Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face? Quick Answer

This article will explain Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face? When the first rays of summer sun come out, many people want to get the best tan possible. This brightness might make us feel better about ourselves and boost our self-esteem.

Since the sun-kissed look is becoming more and more famous, it’s not surprising that there are now a lot of tanning oils on the market.

Even though it may be easy to pick the first product that says it will give you a quick and long-lasting tan, it is important to know if you can put tanning oil on your face, how these oils work, and what safety steps you need to take.

Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face?

Yes! Rub and spread the oil over the body parts you want to tan. Pour the necessary amount of tanning oil into the palms of your hands.

Make sure to apply it evenly and delicately if you’re using it on areas of skin that require extra care, such as your face.

Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face
Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face?

What Are The Benefits Of Tanning Oil?

Numerous brands offer a wide variety of tanning oils. Getting one that will keep your skin looking young and healthy is crucial.

Many tanning oils aid in moisturizing your skin, which is crucial if you will be in the sun for an extended period. These oils help improve the skin’s appearance and feel, making them especially beneficial for dry skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Tanning Oil
What Are The Benefits Of Tanning Oil?

At Hawaiian Tropic, we use coconut oil in our tanning oil because it helps to soften and smooth the skin. Many enjoy using tanning oil as a moisturizer throughout the year to feel like summer, even on the gloomiest days!

The vitamins and nutrients your skin needs when tanning are also included in these oils.

Antioxidants found in good tanning oils also aid in lessening the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays while allowing you to achieve that quick, radiant glow.

How Safe Is Tanning Oil?

Unfortunately, although many tanning oils contain SPF, they’re not truly designed to shield you from the sun’s dangerous rays. Jaliman says that tanning creams don’t have as much SPF as a lotion labeled sunscreen, which protects from sun rays.

Most tanning creams have an SPF of 15 or less, which isn’t enough to protect you from the sun. Expert says, “Tanning oils don’t protect your skin.

How Safe Is Tanning Oil
How Safe Is Tanning Oil?

Instead, because they make you spend more time in the sun, they can make your skin more likely to get sun damage.” The bottom line is that your skin is unprotected from damaging sun exposure if you don’t use enough SPF.

This raises the question of whether adding sunscreen to tanning oil will increase its safety. You’ll get accolades for being witty, but this can backfire.

The tanning product’s oils may render sunblock ineffective when used with it, putting the skin at risk of sunburn.

Tanning Oil Dangers

Our specialists concur that using tanning oil might seriously endanger the skin. Using tanning oil is implied to be an addition to tanning outdoors, which can be quite detrimental to the skin.

Exposure to the sun, even for just ten minutes a day throughout a lifetime, can cause significant damage and accelerate skin aging,” says Jaliman.

When you lay out in the sun to get a tan, you put your skin in danger of aging signs, discoloration from UV exposure, and even cancer.

How To Safely Tan?

Whether it’s using body bronzers or self-tanners, we love to fake our tans. But Jaliman advises using an SPF of at least 30 if you must be in the sun.

People should remember that increased melanin pigment creation due to skin damage from those bothersome UV rays (while out in the sun) ultimately causes the skin’s darkening.

Additionally, both specialists advise routinely checking your skin for any unusual changes. According to Bottiglione, skin damage initially manifests as a sunburn but can later irritate and, over time, wrinkles.

He advises checking for unusual dark spots in the mirror while pointing out that, although “Most coloration is inherited,” they can “rise due to exposure to sunlight.”

See a doctor if you detect a mole or an area that keeps bleeding or changing colors.

How Should I Apply Tanning Oil?

Use tanning oil to quickly develop a dark tan if you intend to sunbathe outdoors. Pour a good amount of the tanning oil into your palms.

To achieve a uniform coating, spread the oil between your palms and gently pat the skin you wish to tan.

Apply the oil much more delicately to delicate regions like your face. You can apply it all over your body to achieve a uniform and even tanned appearance.

If you don’t like the goods on the market, making tanning oils at home is an excellent alternative.

After every two hours, you can reapply the oil to get a quick tan. To prevent sunburn, reapply sunscreen every 3 to 5 hours if delicate skin is prone to burning.

If you need help determining what will work best for you, you can test tanning oil vs. no tanning oil to determine whether you should use it. 

What Do I Do To Prepare My Face For Self-Tanning?

It’s considerably simpler than you imagine to self-tan the face with products like Gradual Face Tan and Face Tan Mist. You can use them or incorporate them into your skincare regimen.

The Gradual Face Tan would be used instead of your moisturizer at the end, and the Face Tan Mist would go where you would typically apply your toner.

The same guidelines apply to your body to maintain a flawless face tan. To completely clean the skin and remove any unwanted buildup, moisturize your face every day and exfoliate your face at least once a week.

Consistent application will keep you looking tanned because using potent skincare ingredients like retinol may shorten the longevity of any face tan treatments on the face.

Every 1-2 days, we advise using the Gradual Face Tan, and every 2-3 days, the Face Tan Mist.

Which facial tanner is the most effective?

The first step in achieving your desired glow is always picking the best self-tanner. Always choose a face tanner that is created with 100% natural DHA, and make sure there are no substances on the list that could irritate your skin.

Choose a formula or application method that will effortlessly fit your routine because formulas and application methods differ. Our Gradual Face Tan will be ideal if you prefer using a few products in your routine.

The innovative self-tanner is combined with your regular face moisturizer in this multitasking face cream, which hydrates the skin and gives you a subtle but noticeable bronzed look.

Choose our Face Tan Mist instead if you’d like a face tanner that amps up the self-tan factor and gives you a bronzed complexion after just one application.

Both items are simple to use and, with a little knowledge, may be included in your daily skincare routine.


To answer, Can I Put Tanning Oil On My Face? Yes! You can put tanning oil on the face. Our objective when our skin is exposed to the sun should be to resist UV rays rather than to draw them to the skin.

This entails permanently banning tanning oil. Fortunately, tanning oils are not the only way to achieve bronzed skin, even though they can seriously harm skin. There are safe techniques to get a golden appearance.

Top FAQ’s

Does applying tanning oil on the face lead to acne?

Although applying fake tan lotions and sprays won’t make someone develop acne in the long run if they don’t already have it, they can make your skin break out by clogging pores, increasing oil production, and bringing germs to the skin.

Is tanning oil beneficial for the skin?

Since it concentrates UV rays, you risk harming your skin considerably sooner when you use tanning oil. That might result in a burn or, over time, a higher chance of developing skin cancer. It would help if you exercised the utmost caution as a result.

Is tanner harmful to fair skin?

But because tanning oils frequently have lower SPF levels than other lotions, you should be cautious not to overexpose yourself to the sun. Fair-skinned people may want to completely avoid tanning products because they can increase the chance of sunburn.

Which tanning product is preferable, oil or cream?

Which one would you prefer? They both benefit summer skin. More comprehensive protection with a light tan without tanning is provided by tanning lotion. You can get a deeper tan and additional skin protection from tanning oil.

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