Can I Connect LED Strip Lights Together?

Often people are confused about Can I Connect LED Strip Lights Together? When LED strip lighting first became available approximately 15 years ago, hobbyists were excited by the possibilities of lighting up places in romantic red, modern blue, or dark purple.

LED strips are likely the most popular LED lighting project use. They can be used for various purposes and can instantly change the tone of a room. They can virtually travel anyplace because they’re in the form of thin, flexible stickable strips.

The maximum number of LED strips you can link together depends on the strip’s power output and your power source. Strip lights can be linked through connectors, wires, or soldering.

Connect LED Strip Lights Together

Is It Possible To Connect Multiple Strip Lights?

Because LED strip lights come in reels with indicated dotted lines for cutting the strips to the size needed, connecting two of them is simple. These strips can then be connected in one of two ways: with connectors or by soldering the copper pads of the strips. Strip away the protective plastic coating using a sharp blade to reveal the circuit connection dots on the LED strip, ready for connecting leads or connectors.

Is It Feasible To Connect LED Light Strips From Different Brands Together?

You can connect multiple brands of LED light strips as long as the voltage is the same. Assume you’re attempting to connect two strips of different voltages. Due to the varied voltage needs for each strip, they will not work, and you risk destroying them. The destruction of money.

You must also confirm that the oppositeness is appropriately aligned while connecting them. The polarity of different brands of light strips may be wired somewhat differently; make sure the positive connectors are aligned. There should be a plus and minus symbol next to the copper pads to guide you.

It’s worth mentioning that different LED strip light brands might be made in various quality levels. If you connect LED strips from different brands, you can notice that one of them wears out sooner or dims. Even if it means stepping up a cheap price on a lower-priced brand, it’s always easier and preferable to connect LED strip lights made by the same firm.

Is Connecting Multiple Strip Lights Safe?

Buying quality, approved products is a no-brainer when it comes to safety. Because they employ thin material that cannot tolerate high currents and warms up quickly, cheap LED strips linked in series are recognized as a fire danger. The heat generated by LED strips put on wood or plastic surfaces might be a significant fire threat. Even if you’re utilizing an authentic product, you should still take certain measures.

Because you may have several various types of LED strips that you want to connect, you must consider their variances. An RGB LED strip, for example, consumes three times the power of a white LED strip. Because strip lights cannot share the same power source, they cannot be connected. The voltage of the PSU and the LED strip must match.

There are three possible ratings. If your LED strip requires 5 volts DC (VDC), your power supply must also be 5 volts DC. The same is true for LED strips that run on 12V and 24V. Aside from safety, you must also consider the most cost-effective method to power your attached strips.

Combining LED strips into one line & looping it back to the beginning point to cover a rectangle ceiling isn’t the most energy-efficient method. A sensible solution would be to install a power source in one of the rectangle ceiling’s corners. Then, from the power source, connect two LED strips in parallel.

Each strip runs down two sides of the rectangle, terminating at the opposite corner from the power supply. This eliminates the need for two power supplies and eliminates voltage drop, which causes strip lights near the end of the chain to fade owing to voltage drop.

What Is The Best Way To Connect LED Light Strips?

Unless you’re lighting a very small project, you’ll definitely have to cut and attach LED light strips.  One of the most important advantages of LED tape lights is this.  To light larger spaces and unique nooks and crannies, connect many strips.  LED tapes can be attached in two different ways:


A LED light strip connecting clip is the easiest way to connect two LED strips.  A male-to-male clip can be used to connect two LED strips.

Hippo Buckle LED Strip Lights Connector

The Hippo Buckle light strip connector causes it easy to connect two LED strips.  This connector includes enough for an LED light strip on each of its two ends.  Simply hook one end of your strip to the hippo buckle connector to link the two strips together. 

These connectors can join two strips or connect your LED strip to the power source.  In either case, these connectors assist you in successfully extending the range of your LED light strips.  This connector can connect single color and RGB LED light strips.

Solder-Free LED Strip Lights Connector

Hippo clips are great for joining individual LED light strips, but they don’t have enough area to join parallel LED tapes.  The larger solderless LED strip lights connection comes in helpful in this situation.  There is enough space to attach many LED strips.

This connector can join single color and RGB LED ribbon lights.  Dimmable LED strip lights are also consistent.  The LED strips are held in place by plastic clips, keeping the connection tight.

Solder-Free LED Wire Connector

For your project, your LED light strips may have to go around a corner or take on a unique shape.  This was when breadboard LED wire adapters came in useful.  These wire connectors contain clips, so you may use them to connect two LED light strips. 

They’re excellent for extending the life of your LED light strips. A good way to hide dark corners and other aspects of your room is to use a wire connection.  This is due to the fact that these cables do not have LEDs attached to them.  They’re only useful for lengthening the strip.  LED tape lights can be joined in a variety of ways.

The Soldering Process

When connecting LED light strips, clipping is a simple and effective method. However, there are some circumstances where clipping is not an option. Linking strips to be placed in aluminum frames, for example, is not possible using clips. In this case, you’ll need to join the LED tapes together.

LED light strips can be connected with a simple soldering process. Although it does require some specialized equipment, the learning curve is severe. Using a soldering iron solder the ends of two LED strips together after trimming the strips to the required length.

When Clipping & Soldering LED Strips There Are A Few Things To Consider

While trimming and connecting are two different ways to join LED strips, they need certain requirements to work. When putting LED tapes jointly, there are rare things to keep in mind: Carefully cut LED wires from the copper connectors in the LED tapes, which can be found every 2 inches. To protect the LEDs in the tapes must be done.

For soldering and clipping, LED tapes must be exposed. When this is the case, carefully remove the tapes’ plastic covers. Make sure the letters are visible. Using hippo connections eliminates the need for this step.

When connecting LED strips with solder or wire connectors, ensure the correct wires are attached to each LED strip. The outcome is that the colors red, green, and blue are all related. Use a heat shrink cover to keep the connections safe. Ensure you get the right heat shrink cover for indoor and outdoor use.


In the nutshell Can I Connect LED Strip Lights Together? LED light strips are an excellent method to add extra illumination to your projects. They can be easily installed and stretchy enough to fit into tiny areas.

They have a very low carbon impression and create very little heat. You won’t have to worry about costs, and they use less energy than usual lighting sources. LED light tapes may be readily attached to fit your background.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of LED light strips you can link together?

With LED strips, it’s no different. As a general rule, Vetco advises against connecting more than three complete strips end-to-end without first adding extra, higher-gauge power cable or additional power supply units.

Is it possible to control many LED strips with a single remote?

An LED light strip can be connected to many remote controls. All you have to do now is sync the strip to both remotes. Controllers frequently remember the last settings of an LED light strip. If you’re using multiple remotes to operate a strip, the settings for the LEDs will be determined by the remote you used last.

Is it possible to combine LED strip lights?

Ensure that the flexible light does not receive any electricity during installation. C) Double-check that the voltage on the light strip matches the voltage on the LED Driver. D) Avoid overlapping this product because it may cause the adjustable light to overheat, melt, or ignite.

Is it possible to solder two LED lights together?

After you’ve tinned each wire and the copper dots on your RGB LED Strip Light, it’s time to connect the two. Set the wires on the copper spots one by one, then place the soldering iron over both to melt the solders and make them one.

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