Are There Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger? 11 Apps

Here is a detailed article about Are There Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger? Facebook is unquestionably the most widely used social network, with about 3 billion users globally. Everyone we know uses Facebook or, at the very least, its messaging program, Facebook Messenger, from our mothers to our small cousins.

Ten years ago, we used to text each other to connect, but now Messenger has taken their place. On Messenger, you’ll see people starting private or group chats, and you can’t help but wonder, Are There Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger?

Do you worry that your lover may communicate with others? Do you suspect your child may be participating in a group chat that hurts them? Have you heard your coworkers criticizing you on Messenger while you’re at work?

We have the answer to your question, regardless of your reason for wanting to know what is said in private discussions. Look at the top 11 Facebook Messenger spy programs that simplify your life.

Are There Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger?

If you’ve ever attempted to access someone’s Facebook messages, you know it is more difficult than accessing standard text messages. You will therefore require assistance on this one, which you can get by downloading a spy app. Sadly, not all apps are as great as you might imagine. Some of them may even be false applications made to deceive you. You can study our list of the top 11 free spy apps:

  1. mSpy
  2. Hoverwatch
  3. Spyic
  4. eyeZy
  5. SpyBubble
  6. iKeyMonitor
  7. KidsGuard Pro
  8. Cocospy
  9. Google Family Link
  10. XNSPY
  11. Cerberus
Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger

Both iOS and Android devices can run these applications. But as you may already know, some apps perform better on one operating system than the other. We’ve divided the top spy apps without a target phone into two lists. It’s time to find out if the target phone is an Apple or an Android if you don’t already know.


The best Facebook spy program to monitor someone’s behavior on the social network, including their news feed and who they communicate with on Facebook Messenger, is mSpy. For keeping track of Facebook activity on a target device, mSpy provides several features. Among them is the capacity for:

  • View Facebook messages you’ve sent and received.
  • Keep an eye on Facebook postings, likes, and friend requests.
  • Monitor a user’s Facebook contacts.
  • View a history of your Facebook browsing.

In addition to these Facebook monitoring options, you can also record the target device’s screen to view and scroll through the user’s news feed. You may use the keyboard logger in mSpy to track and record every user’s search on the Facebook app.

Other social media and chat apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and native messaging apps, are all trackable with mSpy’s functionality. With mSpy, you can get started quickly and without danger because the firm gives a 10-day money-back guarantee.


EyeZy is yet another well-liked Facebook monitoring program. It enables you to monitor every discussion and go through every image sent and received on Facebook Messenger by allowing you to see every conversation that has taken place there. You will be able to identify problematic chats and respond appropriately with this level of oversight.

Like mSpy, EyeZy includes a keylogger and screen recorder to record and keep track of all searches made using the Facebook app. Suppose you’re a parent concerned about your child searching for particular themes and subjects. When the monitored user searches for specific terms on Facebook, you may also set up customized notifications. When you consider how damaging Facebook’s algorithm can be, this raises further questions.

Choose a membership, install EyeZy, complete the installation process, and log into your account. Additionally, it offers 24/7 customer care, so if you run into any problem throughout the installation process, assistance is ready to guide you through it.

Other helpful features offered by EyeZy include:

  • GPS location monitoring
  • View and keep track of website history, bookmarked pages, and access settings.
  • Monitoring features for native messaging applications and other social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, Line, and Telegram

You can utilize the free demo account on the EyeZy website to get a feel for the program.


Mobi is a multifunctional surveillance program that parents often use to monitor their children’s mobile devices. The user-friendly control panel on uMobix, like those on mSpy and EyeZy, allows you to access all of the app’s capabilities.

The control panel allows you to examine the conversations related to the Facebook account you are watching. The app shows the name of the chat, the profile photos of the Facebook members with whom the user is chatting, the most recent message, the type of chat, and the time and date when the recent message was sent.

Although the software works with both iOS and Android smartphones, iOS offers more monitoring functions. On iOS devices, for instance, you may access all friends, sites, and likes connected to the Facebook account you’re watching and their news feed.

The keylogger in the app’s Android version lets you view anything a user types on Facebook’s keyboard, including passwords, conversations, and status updates. It also lets you see what a person searches for on Facebook.


Cocospy is a well-known spy program that parents may use to watch their children’s devices. One of the factors for the app’s popularity among parents is that users may track up to 25 devices with a single subscription.

Though the app has fewer options than programs like mSpy, they allow you to monitor Facebook activities. A keylogger that logs everything typed on the device’s keyboard while using Facebook is available on the Cocospy dashboard.

Unfortunately, using the app won’t let you see a user’s Facebook feed. You can see messages from other social networking platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, in addition to Facebook.

Cocospy is great if you want to watch several devices, but if you want more sophisticated Facebook spying capabilities, Cocospy might not be the finest phone spy tool. Visit their website to view a live demo of the app and learn how it functions.


Spyic is an additional surveillance program with extensive Facebook spy tools. You may start with Spyic by installing the app and selecting your price package or registering an account through the company’s website. The software is unrestricted for both Android and iOS smartphones. There are a few Facebook tracking options in the app itself. ‘Social Apps’ is listed on the left side of the main panel.

You can watch Facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger, or Messenger Lite when you select this drop-down box; these choices are advantageous since they let you keep an eye on a Facebook account regardless of the version of Facebook the user is utilizing.

You may be confident that any sent messages are logged because the Spyic program also includes a keylogger. It’s important to remember that this keylogger only works with the Android version.

Nmnnmb If you want to track Facebook messages’ inbound and outgoing traffic, Spyic is a great program to consider. The fact that it has fewer Facebook surveillance features than programs like mSpy and EyeZy is still important to note.


Hoverwatch differs from other Facebook spy applications operating on iOS, Android, and Mac computers and smartphones. It lets you keep track of and preserve every communication sent and received through a Facebook account.

The program also lets you see all participants in group conversations and saves timestamps for each message. However, neither a screen recorder nor a keystroke logger are present in the Hoverwatch software. Unfortunately, this implies that the app only provides a little information about a user’s Facebook feed or searches.

To take screenshots of a user’s Facebook feed, you may enable the app to take screenshots of a specific app regularly and automatically. Hoverwatch is a good option to keep an eye on what’s happening on other applications because it has tools for tracking activity on Kik, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, Line, and other services. The program also functions in stealth mode, making it undetectable to the monitored device’s target user.


The complete Facebook surveillance program XNSpy allows you to monitor user activity. You can use the program to track and record each message sent and received from a Facebook page.

The app also includes a keylogger to track user searches on Facebook and a screen recorder to capture when users navigate their Facebook page. Any app on the target device can be blocked or its usage controlled with the help of XNSpy.

Configuring keyword-based alerts for Facebook Messenger is another simple feature of XNSpy. Type in a keyword to create an alert, then select whether to get emails or push notifications.

You’ll be alerted when the person you’re tracking uses a specific word in a Facebook conversation. With its various Facebook spy features, XNSpy is a reliable program that monitors users’ activities on other social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, Signal, Telegram, Kik, and more.

Kid’s Guard

KidsGuard is a parental control program that parents use to manage their children’s mobile devices, as the name suggests. Numerous KidsGuard versions are available, including separate versions for monitoring WhatsApp, Line, and iCloud, as well as versions for iOS and Android devices.

The app’s features for monitoring Facebook are available on both the Android and iOS versions. The ‘Messenger’ tab in the Social Apps portion of the control panel allows users to keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages. You can examine screenshots of a user’s Facebook news feed in a separate “Facebook” tab and use a keylogger to monitor any keystrokes on the user’s account.

With the help of these capabilities, Parents can monitor their children’s activities and who they are communicating with, as well as gain detailed insights into what users are doing on their accounts. Last but not least, parents using the program can also create detection alerts for particular Facebook keywords their child uses. Another helpful feature to make sure your youngster uses Facebook responsibly is this one.

iKeyMonitor — Best Free Facebook Spy App

iKeyMonitor has capabilities that help keep tabs on a Facebook account on a target device. iKeyMonitor can capture keystrokes entered on Facebook and more when installed on an Android device. Additionally, iKeyMonitor can:

  • Log and keep track of all Facebook messages sent and received.
  • Capture interactions on Facebook using screenshots.
  • Save the time and date of Facebook discussions.
  • Permits you to see the Facebook contacts of a user being watched

The app also agrees with iOS devices, although the iOS version does not allow you to view received Facebook messages. Although all of these functions are advantageous, it should be noted that the software lacks real-time streaming and screen recording capabilities.

The fact that iKeyMonitor offers a free plan for their app, something other suppliers don’t, is one noteworthy aspect that can convince you to try them. To monitor Facebook Messenger, though, you’ll need to purchase the full edition of the program, which costs $16.66/month, as their free plan only provides minimal monitoring.


TheOneSpy is a thorough surveillance program that can keep tabs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. You may utilize several of its features to watch a Facebook account.

You can see a whole history of the user’s Facebook discussions; for instance, each conversation is time- and date-stamped and arranged in an inbox appropriately. Voice messages, videos, and photos may all be tracked with the app.

The program also permits you to record audio calls, so if the user you’re watching places phone calls through Facebook, you can also record those calls. The ‘VoIP Call Recording’ part of the app’s dashboard contains information about these calls, which you can turn on or off.

TheOneSpy also provides screen recording capabilities, allowing you to record the device’s screen whenever and for however long you like. TheOneSpy’s Facebook monitoring tool has additional security measures that include:

  • The option for the app to be configured to take frequent screenshots of the target device
  • Keylogs to log keystrokes on many applications
  • Password chaser, which lets you view the monitored Facebook account’s password

Additionally, the business provides a 14-day money-back guarantee so that customers can try the software risk-free.


We hope that we have resolved your query about Are There Free Apps I Can Monitor Facebook Messenger? No issue exists that any of the 10 apps we chose would provide you with the greatest outcomes. Whatever you use such applications for, remember to take precautions to keep yourself safe. You will get various levels of protection from all apps. This is why we advise choosing the services that have the highest ratings. For instance, we found mSpy to be the only program that is 100% secure.

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