Can Magnet Stop Digital Electric Meter? Is It Illegal?

Here is all information about Can Magnet Stop Digital Electric Meter? Digital electric meters cannot be stopped or influenced by magnets. Electricity use by a home or company can be precisely measured and recorded using digital electric meters, commonly called electronic or smart meters. They use cutting-edge technology that is resistant to magnetic fields from the outside.

Can Magnet Stop Digital Electric Meter?

Positioning a magnet could lower the current reading and, as a result, lower the reported active power if the electricity meter uses a current transformer (CT) current sensor.

Magnet Stop Digital Electric Meter

Why Magnets Cannot Stop Digital Electric Meters? Few Reasons


Digital electric meters often use solid-state components like integrated circuits and microprocessors to detect and record electricity usage precisely. These components are made to operate in a variety of situations without interference. Thus, they are not impacted by magnetic fields.


Smart meters undergo rigorous testing and calibration procedures to ensure accuracy and dependability. Temperature, voltage swings, and electromagnetic interference are all considered in this calibration. The meters are made to stay accurate and withstand outside forces, such as magnetic fields.

Housing Construction

To shield their internal components from the elements, digital electric meters have strong housings. To preserve the precision and integrity of the meter readings, the housing offers shielding against electromagnetic interference, including magnetic fields.

Tamper Detection

When an unlawful attempt is made to alter or interfere with a smart meter, tamper detection devices are installed, which notify utility providers. Any utilization of magnets or other extraneous objects falls under this category. Utility providers implement strict security measures to protect the accuracy of the meter readings and guarantee fair billing.

The attempt to tamper with an electric meter is prohibited and can have serious repercussions, including fines and legal penalties. Utility companies rely on precise meter readings to preserve the integrity of the electrical infrastructure and charge customers correctly.

It is essential to contact your utility provider and report any suspected problems with your electric meter, such as errors or inconsistencies. They will dispatch qualified professionals to examine and expertly address any issues.

How To Stop Electric Meter With Magnet?

Suppose the meter is mechanically driven and has a rotating disk inside that turns at a speed related to consumption. In that case, you can stop an electricity meter with a magnet by positioning a powerful magnet in some position attached to the meter.

The meter will stop registering actual energy use when you put a magnet so that it restricts or even stops the disk from turning the dials that indicate consumption in kWh.

How To Stop Electric Meter With Magnet

However, if positioned incorrectly, it could speed up the disk and register a higher value than the real consumption. Be aware that the magnet needs to be large, which makes it heavier, and permanently attached to the meter enclosure to stop or slow down the disk and lower your electric bill.

If the utility company learns of this, there may be severe legal repercussions (read more below!). Please note that this only functions with conventional electricity meters that record consumption using a disk mechanism.

How To Stop Digital Electric Meter With Magnet?

Digital electric meters don’t have rotating parts that move in response to magnetic fields like older meters do. Therefore, you can’t stop one with a magnet.

Due to a signal that some smart digital meters can send to the company when a customer is trying to manipulate them, which can result in legal repercussions and significant fines, the smart digital meters are made in a way that they cannot be interfered with using magnets or even with any other methods of hacking.

Why Should You NOT Be Using Magnet To Reduce Electric Bill?

Because utilizing a magnet to reduce your energy usage entails using the same amount of energy as normal but reporting to the utility a lower amount than what you consumed to alter the meter’s functionality.

First, you should refrain from doing this since it is unethical, even if you believe that no one will catch you. In addition, using such methods to attempt to halt or slow down the electric meter is prohibited.

Based on your country, the utility company may stop providing you with electricity, file a case, and demand that you pay a sizable fine if someone reports you or if the utility worker notices the large magnets when they enter to take the monthly reading.


The monthly increase in the power meter can be slowed down or stopped legally. Additionally, installing solar panels or a small wind turbine can help you save money on your electric bill.

They may be able to create more electricity during the day than you require, and you may give the surplus to the utility. The utility can provide you with the electricity you require at night, and the meter will record both quantities.

That is the proper method for reducing your electricity costs. Refraining from using a magnet to stop or slow the meter would be beneficial. ThisThis article was informative and enlightening for you Can Magnet Stop Digital Electric Meter?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a magnet affect a digital meter?

A neodymium magnet placed close to a meter’s measuring coils will cause the reading to be lower than the actual amount of electric energy consumed, making the measuring error negative. But as the magnet is removed from the meter, the indication switches back to the appropriate measuring class.

How can my electric meter be slowed down?

How to Increase an Electrical Meter’s Speed
·       Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) instead of incandescent bulbs.
·       Turn off the power to the home amusement center when not in use.
·       Swap out an outdated electric stove.
·       Shut off the central air conditioners 30 minutes before you leave the house.

Can you use a magnet on a smart meter?

As a result, the remote-type smart meter is not frightened of common magnets; that is, if you download a common magnet from the Internet, the meter will not be affected in the slightest. You try it seriously with a powerful magnet, which could harm the meter.

Can you disable a smart meter?

Customers who already own a smart meter can request to have it taken away at any time. To recoup these expenses, providers may impose a levy on customers.

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