Amazon Kindle Keyboard Empty Battery (Causes + Fix)

What to do with Amazon Kindle Keyboard Empty Battery? Follow instructions to perform a hard reset and boot the device into recovery mode if your Kindle won’t charge after flashing the critical battery screen.

Kindle Keyboard Empty Battery

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Empty Battery

Unfortunately, utilizing Kindle devices can be difficult for various reasons. One of the issues with Kindle charging is that it gives people headaches. This article lists numerous causes of the Kindle not charging and solutions. Here we go now.

Except for Kindle, most smart devices have glare screens, another factor driving people wild for Kindle. Thanks to the Kindle battery’s extremely long standby function, we can enjoy a lovely reading moment. However, because Kindle devices are fragile, they must be handled with extreme care when used and safeguarded. We keep an eye out for Kindle charging issues.

Hardware Problems Of Kindle Charging

Kindle Charging Cable Problem

Ensure that your charging cable or wire is compatible with your Kindle device. To verify that your cable can be used properly, collect the cable from other devices. Additionally, the USB jack that powers the Kindle will get warm.

How to correct it If the cable’s USB jack is loose, you might need to apply some pressure before the charging indicator light turns on. However, this process is worn out and problematic. The best action for you is to repair the cable, replace it with another, or purchase a new cable. If the cable is damaged, you must either purchase a replacement or seek assistance from a repair shop.

Amazon Kindle Power Adapter Issue

Check to see if your power supply is compatible with your Kindle. I would strongly advise securing a Kindle power adaptor from Amazon.

You can find pertinent information about the voltage and electric current, such as Kindle Paperwhite input 5.25V-Max500mA, on the back of your Kindle if you want to use another power adapter besides the Amazon power adapter. This means that your Kindle can accept voltage lower than 5.25 volts.

The Broken Or Loose Charging Port On A Kindle

If the Kindle charging port is flexible, you can solder it back into place with someone else’s assistance or on your own. Additionally, a few electronic gadget repair shops can assist you in fixing the Kindle charging port.

Broken Kindle Battery

Battery issues with the Kindle are irritating. A new Kindle battery can be the answer if your Kindle has beyond its guarantee period and restarting or recharging is ineffective. But for the majority of people, changing a battery is never easy. And there is no warranty for this process. But if you feel completely confident doing this, go ahead and do it.

What Does My Kindle Do When It’s Charging?

A lightning bolt will appear on the screen of the Kindle while it is charging. When you enter Kindle, you’ll see that the top-right navigational area also features a lightning bolt. The Kindle devices’ bottom borders have an indicator light.

The light on the Kindle will be orange/amber when it is charging and green when it is finished. However, if the light is off, it can indicate something is amiss with the Kindle’s charging.

Charge Duration

According to the official statement, charging your Kindle will take less than 4 hours when using a compatible cable and power adapter made by Amazon. It will take 4-6 hours to fully charge your Kindle when connected to a computer with a USB port. In the meantime, it can require more time to fully charge to the hardware capacitance standard.

If your Kindle isn’t charging, try to identify the cause. Additionally, you can try the techniques above. If you have better solutions, please share them in the comments so that other people can benefit.

Firmware/Software Problems Of Kindle Charging

The Kindle Won’t Charge

On rare occasions, a Kindle may become stuck on the charging screen or the empty battery screen while it is charging. Correcting it: You can press and release the power button or plug in and out. If it is ineffective, you can also restart your Kindle.

Battery Life Is Too Low For The Kindle

When the Kindle battery is too low to turn on, it is either frequently used or not. Kindle won’t open when the battery is very low, or the power is exhausted. And after a few hours of charging, you can unlock the Kindle.

It can be fixed by holding the power button for 30 seconds, releasing it, then plugging in a computer or charger immediately. After a few hours, you’ll find that the Kindle is once more charging if you leave it alone.

The Kindle will restart once it has adequate juice. Additionally, you can let it charge fully. You must try it multiple times if the first attempt is ineffective. Many customers tell us they were successful after three or four attempts.

Critical Battery Error On A Kindle

When the battery is empty from prolonged use or inactivity, the Kindle may display an error message like “Critical Battery” on the screen. Your power source is dead. Attach your Kindle to a power source to resume using it. Your kindle battery won’t be able to provide enough power for the Kindle to respond when you view this message.

Therefore, it will take hours and numerous attempts to charge. Put the Kindle into a computer or an adapter to fix it. You can leave the device alone once the charging indicator light turns on. You can get a completely charged Kindle after a while.

Dead Kindle Battery

The battery in a Kindle will die after a long period of inactivity. If you recall it and try to charge it, you will discover that Kindle does nothing despite being plugged in. Keep your Kindle’s battery charged. You should remember to charge it a few times even if you don’t use it for a few weeks or months.

Fixing it is as simple as leaving the Kindle to charge. Don’t use it or turn it on while it is charging. A few hours after charging, the Kindle might be online.

Out Of Sync With The Kindle Battery

Using the Kindle may cause the battery to deplete extremely slowly, followed by a rapid decline in the remaining battery indication. This indicates that there is a synchronization issue. Close off the Kindle and plug it into the power source to fix it. You are charging the Kindle overnight or for longer than four hours.

So refrain from pressing or touching any buttons. Open the Kindle and unplug the power cord. You are closing it after using the Kindle up to 15% of its capacity and then recharging your Kindle. Following that, you might notice that the Kindle battery is steady and not abnormal.


Hopefully, you know all details regarding the Amazon Kindle Keyboard Empty Battery. Unlike most other electronic devices, the Kindle does not automatically turn off when the battery is dangerously low. Instead, a screen that states “Critical Battery” will appear instead of the screensaver. Your power source is dead.

Connect to a power source so you can keep using your Kindle. If you don’t see this screen immediately, you might discover that simply connecting the Kindle to an outlet won’t restore it to regular operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “empty battery” on my Kindle mean?

Connect your Kindle to a power source and wait for it to charge for at least 30 minutes before re-testing it if it is showing a critical battery notice, the exhausted battery icon, or is completely dead.

How do I get my Kindle Keyboard working again?

1.     Switch on/reset the Kindle keyboard
2.     Start the Kindle Keyboard again. Approach 1 The power button must be slid for 15 to 30 seconds for your Kindle to restart.
3.     Factory reset the Kindle keyboard. “Reset to Factory Defaults” will appear if you press the Menu button, Settings, and then Menu again.

How can a dead Kindle be restarted?

Hold and Press the power button until the screen flashes, then let go to restart an unresponsive Kindle. The Kindle will restart, allowing you to resume reading.

In a Kindle, where is the reset button located?

Click the “Home” button first. After that, select “Menu” from the screen. The word “Settings” will appear in a bar; click on it. Click “Menu” after that, and then select “Reset to Factory Settings.” After that, all you require to do is wait for your Kindle to restart.

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