Can 1 Person Have 2 Facebook Accounts? (Answered)

Have you ever wondered Can 1 Person Have 2 Facebook Accounts? What if 1 person has 2 Facebook accounts? Recent modifications to how Facebook (and its parent company, Meta) manages its users’ social network accounts and profiles across its many platforms include several experimental features.

Facebook now allows users to establish several accounts connected to a single primary account, which is a very intriguing change. Facebook claims that by enabling the creation of new accounts, users will be able to have many profiles, each of which will be dedicated to pursuing a different interest or hobby.

So you might have a primary account for communicating with friends and family and a secondary profile dedicated solely to crafting and creating art.

In the guide below, we’ll go through what to anticipate when setting up these new extra Facebook profiles for yourself, how to do it, and how to move between your new profiles and your primary account profile.

Can 1 Person Have 2 Facebook Accounts?

Under your account, up to 4 different Facebook profiles are permitted. These profiles can represent various aspects of your personality, such as your interests or the groups you are a part of. Each profile can follow various organizations and Pages, each with its friend list and Feed.

1 Person Have 2 Facebook Accounts

Can A Facebook Account Have Several Profiles?

Yes, you can open up additional Facebook accounts. This new tool, which Facebook started testing earlier this year, is now operational on both the desktop website and the mobile app. Here is what to anticipate:

Can A Facebook Account Have Several Profiles
  1. You can link up to four additional profiles to your primary Facebook account on Facebook. This indicates that you can have five Facebook profiles: one for your primary account and four for others.
  2. Your other profiles will be accessible through your login to access your primary account. You can access your other profiles from your main account by logging in.
  3. Every additional profile will have a unique username and display name. These names will be your choice; they don’t have to match your real name. They must keep Facebook’s policies. Additionally, you are not allowed to pose as another person or company, provide false information, or use usernames that “consist solely of generic terms or locations.”
  4. These auxiliary accounts will also be able to follow Pages and groups and have their buddy lists, Feeds, and other features.
  5. With these profiles, you can add friends and customize each profile’s privacy settings.

How Do You Change Between Many Facebook Accounts?

How do you switch between the profile on your primary account and your new auxiliary profiles after creating an additional Facebook profile? Here’s how to go about it:

How Do You Change Between Many Facebook Accounts

(The steps below provide instructions for both the desktop site and the mobile app.)

Step 1: On the desktop website: Select your profile picture symbol in the top-right corner of by going there. You can then get all profiles from the menu that displays to get a complete list of your Facebook profiles, or you can click the symbol that features the profile image of one of your accounts surrounded by two arrows.

Pick the account you want to utilize. If you select, See all profiles, it will handle the rest for you.

The profile displayed in the center of the surrounding arrows icon will be automatically switched if you select the latter option.

Step 2: Using a mobile app: On your mobile device, launch the Facebook app and choose the Three-line menu symbol (Android users could notice this icon next to their profile image). Then select the Down arrow symbol in the area where your name is listed. (IOS users might instead see a Plus sign icon.)

Your profiles and pages should be listed in a menu. Pick the profile you want to use from this selection.

Page Vs Profile

One benefit of setting up a page is that anyone may become a fan of it by simply being a registered Facebook user, regardless of whether they are one of your close friends on the social media platform. This also implies that only some Facebook friends have enjoyed your page. Only those listed under the “Like This” header on the fan page’s left side are updated by the page.

Do We Need Additional Facebook Profiles?

Since some people don’t want their content seen by classmates or coworkers, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter already provide options to isolate content that specific users can only see.

In truth, Facebook has long provided a comparable function, allowing you to create and choose friends who can view a particular post, photo, or video. This procedure is made more logical and organized by having several profiles. Still, Facebook’s aims are more motivated because the social network has been losing subscribers to rival services like TikTok.

Due to Facebook’s “disappointing” financial performance from the prior quarter, its shares fell more than 20% in February. Facebook experienced a decline in the number of active users in addition to lower income than anticipated.

Facebook has been seeking fresh approaches to re-engaging users with its platform. However, even though the corporation wants individuals to create more Facebook profiles, people appear more interested in permanently unsubscribing.

How To Create A Page?

Building a Facebook page after logging into your Facebook account takes a few moments. Specifically, you click the “Create a Page” button at the bottom of any Facebook screen by scrolling down.

You then choose a category, such as “Brands and Products,” and a subcategory that further qualifies the page’s content. Facebook prompts you to invite current friends to “Like” the page after you upload a profile photo and enter a description before making the page public on the website.

Managing A Facebook Page

Various methods are available for administering your Facebook page once it has been created.

The simplest method is to select “Use Facebook as Page” and click the “Switch” button next to the page’s name on the Facebook screen after clicking the “Arrow” icon next to your name on the upper right side of the screen.

Alternatively, you can use the page’s name to send messages to the Facebook news feed by going to the page and posting them to its wall.


No! 1 person can’t have 2 Facebook accounts. Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media networks companies use to reach consumers. It’s not surprising, considering that Facebook has over a third of the world’s population as users.

You must produce posts that showcase your best work because a vast audience is searching for the newest and best social media stuff to engage with.

This list of things to avoid doing on Facebook should be enough to prevent you from being caught off guard by even the most outrageous faux pas. That’s all I have on Can 1 Person Have 2 Facebook Accounts?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a second Facebook account?

After selecting Settings & Privacy, scroll down and tap Settings. Tap Accounts Center at the bottom. Select Accounts. After selecting Add Accounts, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Can I use the same email address for two Facebook accounts?

Only one Facebook account can be created using any given email address. Due to the personal nature of each account, we insist that everyone sign up using their legally given name. This way, you know that your conversations are safe. Find out why we think these naming conventions are the best. Learn more about our recommended naming practices.

Can the same phone number be used for two different Facebook accounts?

Two different Facebook accounts cannot share the same phone number. When you register for the service, Facebook keeps your email address and phone number so the

Is company aware if you create numerous accounts?

Digital fingerprints collected during account creation and use still allow Facebook to identify several personal accounts. These are tracked whenever a browser is used online and can be used to identify a particular computer.

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