Are Facebook Raffles Legal In Canada? Quick Answer

This article will explain Are Facebook Raffles Legal In Canada? Let’s begin with a quick detail of the ideal procedures for legalizing Facebook raffles in Canada. Personal lotteries are prohibited in several nations, including the US.

Only the government can legally operate lotteries, not people or private businesses. This post has helped you establish a solid basis for your raffle’s rules and regulations. Including a checkbox for consent on your contest entry form is the simplest approach to obtaining consent from participants.

Here is a summary of the current raffle laws for each Canadian province: 47 of the 50 states have legalized raffles under varying conditions. Raffles are prohibited in Utah, Alabama, and Hawaii. People spend money to purchase raffle tickets, which allow them to win prizes in this type of game.

Although I lack legal expertise, I can offer some broad information. A legal expert or the appropriate authorities should always be consulted for precise and up-to-date information because laws might change and differ by jurisdiction.

Facebook Raffles Legal In Canada

Canadian federal and provincial rules, including those governing gaming, advertising, and consumer protection, apply to contests and sweepstakes. These rules can apply if you run a raffle or contest on Facebook or another website.

Legal raffles or contests in Canada often meet several criteria, including not being regarded as unlawful gambling, offering a no-purchase-necessary alternative, providing clear rules and restrictions, and, depending on the contest’s nature, paying rewards based on chance or talent.

Speaking with a lawyer versed with the particular legislation in your province or territory is recommended to guarantee compliance with Canadian laws. They can advise you on the procedures to follow when setting up a raffle or competition, including any licenses or licenses that may be necessary.

Remember that this material is not legal advice; it is always right to talk with a legal expert for precise counsel regarding your unique case.

Facebook Has Strict Policies For Running Promotions

Facebook has tight rules for hosting promotions, sweepstakes, and contests on the social media platform. You must now conduct sweepstakes through your Facebook page because Facebook will no longer let you do so for a personal profile or journal.

Facebook cannot be sued or held accountable if something goes wrong with your sweepstakes by you or your participants. You won’t be held liable if something occurs on the Facebook platform that affects your rivals.

It implies contestants cannot hold Facebook accountable for a company’s false gift. It’s time to plan your Facebook raffle now that your promotion guidelines have been established. The fundamental procedures for a future Facebook raffle are listed below.

It would help if you did some preliminary preparations before planning your raffle. To participate in your Facebook competition, you might ask participants to: You’ll need people’s consent to utilize their submitted videos, images, or written material if you ask them to provide their contact information. This is the situation, for example, if you want to design a banner ad with pictures of contestants.

So, all you have to do is complete your raffle once your marketing campaigns are in motion! In Canada, only non-profit organizations can use raffles as a fundraising tool. The specifics differ from province to province, just like in the US.

Information on how individuals can buy one or more tickets must be included in your application. Using their social media accounts, you can instruct players to sign up on a specific website or in the sweepstakes app.

The user should always be asked to formally provide information and buy a ticket because this might not be considered an entry in and of itself.

You cannot request participants do additional Facebook actions like liking or commenting on a post. Check your state’s raffle rules to learn what must be done to host a legal raffle. You can achieve this by: Now is your chance to shine if you ran your sweepstakes utilizing a contest app.

Please send an email to the list of participants (non-winners) informing them that they did not win, but in exchange for their participation, you would like to offer them a special discount. You can even build up a drip campaign to remind clients to use the discount before it expires (perhaps once a week and once more just before the end).

If you use a draw to raise money, you have a personal draw that is not sponsored by the government but rather by an organization. Given that lotteries and raffles are similar, this is significant.

Betting, lotteries, raffles, casinos, fantasy sports, bingo, poker, the game of skill tournaments, and sweepstakes are common forms of gambling or gambling activities that may need [Facebook’s] approval. The entry page for the contest must include a link to your Facebook contest rules.

Facebook’s raffle regulations are generally detailed. Therefore, there needs to be a link on the sweepstakes page that directs participants to another page where they can read them. There is also paid advertising, of course.

While you might believe that advertising sweepstakes are pointless (why not just advertise your website or items directly?), individuals frequently hesitate to buy when they first come across your brand.

By participating in a contest, you can interact with customers in your target market who you can more confidently convert into future sales. Like-gating is a strategy in which you require someone to like your Facebook page before allowing them to enter your raffle.

On the contest entry page, you must state that Facebook is not a sponsor, endorser, or affiliated with the contest. Most Facebook contest programs, including Wishpond’s, automatically include it on the contest page as follows: Refresh your recollection of all the details of the Facebook above contest regulations.

Facebook works well for drawing in participants, especially since they can spread the word to their Facebook connections. On how to set up a raffle that is publicized or otherwise stated on the internet, Facebook has very rigorous guidelines.

These regulations must be understood because some of them may be unexpected. A successful raffle can assist you in achieving any objective. Just ensure that when you run your Facebook raffle, you keep your target audience and objective in mind.

You must decide whether to host your raffle on your page directly or through a third-party contest app that generates an external landing page. Your raffle may still be illegal even if you follow Facebook’s guidelines.

Verify the regulations governing sweepstakes in your region. Most people participated in charity raffles and donated to their neighborhood church, school, or sports team. Although raffles are a fantastic way to earn money, there are certain legal limitations. You require expertise to run one.

Picking your prize is a very important part of a big raffle. No matter how large or dominant your brand may be, a bargain-basement price will not give you the best possible advantage over your rivals.

Consider carefully what your target market wants and decide on that. Refer to this tutorial to learn about Facebook’s contest policies and how to operate sweepstakes on Facebook. In your next competition, use this rule template. This post has helped you establish a solid basis for your raffle’s rules and regulations.

Before you begin advertising, you must comprehend all the prerequisite guidelines for the Facebook sweepstakes. Raffles include all three components. Hence they are theoretically forbidden.

However, a lot of governments allow fundraising raffles. Exclusions exist for specific categories of organizations, raffle prizes that are less than a specific sum, and other factors.


This post explained Are Facebook Raffles Legal In Canada? They are authorized and uncontrolled. The Criminal Code (sections 201 to 209) governs all gambling-related acts in Canada, including those that involve a prize, a chance, and an exchange of value. Gambling comes with significant societal and moral risks because of the significant value that could be exchanged in the quest for an elusive prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are raffles permitted in Canada?

In Canada, only charity organizations can use raffles as a fundraising tool. Similar to the US, each province has its specifics. The Competition Bureau of Canada, The Criminal Code of Canada, and regional governments are in charge of enforcing raffle legislation.

Can we run a raffle on Facebook?

Betting, lotteries, raffles, fantasy sports, casinos, bingo, poker, the game of skill tournaments, and sweepstakes are common forms of gambling or gambling activities that may need [Facebook’s] approval. The entry page for the contest must include a link to your Facebook contest rules.

In Canada, is a raffle regarded as gambling?

Gambling is any activity with a cost to participate and the possibility of winning a prize. The same applies to 50/50 drawings, bingos, and chase the card games. Gambling occurs when a chance to win a prize requires a fee.

Are Raffles permitted in Dubai?

Games of chance (gambling) are not permitted in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) because Islam is the nation’s official religion. However, some businesses in Dubai offer customers the chance to win prizes in exchange for value.

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