with the proper mounting bosses or gaps for an electric starter.

Examine Your Flywheel Check To See If Your Flywheel Contains The Necessary Ring Gear

Now that you know the essential information, you can get your generator’s appropriate electric starting kit. The mounting plates you have ensured are accurately drilled will enable you to mount the electric starter kit. You also verified that your flywheel contains the necessary ring gear. Now is the time to begin the conversion!

Invest In The Appropriate Starter Kit

There are a few factors to consider when selecting an electric starter kit for your generator. It would help if you often went for a kit from the same company that made your generator for the most outstanding results. Everything will integrate better, and installation will be more straightforward.

It’s preferable to do it correctly the first time than to fix it because things keep failing frequently, so please do your research, be bold, and spend a little more to obtain a decent-quality kit.

As soon as you have your starting kit, check to see if it contains all of the parts you’ll need to convert your generator from pull to electric:

  • start-up device
  • Keyless or push-button ignition
  • Bolts
  • plug fitting guidelines

Check your starting kit’s contents before you begin the conversion to ensure it contains all the parts listed above. After that, carry out these simple instructions.

Attach The Starter To The Ring Gear And Flywheel

Remember that the slots on the flywheel gear’s cracking gear on the electric starter should completely line up.

Repair The Generator’s Electric Starter

Install your electric starter on your generator using the bolts included with your starter kit.

Use An Extension Cord To Plug The Electric Starter Into An Outlet

Some kits include a built-in rechargeable battery. Simply proceed to plug the electric starter into an outlet using an extension cord if your starter kit didn’t include one.

Choose Start From The Menu

Your generator should start without a hitch if the setup is done correctly. Always keep in mind to unplug your starter while not in use. That is all there is to it. Converting your beginning setup should be easy if you follow these simple instructions.


That’s all I have on Can You Convert A Pull-Start Generator To Electric Start? The standard method of starting your generator is by pulling a starter cord. Your arms will feel the pressure, which rarely starts with a single lift. Until our generators chose to start, we had all been pulling continuously for what felt like an eternity. That can be annoying.

As we’ve shown, switching from a pull start to an electric starter is simple and the best option overall. We’re done panting and puffing. Moving forward only requires a critical turn or button press.

Always make sure you are using the proper mounting plates first. You must perform the conversion with the appropriate mounting plates. The next step is to determine if the flywheel has ring gear. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to swap it out for one that does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give a Generac generator an electric start?

Can I upgrade my pull-start generator to an electric start? Generac provides no kits or accessories to convert a pull-start generator to an electric start. The generator warranty may be void if any alterations are made.

How does a portable generator’s electric start function?

Essentially, when you pull the recoil cord, this will turn on like an engine switch. Instead of using the recoil cord technique, you can start your generator by pressing the electric start button if your generator has one. Your battery may be dead if the electric starter doesn’t operate.

Can a push mower have an electric starter?

A pull start rope and some elbow grease are frequently used to start the engine of push lawnmowers. Others, like the Troy-Bilt TB210, have an electric starter system that draws power from a starter battery.

Can a generator have a remote start?

You only need to make plans to get a wireless remote control transmitter. Your generator will work well with this transmitter if it already has a remote control input. Once this is established, turning on and off your generator will be simple from a distance between 10 and 100 meters.

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