Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Tanning? Quick Answer

I will give extensive knowledge about Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Tanning? In this article. Planet Fitness may be the right gym for you if you’re searching for a cheap gym with lots of extras to get you started.

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with Planet Fitness thanks to the reasonable monthly fees, two different plans to select from, FREE personal training, a 30-minute circuit, massage beds, tanning beds, and showers in the locker rooms.

Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Tanning?

As a holder of a Black Card, you can bring one guest every visit as long as they always remain by your side.

Visitors are only permitted to utilize the exercise equipment; they are not permitted to use the hydro massage chairs, tanning beds, or any other Planet Fitness services, such as haircuts.

Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Tanning
Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Tanning?

Can You Go To Any Planet Fitness?

All Planet Fitness members have unrestricted access to their local club and can depend on their helpful, courteous staff at all times.

In addition, holders of the PF Black Card® enjoy additional benefits like free guest admission and access to all Planet Fitness facilities.

Can You Go To Any Planet Fitness
Can You Go To Any Planet Fitness?

Additionally, you are free to use any of Planet Fitness’ more than 2000 locations worldwide, bring a guest with you whenever you visit, and utilize the club’s massage chairs, tanning, hydromassage, and other amenities. Additionally, Planet Fitness offers discounted cold beverages.

Can You Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

You can bring anyone with you as a guest to Planet Fitness if you have a Black Card membership. Moreover, they have to be at least 18 years old.

They should also have a photo ID on them for identification purposes. Remember that if they do not have identification, they will not be allowed to enter.

Can You Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness
Can You Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

If the initial purchaser is their parent or legal guardian, visitors as young as 13 are also permitted at Planet Fitness.

You must also watch out for them and make sure they follow you everywhere. In this instance, the Black Card membership will operate similarly to the Planet Fitness Family Plan.

Please make sure your guest is dressed according to the Planet Fitness rules. You should dress appropriately and wear socks, shoes, or other footwear with closed toes when playing on the gym field.

Additionally, visitors are only allowed to use the gym while you are there. Furthermore, it would help if you didn’t leave them behind or ask them to meet you inside.

They will only be allowed to enter if you are present. Furthermore, you are only allowed to bring one guest with you when you visit Planet Fitness. However, each time you visit, you can bring different guests.

Planet Fitness Black Card Guest Rules

You are welcome to use the gym with the person you are bringing. They are free to use any of the machine bars and exercise equipment they like.

They can even use the showers if they like. Additionally, kids will be prepared to utilize the free Wi-Fi at Planet Fitness.

Guest privileges may vary slightly from place to location because gyms are owned and run as franchises. While some hotels will allow guests to take advantage of other Black Card features and benefits, most will not.

Hydro massage chairs, tanning beds, hairstyling, and Beauty Angel Enhancement devices are additional benefits and extras. You should call them for confirmation if you want to know what your visitors can do in your gym.

You can use any Planet Fitness facility if you have a Black Card. The majority of gyms will welcome your visitors. However, some clubs could bar your buddies if they are from somewhere other than the gym you go to often.

You should also be aware that you are only allowed ten visits per month to a gym that is not your home gym. Your visitor is likewise subject to this restriction.

Unlimited Guest Privileges At All Planet Fitness Locations

You have unlimited visitor privileges to bring a different guest and the same person every time. On the other side, visitors are restricted to using the exercise areas.

You can bring one guest per day to Planet Fitness for no additional charge if you have an “endless guest privilege,” but the “endless” only applies to the regular gym equipment and machines at Planet Fitness.

This “unrestricted” refers to the gym member’s ability to bring someone to the gym daily instead of being limited to one or two per month, as is the case with standard plans.

Can A Planet Fitness Guest Use Hydromassage?

The hydro massage chairs and tanning booths are off-limits to visitors, but they are welcome to use the treadmill and other fitness equipment.

A guest card is necessary; visitors must be at least 18 years old to use the hydromassage. The gym can run specials to get visitors to check it out. A Planet Fitness visitor cannot use the hydromassage alone, though.

A parent or a child under 13 may accompany a guest with a Planet Fitness guest pass. The visitor must carry a photo ID and be 18 years old. Only with parental consent may a guest under 13 utilize the hydro massage.

Visitors can use the normal gym gear. They are not permitted to utilize tanning beds or hydro massage chairs. The tanning beds and other exercise equipment are available to visitors, but chairs are off-limits.

Planet Fitness provides numerous advantages. A $1 water bottle and use of the sauna are included with memberships, which are also open to visitors.

To soothe your back and aching muscles, visit a Planet Fitness store to discover a hydro massage.

You can use the gym equipment for free and invite a guest for a $10 monthly charge. The sole drawback is the need for access to the hydro massage chairs and tanning beds.

Planet Fitness Black Card – Guest Use Of Massage Chairs

When you work out at Planet Fitness, you can bring a visitor with you if you have a black card membership.

You can acquire a 20% discount with the black card on all in-store purchases, including those made in the tanning booths, massage chairs, and saunas.

A black card user can utilize their massage chair for free once per year in addition to the membership advantages. The hydro massage chairs, tanning booths, and other Planet Fitness services cannot be used by visitors.

You will have unrestricted access to the massage chairs in the club with a Planet Fitness Black Card.

Additionally, this card will give you free access to the shower and exercise areas. As long as you are a club member, there are no limitations on when you can attend the spa.

Additionally, a Planet Fitness black card entitles you to use its massage chairs and saunas at any chain gym.

Following a strenuous workout, you can unwind and rest in the massage chair in the spa. A Planet Fitness black-card has many advantages.

The black card is a fantastic option if you frequently use Planet Fitness. You may access all their locations even if you’re on the move.

The black card with complimentary guest rights is a terrific way to take your health club on the road.

You can use their massage chairs as much as you like, regardless of whether you’re on a tight budget or traveling for work. After a long day at work, you’ll discover that your massage chairs can aid in your relaxation.

Your body’s discomfort, worry, and tension can be reduced using a Planet Fitness massage chair, leading to better sleep, muscle relaxation, and a lower level of general health.


Only one planet Fitness guest can use tanning on every visit. If you have a Black Card, you can use the guest policy to invite a buddy to work out for free! Explain the dress code to them, as kids will only be admitted if they wear workout-appropriate attire.

Top FAQ’s

How much is tanning lotion at Planet Fitness?

Depending on the store and brand, tanning lotion at Planet Fitness costs $5 to $20 for each bottle. Members can bring their lotions if they’d like, although Planet Fitness offers a variety of lotions from well-known brands.

Can you work out at Planet Fitness in only a sports bra?

Members can work out in a choice of clothes. All types of clothing are acceptable, including crop tops, sports bras, bralettes, long pants, and collared shirts.

Can you bring a visitor to Planet Fitness many times?

The bottom line is that you can bring one guest whenever you visit a Planet Fitness facility. You can bring a different guest each day or the same person each time you stop by.

Can you go to Planet Fitness as a guest without the member?

No, the participant must be present. If it’s a one-time affair, you can also request a trial instead. If you’re considering using a friend’s card, reconsider.

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